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  1. That's actually one of my favorite story lines! Aside from the whole Joey accidentally proposing and it took them ages to get back together. But Ross's reaction when he finds out "condoms are only effective like 97% of the time" ahaaa. I would love to see Leonard's reaction to Penny telling him this. I think actually he would freak out way more than she would about this kind of situation.
  2. They do in the UK (the cigarettes) - well not giant letters but it takes up half the pack. I think they do it in most of Europe now actually. I don't think he'd be quite that desperate when it comes to wanting babies!
  3. I loved Amy's little fantasy there at the end. Those two have their own "zone" - one day them zones are gonna merge! Howard's song for Bernadette was just absolutely wonderful and adorable in so many ways. Those two are so cute. I love how passionate and enthusiastic Bernadette is about her work but how she also has this amazing love for Howard which he reciprocates and understands the consequences of her love for her work too. Leonard and Penny were just absolutely... amazing. The box was bigger than I expected - that along with the pregnancy test were a nice surprise! I love how Penny's truly romantic motions of love come straight from her heart - she doesn't think about these things, they just come from her. Such a lovely scene for those two.
  4. Birth control is not 100% effective. And it's a hassle to remember to take and at the right time each day. It doesn't make her irresponsible not to use it or forget to use it. I doubt she'd want to get pregnant just so Leonard would marry her, think that's a bit much right now!
  5. I think the pregnancy test thing worked quite well. He just asked "is that a pregnancy test" and she gave him an answer, clearly he didn't know she'd taken them. So perhaps this idea is more in Penny's head than it is in Leonard's. He didn't go on to ask "so lets talk about babies" because he probably knows that kind of conversation would probably be too much for her. But she was fine with telling him and admitting she's taken more than one, that's a fact and she probably freaked out about it before but she's okay with it at the moment. Maybe it's hinting at something for the future. Or it could be showing that this idea of commitment to Leonard with more roles than just 'girlfriend' is gradually becoming less of an issue for her and something she's willing to start considering in some way. Leonard on the other hand just looked like whoa wait hold up pregnancy test whut babies whut. Actually he looked more freaked out by the idea of it than Penny did. As for the 'real life' issue I'm pretty sure she said in an interview on like ET or something I can't remember that they weren't actually going to start wedding plans till next year. And pregnancy can be hidden. Quite a lot of people didn't know Jessica Capshaw was preggers for a good part of S8 Grey's Anatomy. It's all about the placement! But yeah. There are ways around those kinds of things if the show itself isn't ready for that move or it's not something they need in the story line. It's just so adorable that Penny tried her best and put so much effort into this. And that her romantic things come straight from her heart.
  6. Also this is TV so some things have to be done differently to show certain things. Even if in real life that would have been a passionate kiss, showing a calmer, more intimate kiss and hug is more effective because it shows romance and love - if it was more, then we'd just see it as that and not the meaning behind it. Plus, people complain about 'it's all about the sex' and 'we don't get cute moments between Leonard and Penny' and 'why do they even love each other', etc so... here it is. Cute moments full of meaning.
  7. I think the scenes are ones which focus more of the mature, couple-y side of their relationship now, rather than the more wild passionate kissing side they had before. I thought it was good they didn't jump into that kind of stuff into this episode because it would transfer the energy from the romantic theme they had going to the idea that it's all about sex. That's how it would look on screen, most likely. And I think the chemistry is definitely still there between the two of them. I couldn't wait it was just so perfect.
  8. She looks so proud to have this romantic thing planned for him. And like, she actually thought oh I'll buy some rose petals light some candles have this music ready etc. "I finally found something to show you how much I love you." And a cheeky little surprise... one (of many, apparently!) pregnancy tests. Oo err. This episode was so perfect and adorable. And no I haven't re-watched this scene like ten times already.
  9. Yay for the flowers! Me too. It's cute. This is turning out to be such a great season, each episode, even though I've read the taping reports, brings so many cute and awesome surprises!
  10. Aw, thank you! It's awesome that you're reading it a second time around.
  11. Ooh Lenny = yes. Guest starring Sheldon is cool too.
  12. Thanks! Yup, I always planned to give Leonard and Priya some kind of closure - we never really saw that on the show. I hope it will be a good finish, I think it is... scary times that it's genuinely the last chapter. Oh and clearing the air with Raj, I wanted to do that as well, since that's another thing I felt we didn't get from the show and would be important in everything that had happened. I know it's sad times. I'm not sure what Mondays will be good for after this final HK Monday update!
  13. I don't mind having a look (unless it's Shenny...)
  14. Speaking of promos, on twitter somebody posted that the promo said "there's a double shot of love coming your way" (shown on CTV) so... guessing that's the most L/P promo love we're gonna get! So excited to see this episode though. I'm kind of glad there's nothing in the promo or photos because it's going to be even awesomer to just see it happen without any prior thinking about how it will look on screen.
  15. My work is incredibly thought-provoking obviously. Ha ha. She does sound like she's about to cry when Leonard returns... does that count? He gets it out every so often just so he can say "my precious" and feel nerd-cool
  16. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/59/ Chapter 59... Yikes. Only one left to go. Aah!
  17. Or we see her in the mall going into a jewelry store and then they leave us hanging over the summer and then don't bring it up at all until the episode she's gonna do it. Or they bring it up once but in passing like Leonard enters the bedroom and she hastily hides away the little box and distracts him with a new nightie. Wow my mind has so many theories on this.
  18. See, they probably know people are thinking this, so they're going to do it on the most unexpected episode or something. Or give us a hint in the final episode of the season so we spend four agonizing months hypothesizing like crazy.
  19. I did write something. But if you're going spoiler-free then you might not read it, though I don't actually mention the actual spoiler part... up to you I'm so excited for this episode!! Ah I hope so too, and I think we will These little moments are just adorable.
  20. God forbid an actor wants to try new things and broaden his experience in the industry. Playing the same character for seven years isn't easy, especially a character like Leonard, so it's good that he's doing other things so he doesn't get bored with Leonard. Leonard does get some pretty great material to work with, and he is still developing and we've got a lot to explore still. I don't think we've got to worry about anything They all love working together. Playing Leonard isn't his entire life and that's good!
  21. I really loved the Shamy in this episode! I liked the change of Amy not wanting to have Sheldon around her all the time - she's kind of grown up from that 'omg I have a boyfriend' thing which was really adorable but I liked the development there and her wanting to have a boundary because work is still important to her - and also just how much Sheldon wanted to be around her all the time. And the fact that he came to apologize and even though it wasn't the best apology, he actually went over there to say sorry to her. "I like you a lot" Those two are so sweet! They both like each other a lot, quirks and all! Nice little tie-up there
  22. I think perhaps focussing on the Shamy in the promos is quite good because it keeps us on our toes and keeps the Leonard & Penny stuff somewhat of a surprise. Like... I really wanted to see a bit of them in the promo but at the same time not seeing it means it will be a hundred times better next week! Also, the taping reports, even when detailed, tend to miss out on really exciting parts (like the kitchen kissing in the Raiders episode) so who knows what extra fun parts we have at the end of the box scene. Really looks like Leonard & Penny have settled into a happy relationship now and are beginning to understand how things work and get comfortable with this kind of commitment, bit by bit. Gaaaaaahhhh now I'm thinking about next weeks episode again... need to write to let out some of my excitement!
  23. Probably just "why didn't you talk to them Leonard" and then he's like oh alright and then he does. Situation sorted. That's the way these things always go. Simples! Anyway he probably did. Why wouldn't you want to make things more fun by laser shooting balloons? I want to do that! I really love how they finish talking to Sheldon... and returning to cuddling. And I love that she's just drinking some tea. Casual and couple-y, cute little night in. Oh how I love these two
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