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  1. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/48/ 3 updates in one week? Oh yes. I did it!
  2. You really did your homework didn't u ha ha! Am I the only one round here who already knew of him? *hides behind pink tennis racket*
  3. I actually love that it's taken them this long to get this far. If they suddenly started moving along faster, it would be boring to watch and you wouldn't have anything to root for.
  4. god forbid leonard is happy he has a hot girlfriend. the horror! he's proud of her ambition to become an actress, you can see that when he sees her play. and she cares for him like nobodys cared for him before. oh, and when he thinks she finds him childish for being into comic books and all those nerdy collectibles, she tells him that's what she likes about him - she accepts him for who he is, she's not judgemental. she tries to understand his work even though she has no idea about physics. i would write more but i'm not going to write an essay about qualities which attract leonard to penny because you seem very intent on thinking he just finds her hot, so i'll leave it here and get back to writing my lenny fic now.
  5. glad to hear it! kim is one of my favourites to write, i'm keeping her around! thanks.
  6. i just find this bit really cute. tho 'did you like succubus?' reaaaally? after finding out what succubus means it just seems like a really hilarious and rather weird question ahaaa.
  7. aww that's cute it's really all he has to show i suppose. he's just proud of her, even if it's not something she's proud of.
  8. People are really reading into the Vagisil thing ha ha! I thought it was just like when you give someone something and say 'think of me when you use it!' as a joke (like if a friend is 50p short of cash and you give them 50p and you say 'now you will always remember me when you look at that') but with Sheldon and it being Vagisil it's just funnier? I didn't really think it was implying anything, vagina-wise or anti-Shenny wise or whatever. Just like when he said 'you will be my C-Men' he just never gets these things. The people at Vagisil must be really chuffed with all the attention their product is getting today!
  9. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/47/ Chapter 47! Spoilers and an update, hope you all have an awesome day. (I'm on a happy high after reading that taping report)
  10. aw thanks! we'll see where things take us over time in the story
  11. see WAS IT WORTH ME WAKING YOU UP FOR THIS! yes i think so. aaaaaaahhhhhh :wub:
  12. weufghjk i loved the entire thing but this part! thank you for posting! asdfjlk i'm so excited for this episode. especially this part. i have extreme lenny feels.
  13. Well they have said they don't plan out the whole season in advance, works better that way to allow for audience reaction to certain things, current events, etc etc, which is pretty cool I think
  14. "You want a new favourite film? ;)" ooh or she could have been like "don't be mad at me I done a topless movie" (maybe when she was getting ready for that party in tenure turbulence ahaaa) (or if there was an argument amongst the guys about whether toplessness in films was necesary and leonard told her about it and that he wasn't a fan) ooh i hadn't thought about this before.
  15. I actually thought that Sheldon and Penny would bond closer when hiatus began, since Sheldon's buddy and Penny's boyfriend is away, they'll both spend a bit more time with each other - Leonard's gone but they still live across the hall from each other - so I'm quite looking forward to seeing that, as well as how that changes when Leonard actually returns
  16. Thanks I hadn't really thought about that. I wrote about that in a different fic which I haven't published yet... and I've used Herb Garden & Wildebeest already so it's too late for that in this story I guess. It's a good point, so I might mention it actually!
  17. Ok Molly sent me here with this video. It's not a spoiler but I made it because, why not, I love Lenny. So here, have some feels to forget about Leonard being naughty and showing off his topless girlfriends! http://terriblewaitress.tumblr.com/post/59413026556/maybe-youre-loveable-maybe-youre-my-snowflake If this shouldn't go here I'll post it somewhere else but idk this thread could do with some Lenny feels before the new season.
  18. I'm from England... funnily enough we stock Newcastle and nobody EVER orders it! Nobody wants the English drinks really.
  19. True. Maybe to show how much she's changed since then. Molly why is everything you write appearing twice? Are you trying to re-iterate your point! Ha. A slut? Maybe a little. But you know, I know plenty of people like that, so that's not something that really stands out to me. It stands out to me that it's been mentioned, and that she was probably at her worst during Season 4 and after the Raj thing, but has been changing throughout these past two seasons to who she is now.
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