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  1. Thanks Yup, Wyatt and Leonard seemed to have this good connection on the show so I thought I'd give them a happy medium in the story.
  2. Wow no need to be rude about another actor just because they're not your favourite. I look forward to see how this next episode is going to play out after what happened in the thanksgiving episode… but most importantly I look forward to Thursday when Leonard whips off his top layers to put that itchy jumper on for the first time.
  3. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9820363/4/The-8-Simple-Rules-Paradigm Rule four - time (more Wyatt! woo!)
  4. The first time a fling was ineffective of removing her feelings for another guy She didn't even become Mrs Johnson. She just stayed Miss Penny Whatevertheeffherlastnameis, if she never changed her name she never even was Penny Johnson.
  5. He's the first person she truly loves and trusts and has let her walls down to, and he's the first person she wants a future with and is willing to face her fears for. He's the first guy who has accepted her for more than her looks and been there for her whenever she's hit a bump or done something stupid or been hurt. And he's the first person who stayed even when he could have given her a reason to leave. And he's the first person who she didn't try to get over with a fling but just ended up facing and acknowledging the pain. I think that's all pretty damn special, especially for a gal like Penny!
  6. On this whole Penny-married-Zack-in-Vegas thing… can I quote Katy Perry? Did we get hitched last night … that's what you get for waking up in Vegas. It's not particularly unpopular culture or unheard of for any kind of marriage happening in Vegas. With Penny being part of the 'younger' generation, perhaps it's just a matter of being accustomed to Vegas weddings being somewhat of a meaningless joke… like in The Hangover. Wow this would have been a great topic for my critical essay like four years ago. Wonder if I accidentally got married back then too… I do have a habit of losing rings when I go out. Random S7 thing: It's so cute how much time Leonard & Penny spend together just doing… normal things like drinking tea and watching movies, as opposed to visits with a 'purpose'. It's cute
  7. Thanks Thanks! Yup, Isabel got a lot of traits straight from her mom (sorry Leonard)
  8. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9820363/3/The-8-Simple-Rules-Paradigm Rule three / awkward dad moments
  9. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9155828/8/The-Smart-and-Beautiful-Babies-Compilation Velcro Shoes!
  10. This episode legit cracked me up, like when you actually laugh out loud rather than think 'ha that's funny' - loved Bob Newhart in this episode, Sheldon's smoothie photo, Penny + glue = pistachio, and Raj's lightsaber belt. Oh! And Koothrapanties. Hahaaa.
  11. I think the important factor is here that the 'marriage' meant nothing to either of them. They didn't get married intentionally, and Penny got it sorted out straight away. Add the pressure of being in a committed relationship at that point, of course she's going to be a bit harsh towards Leonard when she shouldn't be. And, just like Leonard, don't we all apologise for something we have no reason to apologise for? Yeah, it was a stupid thing to do. But she didn't run away from it like she might have done before. She faced it and dealt with it. They were both upset and mad, but it didn't escalate to a huge argument or Penny running from the situation or Leonard pushing her too much. They dealt with it, as a couple. Leonard accepted what happened. She didn't freak out big time over the subject of marriage. I don't see her as stupid and immature. Young and carefree who has done stupid things. But maybe I'm just too carefree… ah well! Either way, Leonard and Penny are happy. I'm happy.
  12. Reading through this made me laugh. So much negativity and dislike of stuff. It's kind of like people just don't want to like what happening. I think the final Leonard/Penny bit of that episode is awesome. She's basically saying I love you, I want to get married one day. After all of that they still want to be together and Leonard trusts Zack to be there, and Zack is just a funny dude. Though I'm sure there'll be loads more complaints but oh well I'm happy
  13. Thanks I'm writing Wyatt as Wyatt, not Paul, but it does work out funny because of the rules and Bridget/Penny being Kaley it's complicated visually! I actually got this idea not too long after starting Hello Kitty, and wrote the rules out but didn't do too much with it for quite a long time.
  14. So with the new little addition to the report… she knows she screwed up, and I think she really doesn't need Leonard rubbing it in her face and she wants to do this alone, which is understandable, but also knows that she's being quite harsh. But she wasn't to do this annulment, she's getting it done. She's doing this for him, so she can marry Leonard, and neither of them are overreacting like half of us on here.
  15. Mmkay baby! Sounds like fun! As long as we go for a turkey dinner afters I am ​starvin. And after that we can write some fanfic cos I don't want to consummate this marriage with you so that's my counter offer.
  16. Hahahahaha yes Molly. That's the exact scene I thought of this morning!
  17. This is why it's unconditional love. Because if they do something that makes them hate themselves/each other or they hit a massive bump, they're still going to love each other and work through it because they want to be with each other, and accept whatever crap that comes along with.
  18. Because Leonard's proposal actually meant something to her. Of course she's going to freak out. Like, that's not what you expect to hear in bed from your boyfriend with whom you're giving the whole 'relationship' idea a real proper genuine shot. With Zack it was just for fun, something she thought was fake and meaningless. The timeline can be varied, there's no exact date she married him, I would guess pre Leonard's return from the North Pole. She just didn't wanna be alone on Thanksgiving.
  19. I do think he has a reason to be upset for sure but I don't think this is keeping a secret if she didn't think it was something real. And I wouldn't want to reveal I was in a topless movie either… I don't blame her for that one. That's just funny. Getting mad at him for being upset, I get that too because she's mad at herself and upset about knowing the marriage was real etc, she hasn't had time to absorb that so there's a lot of emotion going on. Mayhemmmm. I agree I think this is going to work out!
  20. Why has she got to beg for his forgiveness for something that happened before they got together and she wasn't aware of as a legitimate thing
  21. Chill yo it's one scene there's still the rest of the episode and she's not the first person ever to think those aren't real marriages (Phoebe in S6 opener of Friends after they see Ross & Rachel leave the chapel)
  22. Why does that make her 'stupid'? If someone had told me before that you can plug an alarm clock into a potato I would have been like 'no effen way!' and probably thought the same about a pacemaker. Not knowing stuff doesn't make Penny stupid.
  23. YES I did think there might be a bit of a Phoebe situation "those weddings aren't real!" "yes they are!" "oh…"
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