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  1. *sings entire chorus of Hallelujah in perfect five-part harmony* *split leap pirouette cartwheel into splits* THANK YOU!! This is perfect. This post is excellent. 100%.
  2. I am quite excited for them to have something bigger to argue about - things have been going too swimmingly for them! A little fire makes things interesting for me, so this is great. I have no idea what Clerks 3 is... but either way, it sounds like a great episode. I do feel sort of like this'll be one of those 'mention acting for an episode then forget about it for a while' things - but maybe it has something to do with future plots. Who knows. I'm just going to be playing 'spot the sexy painting' for all future episodes.
  3. Isn't that worse though? Just lying to him? Maybe for him it would be nicer but there's a guilt about pretending you haven't already done that with someone else.
  4. Just going to respond because... I don't actually know. I wasn't going to. But anyway! Here's the thing. I did find this season to be getting kinda boring because everything felt SO UN-COMEDY. Like, I didn't watch the Christmas episode for about a month because it all felt so pointless to continue watching. Though I suppose being stressed and my vacationing lung did color my opinions. Shamy were moving unnaturally fast and everything else was static. I actually wanted L/P to have an argument or something just to change things up. So okay I do get that this season has fallen flat in comparison to previous seasons. But within that there have been some great moments exploring another dimension of their relationship. They did tackle the money issue; perhaps not on a huge scale but they agreed on something and learnt what not to do. I thought that was nice. Also I don't see why people though the bed money scene was ruined? We all know Penny's no nun - most things that involves sex she's probably done before. Nothing wrong with that. She wants to do that with Leonard now - yeah he's disheartened that she's already done it but it's not like they put the money away, he probably showed her some real fun on all that dollar! Yes we've seen that Leonard has taken her off her "pedestal" but it has still been a thing for a while. We're learning the deeper stuff - truly discovering those 'little things' about these characters on a different level. Perhaps the view is different for me - when I come on here to read a tonne of posts of people saying they're unhappy, you do think "well that's incredibly negative" and it kind of makes me sad. Obviously you don't have to be happy about EVERYTHING but... it was one of the reasons I stopped visiting here. It's disheartening to see so much negativity and yes, complaining, so often. Maybe that's just me as a person trying to find the positive in everything even when others don't. I don't really feel the need to respond to all those points but I just wanted to put that out there. It DOES often seem very negative and almost like other ships don't matter as much. I feel that was about some Shamy fans too, so it's not just a Lenny thing. I went into that thread a few times and was like... no this isn't for me at all. People do discuss positive things here but it seems very little in comparison - there's beauty in (almost) everything. I like S8 being slightly more chilled out for them - it means we don't use up all the super exciting stuff too soon! I am excited to see the canvas too. I can't wait to see Lisa Kudrow Penny's Mom ask "that's a nice painting - what is it?"
  5. Why bored? "Boring married couple" - yes. But I think a lot of people go through that, whether they realize it or not. My best friend did and it was hilarious because they didn't see it for so long. But bored? I think Penny's bored when she's watching Star Wars for the fifteenth time and Leonard's bored when he's watching Sex and the City... but the kind of bored that you're okay with being bored because the other person isn't. But I don't see why they would be bored overall?
  6. You know for people who are supposed to be fans of the Lenny ship, this place has been incredibly negative. Even now that you have something "exciting" there's still something to complain about. (Also calling Penny/Kaley's hair cut "butch" is kinda rude? And the "without a bikini" comment - while she is hot - it's a little disrespectful) The fact is that a) it's a 20 minute show about 7 characters, not every single season/episode needs a huge Lenny plot point and this season has been showing SO many of the changes to their lives as an engaged couple and proving that their relationship ISN'T just about Penny being hot and Leonard blindly loving her etc. It's gone into new depths which has been exciting and yes I was sad when they had cut the kiss but at the same time - we've gotten to see them as not just a couple blindly in love. They navigated through the money issues beautifully (and now we know they spend their joint account money on kinky stuff) and I think it's been great to see them tackling these real issues. Just my 99 cents. Swish. Positive vibes for y'all because I think you need them! #kinkylennyshopping
  7. I'm sorry, what were you expecting? Why is it cruel?
  8. Means it fades from a darker shade into a lighter shade gradually
  9. Contracts do tend to have a 'hair clause' e.g. if you plan on doing something drastic you have to let them know. For her character it wouldn't be much of an issue aside from them wanting her to stay within the 'pretty blonde girl next door look' - mine required getting permission to so much as cut it a few inches, once I didn't tell them I was dying my hair brown but meh they got over it I was 16 what they gonna do The wonders of hair dye advancements I like her ombre hair it's cool
  10. I'm more into Leonard & Penny, but I love the Shamy too - and I agree, it's their time to shine!
  11. the only place she's going is target for clean underwear
  12. Well you know when you kiss an animal you always wait until right after they've licked their ass to get the perfect kiss And considering we touch so many dirty objects, put our hands to our mouths and faces, etc, it's probably more hygienic to kiss an animal straight after they lick their own ass anyway
  13. Obviously Penny going from 'broke up with boyfriend who cheated on me still love him wanna be a famous star' to 'I love this guy and I'm taking big steps with my career and studying things I enjoy' is no plot duhhhhhh
  14. Even if it was just a quick peck, and just purely to shut her up, that's still exciting because he initiated it and chose to do it :D Shelly's gonna need to be re-readin' that book
  15. Just because she can't express her level of commitment as easily, does it mean that she isn't ready to be committed? Like in last nights episode, she had her locket on when the girls were being 'grown up' - she considers her relationship and commitment to Leonard something that makes her an adult and it's something she very happily accepts. And that locket represents that they got through four months without each other and a part of him being by her heart the whole time.
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