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  1. But this isn't something she had done in the present. This is something that happened before they were dating, before she really started to grow up. He'll be upset but I don't think he'll be mad at her for too long. He has no reason to believe that currently she doesn't love him or would want to upset him. If Penny's only just worked out Johnson is her surname then I don't think she's been hiding something from him purposefully. And he'll be upset but I don't think he's going to be all "omg I can't do this wah go sort yourself out" because… she has. This is her past affecting her present, and in the present she has grown up and is learning to deal with her cray-cray past.
  2. What so something she did four years ago means she doesn't currently love him?
  3. I think this will result in more of a positive thing in the long run. Also Johnson is quite a common surname it might not even be to do with Zack. Let's all chill they're not gonna break them up just because she figured out her surname.
  4. That's quite an extreme theory. A lot of people don't leave temporarily for pregnancy or maternity. Plus I think if they knew that already they would have been doing slightly more subtle things to adapt. Why are people so into this idea that TV writing is majorly affected by an actors personal life?
  5. Whatever the story turns out to be there must be a reason they are giving us Penny's surname now. They went so long without it, they wouldn't just chuck it in if it didn't have a proper reasoning. Oh well just gotta wait calm and patiently for this taping report!
  6. We see her wear that shirt when she's serving the bar, my guess is they see Lucy and Penny leaves the bar to chat to Lucy (so Amy helps herself to the tap)
  7. I believe that's the bartenders uniform True dat. It's only with something physically unignorable that a writing team would have to take these sorts of things into consideration whilst writing i.e. when she broke her leg. You always work around it rather than directly letting it affect the character. I think they're been giving Leonard & Penny some awesome stuff so far.
  8. Leonard holding up a jumper to Penny that says Lenny on it just gives me so many Lenny feels even though that's not even the meaning o this picture but whatever it's cute. I love that she's drinking tea or coffee or whatever, so homey.
  9. Thank you! Bridget was the best, I remember we all wanted to be like her when we were younger! (Sorry Dad) 8 Simple Rules and Lizzie McGuire, those were the teen days. Good times.
  10. Leonard just wants his mom to see something good in him I don't think that's going to change. I think how they're doing the relationship this season is working, with small things like cuddling and then bigger things like Penny and her Leonard box thrown in - it's not too much but it's not too little, and keeps us hoping for more Thanksgiving will be interesting! Burnt & frozen turkey anyone?
  11. A little AU l/p http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9820363/1/The-8-Simple-Rules-Paradigm 8 rules, 8 updates… Wyatt and Meryl being parent-y, Penny's sister appears at some point, and lots of young Leonard & Penny!
  12. As a straight female, my two cents are that she looks hot in that nightie. PLUS we got Johnny's arms a couple of times in that episode. And yeah, a wife beater is a bit of a… weird name for a garment, but it is what it is, apparently! Just like nighties are worn for sleeping but obviously that nightie wouldn't be slept in
  13. thank you yeah, i knew for ages that was when the salt shaker would return. and the nightie was just inspired by the s7 episode. had to tie things up neatly!
  14. Thanks I know, it's weird not thinking 'and in next Monday's chapter this will happen' - so strange! Aw thank you
  15. Laughter may be edited if they've cut different takes together or picked up from a point where keeping the laughter would sound too jolted. Or it can be added if they decided a certain reaction didn't work once the edit is done, etc. But the most of it is live laughter from the lovely (and lucky) audience.
  16. You may all ignore my southeastern slang, you all know what I meant by whack it out! Ha ha ha. I should really find some better terms to use round here. I know right. I don't think I've ever managed to do it.
  17. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/60/ Chapter 60 / The Final Chapter Sadness. But still, hope people enjoy
  18. Yup, I've been on prescription meds for years on end and I struggle to keep up with those. Congratulations on sticking to them strictly. I'm not sure why it was necessary to go this far into this whole thing. Girls take pregnancy tests. Woooooooo. Irresponsible times for making sure, right? I would say the snuggly is a romantic gesture! Where's Leonard put that? He needs to whack it back out again!
  19. What's wrong with the Shamy excitement? Shamy are awesome, how are Shamy's delusional? Their relationship is awesome and very, very interesting to watch develop. Anyway. Pregnancy tests aren't actually such a big deal these days. Most people on the pill don't take it as strictly as you should do. Penny's taken a few pregnancy sticks, woop woop at least she bothered to take them. Howard's song for Bernadette was amazing and sweet - we don't get to see much between them and it was so lovely that he done that for her. The box scene between Leonard and Penny was perfect as it was - any more than that and it would have been too much for them, I think that box is personal to Penny and Leonard understands that showing him everything in there may be too much for her. It was perfect just the way it was and the length of the scene was great. Makes me antsy that we have a few missing taping reports but I bet that's gonna be really exciting to watch in case there's any cheeky Leonard & Penny scenes with little things that get us all excited, like cuddling!
  20. Yeah but those kind of vacation things are so cheesy. And I love cheesy like bring on the romcoms! But I think that would just take away rather than add something. But maybe they'd do it in a really interesting way. Oooooh they could do them going away to one of his science things where he's a speaker and they spend the weekend there together. Leonard in a suit yes Leonard talking science yes Penny finding more things to break in rented rooms yes. Yes to all!
  21. Ohh ours is just writing. Ew that's gross. We had very graphic ads here in the UK that were banned. Even if she takes birth control doesn't mean she doesn't have to take pregnancy tests. My old pill used to say on the first page of the leaflet 'Risk of Pregnancy: 1 in 100' and this one just says 'IF YOU TAKE MORE THAN 12 HOURS LATE, YOU MAY STILL GET PREGNANT' ... and it's very easy to forget what time of day you took it. It's just like 3% of the time the condom is not effective (thank you Friends for teaching this to the population!) This is an odd topic. Maybe it was a throwaway joke, maybe it was a hint for the future. I just want Leonard to wear the hoodies less because of the arms.
  22. I read this as wonton i.e. the soup and was like huh? Hahaa. Ah, that Penny. Gotta control your baser urges gurl. Let birth control rule your life. The effectiveness of condoms is in your hands! (HA sometimes literally)
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