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  1. *sprinkles fairy dust and waves Leonard & Penny banner* woo! i have been waiting four months for this! don't know how penny handled waiting for leonard to return but this has been a long summer guys. lets all remember that we are united here in our love for leonard and penny and we get to see them being all cute and couple-y TOMORROW!
  2. Ahh love it!! I'm so excited! Love all the random accents on "hello Penny" or is that just me who heard them?!
  3. For some reason there were rumors going round that she was leaving... I think she also tweeted that those rumors were news to her and Bill Prady tweeted about it too. I have no idea why though.
  4. Yup, I thought that was absolutely adorable! Just that one little thing, them cuddling on the couch with a blanket, was so cute.
  5. I'm pretty sure those pictures would be more revealing than the topless film (I actually wrote a fic on this, it's somewhere on my HK USb stick) Uhh whoa iron padded push up bras?! Ouch. Just the underwire is enough! This whole bra situation escalated quickly
  6. I can't believe this went from talk of wireless bras/no bras to the accuracy of the sciencey stuff used in the show labs... this must be what life is like for Leonard and Penny.
  7. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/53/ Chapter 53!
  8. Most of my one shots... are the rest of them not slutty enough? Ha ha. Thanks!
  9. i love when people use words like symbolism when talking about my stuff. probably because i spent 4 years using those kinds of words writing about literature so it's cool when people use it on my stuff! thanks! leonard knows who deserves the hoodie that has his smell and comfortable just-worn feeling.
  10. How have people made such a huge drama out of this??? All this Leonard bashing for nothing. Just because he's into comic books and physics and other nerdy stuff I don't know about, he can't do silly things and act like a lot of guys would? How is any of this making Season 7 pro-Shenny or anti-Leonard idk what I'm reading here anymore but it's funny anyway. It's another side of Leonard. He never had to deal with anything like this before. Penny never had to either. What's the fun in seeing "I'm reading your mom's book" "I don't like what she's written about me in there please don't read it" "Okay sweetie I won't sorry." "Lets make crunchy spaghetti." It's the little battles like this between them that keep the relationship alive and realistic and teach them the boundaries.
  11. I must be missing something because I don't think any of the episodes have been that bad, that we've read about so far, to worry about Leonard and Penny. She showed him his boundaries. He tried to use sympathy for sex. WHOA nobody on this planet has ever done that before. He's a nerd but he's still a guy, last time Bevs was brought up (aside from after his break-up) they ended up almost having sex - why not see where things get him this time and test the left boob theory out in the lab?
  12. I think it was a good way for Leonard to test his boundaries and see how far he could get with this (last time Bev was around (and not when he'd just broken up) he almost got sex, I'm sure he remembers that) - wouldn't most people try get the sympathy vote/sympathy sex? And a good way for Penny to show she ain't takin' no BS about this whole thing. Hope they keep the "now you won't get the left one or the right one" line ha that made me laugh.
  13. It's up over on teh spoilers thread now Guess the nighty was figured out!
  14. aw thanks! yup, since the last chapter i've had him giving her the hoodie in my mind, but couldn't decide where i wanted it to happen.
  15. Made me laugh too! Wonder who's going to be the first Lenny writer to subtly include that in a fic... I think this will be a pretty interesting episode for Leonard and Penny what with the book and Bev etc. Looking forward to seeing this Shamy stuff about her ruining the movie for him.
  16. Hmm, again, to me, become a 'slut' while drunk is not so shocking. Maybe I just know a lot of alcohol-induced 'sluts'. Of course it diminishes slightly as she gets older, she is being more responsible.
  17. What is wrong with being drunk?? She's not shown to be drunk that often or to a point where it's just too much. Except for the whole Raj thing we've never actually seen that she gets that drunk anymore. I don't really think it's that big a problem. Maybe because in England we drink from a... fairly young age, and go out frequently, to me it's not as shocking what she does. And she seems to have calmed down a lot over the seasons. She was like 21 when the show began, of course she's going to be drinking more at that age! I think a lot of this subject on 'Penny's drinking issues' is down to a persons own interpretations of what is 'too much'. And we only see parts of the characters lives. She just so happens to be drinking in those. Big woop.
  18. It was no joke... it will be Hofstadter one day!
  19. Hello Kitty Monday, woo! Chapter 52. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/52/ Definitely one of my favourite chapters I've written.
  20. I'd love to see Penny go all Nebraska over Skype on Beverly's ass and point out how amazing Leonard is and how can she not see how smart and wonderful her son is. Bev seemed to like Penny the last time she was there, so maybe she'd see where she was coming from. Though then again Bev could then turn that to 'you're just a waitress of course he seems amazing to you' or something. I dunno. But I'd like to see her defending her boyfriend to his mom!
  21. This is how I have ended up with like 50 random fics on my laptop, one-shots multi-chapters the whole kaboodle. I can't let them just sit in my mind I have to get them out!
  22. I really am succeeding in making people dislike Priya even more, those comments always amuse me! Yup, Monday is the day Thank you! Difficult chapter to write, so glad the readers felt for her too here.
  23. Hope theres some more 'tapping ma homegirl' comments because those made me laugh!
  24. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/51/ This one was tough to write... but it's here, Chapter 51.
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