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  1. Okay why are people so obsessed over the fact that Sheldon & Penny are paired together for this scavenger hunt? It's a comedy show, and watching their little arguments and disagreements is funny. They've been stuck with each other while Leonard was gone and now they are again, it's bound to drive them crazy and for me, that's fun. I love Leonard and Bernadette being paired together for this, I love writing them together and I'm looking forward to seeing them together, Bernadette going all cray-cray at him! Ha. I think it's funny that neither Leonard nor Amy wanted to be paired with Penny - the two people she thinks would jump at the chance to pair with her - that always happens. It's not calling her stupid. They just really want to win this scavenger hunt... lets not forget, they are 'nerds' after all. I don't think this strains the Lenny or Shamy relationships by having - oh God forbid I hate this word - Shenny - friendship come about again. I want to see those little romantic parts too, you probably all know how much I love Leonard & Penny, but I think this is fun. The show is just parts of their lives, and it's just the start of the season, I'm sure we'll get plenty of those cute relationship moments later on. Super interested to see what's happening with Amy & Howard, very exciting! The show isn't about the romantic pairings of the group, it's a comedy about some nerds and a gal who's just trying to understand all that and make her way in life at the same time. Getting to explore these new pairings and more Shenny squabbling over 'it's the comic book store'? It's fun. that's a lot of words i haven't even had my coffee yet
  2. Seeing Earth in that video was so surreal and it's like, a video of a video.
  3. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9155828/4/ The result of Lenny feels from watching the S6 extras yesterday too many times...
  4. Did you just JCS in here? "Everything's all right yes, everything's fine..." Penny is cute. But Leonard is cute too. I hope they bring the cello back in S7. I bet they won't. I just find it really cute when he whacks out his cello!
  5. I'm sorry. I was thirsty! I made a pact with the other brother not to hit on you, what choice did I have? True. I agree. I would think she hit on him first, and probably a lot, since he doesn't see when women hit on him. I think Leonard was mature enough to understand the situation even if he hated what had happened with Raj and Penny.
  6. Molly, I have to tell you something. I almost bought a Diet Coke with your brothers name on it but it doesn't mean anything I swear! Ha ha. Well, people get protective over those who mean something to them, like siblings or close friends. For Leonard, I imagine he kind of felt protective over Penny and therefore angrier at Raj for betraying him since Raj knows how he cares about Penny, but then at the same time Raj is like oh but he's dating my sister - though Raj never gave any good reasons for why he didn't approve of it. It's all so confusing I don't think there's a bad guy I just thing there were bad things done.
  7. I think it's just more a marketing thing to get people more interested in watching the season premier An A Level in media and that's one of the things I remember. Simply because 'Leonard goes to the North Sea without Penny or Sheldon' just doesn't sound quite as exciting. I got to write a whooole essay about why things are more dramatic in pre-premier reports, yay! *sarcasm sign*
  8. You're just as crazy as I am, of course it makes sense to you I'm sorry I just can't stop looking at your avatar.
  9. I actually totally agree with this. Apart from the bit about Raj shouldn't be part of the group because I love him to bits and I'm glad that he and Penny (and Leonard) moved past that and realised that none of it was done with the intent to hurt another. I mean, Leonard chose to sleep with and date Priya. Penny (drunkenly) chose to sleep with Raj. They both done these things, nobody is to intentionally blame for the others actions. I would say that Leonard & Penny's break-up is what made Leonard start a relationship with Priya - because he wanted a relationship and Priya was the perfect opposite to Penny to get away from those feelings - which in turn hurt Penny. Penny slept with Zack - the complete opposite to Leonard - but that just didn't work for her anymore - but that hurt Leonard anyway, seeing her with a guy. Each of them did these things, which to me, stemmed from their own breakup, but it wasn't intentional to do that to each other. Does that make sense, it does in my mind but it's crazy up in there
  10. Woo! Sometimes it just happens without meaning to and I go with it. Thanks for you review earlier, btw
  11. Why are we back to this? You don't know the number is right. Her facial expression could 'clearly indicate' a number of things. If you want Sheldon's calculation to be correct, go for it. But that doesn't mean it's the only correct interpretation. You aren't Penny's vagina so how do you know what number is correct? Anyway... I cried a bit at that interview. Yeah. I don't care. It was just adorable and cute and sfjgeritu I love them! Plus Johnny's shirt a bit unbuttoned at the top there, hoo! (And his eyebrows.)
  12. Anyone watched the Johnny & Kaley interview about Leonard & Penny (it's on YouTube now, yay!) - I think they're the biggest Lenny lovers out there... we're not alone in wanting to give them an amazing Season 7!
  13. I'm so excited to see him surprise her with his early homecoming! I was just thinking about it, aaah
  14. "Jewing." These bloopers are hilarious! Ahh the spanking ones were hilarious. Mayim cracks me up! "What's your last name?" "I don't know!"
  15. Thanks Rick *continues rowing HK ship* Yea, I wrote it in and was like hey, I'll keep that play on my username in there!
  16. It's Hello Kitty Monday! (My Season 6 box set has not yet arrived. The post round her is insanely unreliable. What happened to 9am post deliveries?) http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/49/ Almost at 400 reviews, and Chapter 50 is up next. Big numbers. So much fun!
  17. Well that would explain why she hasn't been wearing a habit and rosary in any of the episodes
  18. They are brilliant tweets. I drank a cider last night after work with the rest of the staff because we felt like it. Now I'm having a Kopparberg because, well, why not. Ugh, the group will be so mad at us... we're bad AA'ers. Surprisingly my liver is actually not that bad... go me! That thread is my wonderfully crazy Lenny-shipping brain (please be respectful of the alcoholic non-memories)
  19. I aim to please. I can embrace it because my twitter bestie is equally slutty and attends AA meetings with me, so I know I'm not alone, and Penny is not alone. <3 The alcoholic sluts gotta stay strong with them french fries.
  20. Hey, this is the Leonard & Penny thread, not the TW slutty writing thread! Ha ha. Yup, me and Penny, both alcoholic sluts. It's a great life.
  21. Okay I just read through all this and whoa. I know Penny is just a character but calling her a drunken slut and stuff? That's not cool. Who cares how many people she's slept with, or hasn't slept with? I don't like that she done it but there wasn't anything wrong in her sleeping with Raj, considering they were both single. Just like Leonard sleeping with Priya before they started their relationship. They were both single. In both cases either Leonard or Penny was hurt, it's the same circle of people, but none of it was intentional to hurt the other. I'm sure if Leonard was that incredibly bothered by it he'd confront Penny about it, but I'm sure he's smart enough to realise Penny and Raj didn't actually do anything wrong (aside from sleeping with the ex's friend/vice versa being real uncool but that's not a law now is it)
  22. I don't think they got very far with putting it on if she only tried ha, oh Raj.
  23. oh hey johnny g + speedos = oh well there go my clothes.
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