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  1. Let me post my thesis I thought of whilst cooking my ramen noodles because my heart is in mega Leonard & Penny mode. I think this is a good thing. I hate that the writers are making us wait but that just makes it all the more exciting. Anyways. Leonard is only unsure of their relationship because he gave all the power to Penny in taking the step towards being engaged, and because she wasn't totally sober he didn't want to take advantage of her and say yes. Now he feels crappy because a) he didn't know how to help her and he didn't say 'yes' to her proposal and c) he doesn't know how she's going to react when she's sober. Oh and d) he doesn't want to push her. Likelihood is he knows deep down she needs a bit of time to go over what happened. Penny meanwhile is probably freaking out about what she just did, trying to work out if she meant it or if it was the alcohol talking, and if she'd even had enough alcohol to blame it on that in the first place. She's obviously had it on her mind, considering how touchy she was about her marriage to Zack and then adding a little joke after saying she'd marry for love, and also her dream that she met Leonard anyway without Sheldon's existence, plus all the other adorable stuff this season with her romantic little box of things and trying her hardest to find something meaningful. Neither of them want to break up, but neither of them are brave enough to go back and say 'listen, here's the deal' because they're stubborn little snowflakes, the pair of them. And I'm not sure where the similarities are with the bowling alley episode or why people are worried. Penny's said herself "you can't just take something like that back" and last time, they didn't break up, so why should they now? Leonard just over thinks everything. Can't wait to see next weeks taping report and find out what happens!
  2. Guys they're not going to break up if Leonard proposed in bed then they're not going to give up just because she proposed drunk like c'mon their relationship is stronger than that I just really want to know what they're gonna do man.
  3. That is quite some cliffhanger! I don't think their relationship is in jeopardy. They're both scared of where they go from here. But I love love love how she was upset when he didn't say yes straight away - though at least he was being reasonable - but aah, the waiting is going to be so sucky but I'm sure we're going to be happy when the next taping report arrives… in a gazillion weeks time…
  4. (from the taping reports thread, her lil report on the Xmas episode) I find it so freakin' adorable that she dreams about meeting Leonard. She's like, no, I can't imagine not meeting my baby! So so cute. I like Leonard's revenge there at the end haha. He has his insecurities but at least they can have a laugh about these random things! Penny's really getting there, I think yay!
  5. I don't think it'll resolve her commitment issues, since she is working on them and progressing. And I think getting married in the 150th is too soon and too fast for them - I think they would both need their time with this step! I like the pace they are at now and this event is just perfect. I can't wait to see where it goes.
  6. I don't think she'd do something like that. Remember when Leonard proposed in bed, and she said 'you can't just take something like that back'? She knows she can't just pretend it never happened… ooooooh I am too excited
  7. I just posted this over in the spoilers thread but... the truth comes out when you're drunk. Penny wants this, even if it's not right now that she wants it, it's still there, and she's never any good at being able to admit things unless she doesn't realize she's doing it or is drunk. Also Molly said - she really likes the idea of marriage when she's drunk! So excited!!
  8. Penny proposing to Leonard - you know what they say, the truth comes out when you're drunk! (Molly had to remind me I said that ha) And also... she is, after all, better at showing her feelings when she isn't thinking about them. I love this! And boy Sheldon just loves dropping dem pants!
  9. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9874091/3/The-Cheerleader-Nerd-Equation Chapter Three
  10. thank you leonard is always the caring gentleman even as a teen!
  11. Just hopping in here with this screen cap of Leonard being amused by Penny's "tall thin and famous" line because he looks cute/hot/I love him/t-shirt/he's rocking the mustard yellow/adorable And also Penny's "It's like if you're dating someone you're not that into, and then they break up with you, and then you want them more than ever." line because that was just adorable and she said it so casually like. Also I just enjoyed how she goes straight over to Leonard's apartment
  12. lAURIE is in it! This is so exciting! I'm so excited for this episode man. Christmas + TBBT + Mary = happy happy happy!
  13. thank you! got to keep these mondays interesting. yup, this story just uses the events from the other fic, and fills in everything else.
  14. Carrying a Kaley and playing tennis are two very different things which use the back in different ways. Anyways She looks so cute and happy in those photos
  15. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9874091/2/The-Cheerleader-Nerd-Equation
  16. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9155828/9/The-Smart-and-Beautiful-Babies-Compilation Homework with the Hofstadter family
  17. Penny's imagination having Stuart in it is made all the funnier simply because she said Leonard's name when she was kissing Stuart… I'm really looking forward to how they play all of these! Especially Howard & Raj ha! And Leonard… what's this one up to in his sans-Sheldon life? Curiouser and curiouser.
  18. I'm very aware of the ideas of young and retirement age in sports, especially with tennis, but he still has the chance to play for a while as long as his back recovers fully
  19. I love when TV shows do this "what if" kind of episode! They did it in Friends, and Grey's Anatomy and it was awesome. So excited for this!! Seems so random but they always turn out so good.
  20. He had back surgery earlier this year so it's quite a long recovery time, definitely not a good idea to get back into a sport like tennis too soon. But he's still fairly young I don't think he's just going to stop just because he's marrying her!
  21. She's so pretty it's unfair! Also I am in love with her dress.
  22. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9808857/3/The-Lenny-Collaboration The Coffee Date Extravaganza. An extravaganza indeed
  23. The real time to start speculating is when they don't show this secretly taped episode to the audience at the next taping
  24. New story time! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9874091/1/The-Cheerleader-Nerd-Equation Wahey. A prequel sequel to The 8 Simple Rules Paradigm.
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