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  1. Preach, sista. I'll see you there! But that was before, when she was younger and going through rough times. I don't remember this happening recently? Glass-in-hand scenes, okay. I have a lot of glass-in-hand nights. Most nights actually. Some nights I'll sit downstairs with my mum over a few glasses of wine, or my friends will come over and we'll have a natter... I don't see what's wrong with doing that. Even after I finish a shift or shut down the bar I'll sit with the people who are still there and have a few drinks. It's just what you do. She hasn't done it this season to purposely get really drunk because she's upset, it's just a social thing to do that she's used to.
  2. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/46/ Chapter 46, because it's Hello Kitty Monday!
  3. I wasn't aiming that at anybody it just seemed a good general word to use for what a lot of people were saying, it's cool! I just liked the face after that hahahaha so I thought I'd keep it there Become an alcoholic? Quite the opposite, I would have thought. Yes, she was a bully, and that's not nice, but she doesn't do any of that anymore. Yeah she got the girls to help with her paper and they compared it to school but to me that was more out of really not wanting to get a bad grade after making such a deal out of it to Leonard. And being passionate about a person? That's amazing. She struggled so much to find something and to get somewhere in life, finding a person she can dedicate that passion to, that's wonderful. We all gotta chillax about this topless thing. It's boobs, big woop, we don't even know if he showed them that part. We can decide what we really think when we've seen it and how it plays out in relation to the episode. He's away, he's drinking, he's having an awesome time doing the stuff he never got to do when he was younger, Leonard's allowed to be a bit of a lad! If it comes out bad on the show, then ok, but for now I'm staying positive about this
  4. So many scenes stuck out for me this season. But I think for me, my absolute favourite was Penny telling Leonard "I love you" because it was so true and the way she said it felt right. Oh and when she says "I love you" in the car in the last episode, amazing. Sheldon's domino orgasm and Bernadette's "it turns you on when I talk like Raj?" were I think my next two top moments!
  5. brb just thinkin of snapchat + your avatar you've spoiled me tonight miss molly!
  6. She Who Must Not Be Named. Can that be my new hashtag? Hey baby You enjoy the tweets far too much. But hello!
  7. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9155828/3/ I started writing this ages ago, it was a one-shot, but I thought I'd make a little collection of L&P baby stories - smart, beautiful, and very real indeed!
  8. You are very much welcome to your opinion (I didn't say you weren't) and I'm cool with that. There are some things the writers done that I don't really like either. The season being good and saying that I believe they do put the effort in for them, that's my opinion. I just felt it's a little harsh for people to blame the writers for screwing up (specifically on an episode we haven't seen yet) - they've given us many great moments and they've gotten us aboard the Leonard & Penny ship, so they're doing something right, no? Again, I'm not saying you can't have your opinion, I totally respect that you think that, but if that's how it came across then my apologies. I hope for more L/P development in this season and lots of cute moments, with the little things that keep the relationship interesting.
  9. I think they give the Leonard and Penny relationship a lot of effort and 'special treatment'. Especially this season where there have been many wonderful moments. Like, they even brought Leonard's cello back, that could have easily been forgotten about, it was cute and unexpected. Little things like that. Maybe it seems to some people that Shamy get more love from the writers but the two relationships are completely different - some people would say Shamy get less. I think both relationships, and Howadette, get a lot of effort and many things to work with - I really don't think the writers are being lazy or sloppy at all here. It's not very nice to accuse them of that, you can tell from interviews how much they care about the characters they have created and write.
  10. what's up buttercup? helloo to those i already know and those i didnt know before!
  11. I think a fairly realistic thing would be is for Penny to become a part-time bar/shift manager at the Cheesecake Factory. Where I work, twice a shift manager has left to move on to another job, and usually they will ask people who have worked there a while if they want to apply for the job. Recently a bar manager left so we had both internal and external applicants. So... she could do that. She'd earn a bit more money from that, but they wouldn't have to change the set or anything. She could still waitress, but she'd have a bit more responsibility and a bit more money... and still time to do auditions and her classes and maybe a bit of commercial work if she gets lucky again. And maybe not have to wear that uniform all the time.
  12. I done a few posts but I never really said hi. So hey! I go by TW or T-Dawg (or Terrible Waitress if you feel like writing that out). I write fanfic and I tweet a lot. Umm... I don't really know what else to say here... except hello!
  13. I actually really don't want to know her surname. I do want to know, but at the same time, if they go the entire show without giving us her maiden name, that would be awesome. It would make 'Penny Hofstadter' so much more significant - as though it was just meant to be that all along.
  14. thank you for the report! from what you've said i think it will be a great episode, obviously you can't show the humour you saw during the taping when you write it, and we'll see it when we see it thanks for all the clarifications of things like on the hug, and penny getting them to 'talk' - i like that you think she needed to talk to someone because leonard and bernie were away, she's got used to having them around to help her!
  15. I get that, but think about it. Would you want to admit that kind of stuff? If you've done things from your past that you aren't proud of, even if you know the person won't tell isn't going to judge you for it or let it cloud their judgement of you, you just don't want to say it. I do it. Everyone has things like that - you know people won't judge you for what you did in the past, but you don't want to say it because you're just not proud of yourself for doing it. She's told him that she is passionate about him, I think for her the important things are showing she's different now and growing up - taking her college class, telling him she loves him, not running when he told her she has to propose - for her, those are big steps and important to her, and they matter to her. Howard never told Bernadette about all the things he done and she found out from the bachelor party video - but like he said, that's his past, he's different now.
  16. I don't think doing a topless movie is her darkest secret, and telling Sheldon, it's not the biggest deal, because he won't see the significance of it in the same way Leonard would - he's seen her topless, he tells Amy 'don't just stand there, take your breasts out' - but he doesn't really see the same things most other guys would see in that. And would she really want to tell the man she loves, 'by the way once I did a topless film' - I doubt it's her proudest moment. He's not showing people personal videos and photos of her. If I did a topless film I wouldn't really want to tell guys either, but if they found it and saw it, I'm the one who done it, so even if I disliked it they still have the liberty to watch it. That's how I see it anyway!
  17. Okay so I just joined, and even though I'm at Chapter 45, I thought I'd put this on here! Set while Leonard is dating Priya. I believe my original summary was 'Penny is out of coffee and she's wearing Hello Kitty pajama shorts' - but it's long since evolved beyond just that! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/45/
  18. Definitely loving this. I may have clicked here and re-read it again.
  19. Ok so I've been reading this so... don't hate on my first post I don't see what the big deal is with Sheldon & Penny spending some time together, or the hug. They both miss Leonard and are bonding over that. He makes her a hot drink, like he does when he sees people are upset - that's very IC of him, he'll have seen her missing Leonard and he saw how they were in the car. They hug, but it doesn't say he hugs her or that he enjoys the hug, and maybe he needs the hug too because he misses his buddy. It's nice that they have each other. We don't see Shamy in this episode, but we might learn later that they've been getting closer. It's a hug, not erotic nose caressing. We don't know how much of the video Leonard showed. Yes, he shouldn't be showing it off, that's not cool. But it's a film, not a personal video. And Penny is the one who did the film even if she says it wasn't released. He misses his girlfriend, he wants to show her off, it seems on that boat he's having the life he never got. Not saying it's right for him to do that. But we don't know what he showed or why. They're fine in the next episode. I don't think she's going to be pissed off about it too much for too long if she finds out. Amy and Bernadette... they're just having some fun. I always make jokes like that when I go out with my besties. Bernadette knows Amy won't do anything, they're allowed to enjoy being hit on! Sheldon is showing his concern for Amy in his special way. They're fine. Penny misses Leonard and when he's back from his exciting trip of a lifetime, they're going to be fine. That's my view of it. I love Lenny, I love Shamy, I love Howadette. I love Raj and his newfound (bad) ability to speak to women. There's nothing in there that suggests anybody will be breaking up or cheating or making Shenny happen from a hug.
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