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  1. It reminds me of just an old, homey blanket you have that is just comfy. Or a baby blanket. After Melissa Rauch's 'rubbing hands together under the comforter' incident I'm guessing Kaley was a tad more careful here with her hands under the blanket
  2. Really? I think he's got a pretty sound role right there. He's got storylines with pretty much all of the characters and a healthy mix of smart, funny and cute. Plus in episodes where he has his arms out I'm sure the +1 viewings go right up. Johnny's got a goodun with Leonard I reckon, lots to do with that role and more to explore. But you just need to mix things up so you can keep your character fresh, otherwise it's easy to start acting the character in one specific way which wouldn't be fun for anybody.
  3. I do love Kim, she's one of my favourites! I love getting to write her. No double dates for now though, not that far into the season yet!
  4. In the first one he was already four years old, but then I had other ideas to add so they're not really in consecutive order, just bits and pieces at random stages in their lives
  5. Where the hell does Leonard keep his cello? And where is he going to put it when he moves in with Penny? Also it would be the funniest thing to see Leonard trying to teach Penny how to play the cello. I love how in this pic he's like "Penny take the bow" (in the tone of 'Jesus take the wheel')
  6. Ha. Thanks. I'm ok with being not as hot as Penny I guess. Ahh me neither. So excited. Everytime I think about it I'm just like, eee! It's going to be a long night waiting for it to air next week... my twitter and texts may explode. I might leave writing the final paragraph of HK until after that episode so I'm full of super feels Damn that episode is going to be awesome. And couch cuddles tomorrow... They're just spoiling us this season.
  7. Penny always looks hot, as a female I find this unfair. I never look that good with a tambourine god damnit. I think based on that smile and unamused expression it's the "rubbing it in my face" part ha ha!
  8. Ha ha it's ok just seemed rather random! Maybe that does help. I just think of these things from another perspective. With writing I think about why and how something we see has happened - so with the key, just, how did it get there and what's the reason for this person having it, etc. With acting I think about that journey of the item/person etc in relation to the character and its real significance. So in my mind things just easily form like that, even with an item such as a key! She probably was, but then he did it out of caring for Leonard and not wanting Penny to be doing such things. We all make instant assumptions like that that are wrong but that's always out of caring rather than wanting them to be doing something bad or thinking they're a bad person. Tbh, it's a key. Like... lets not be getting all hyped up and huffy about a freakin' key when we don't know what's happening with it yet. If we see Leonard opening the door using a key then he has a key. Most of the time Sheldon has the courtesy to knock on the door so we can assume that he does not have a key but they have an emergency key. And an episode from Penny's perspective would be pretty damn awesome. She got the locket on! I love that she got a tambourine. That's just funny ha ha. Ah Leonard and his cello. I like that it's making more appearances these days. (Okay so three throughout the show that's not bad) Now I will refrain from making inappropriate string instrument jokes
  9. Agreed. It is a comedy so yes, a lot is done for the laughs. But to say nothin else matters? Well the developing story lines are just one thing that indicate just how much the serious, sensitive and non-comic moments matter too and the important role they play in contributing to the show and it's success. I do indeed do yoga... why?
  10. Maybe Sheldon just put that key on his keyring when he suspected Penny of cheating on Leonard in case he needed to do something so drastic as to 'catch them in the act'. Because then, Leonard could have still used that emergency key to get into Penny's apartment to surprise her, and put it back afterwards to cover up all his tracks. Sheldon would have noticed the missing key in the bowl. This way, we still get to see Leonard receiving a key to Penny's apartment and it kind of explains Sheldon having a key. Or, Leonard already has a key to Penny's apartment, so Sheldon now owns the emergency one.
  11. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9155828/7/The-Smart-and-Beautiful-Babies-Compilation Love getting to explore the transformation from Penny as she is now (especially compared to S1 and her development) to becoming a mom and how that brings out different things.
  12. Yay, thank you! Yup, the hickey was a whole little reference to bigger things like her new relationship, being happy and proud about that, her commitment to Leonard, etc. Especially in comparison to before when she had to cover it up.
  13. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/58/ Chapter 58... only two more Hello Kitty Mondays left to go. Single tear. As of now I am living in denial that there are only two more chapters to write.
  14. Hmm. I don't think he's moved in quite yet. Though with the Romance Resonance I think we'll be getting to see more clues as to where they're at with the whole moving in thing or general moving forward thing! Most excited reaction ever to being told their right boob is gonna get some action.
  15. I think you told me about the wombats... or was that something else? Oh I think it was 'rooting' and you mentioned the wombats! Well we did see him asleep at Penny's in S6 and he got up to read her paper. So I'm guessing he does stay over there and she stays over at his, just not all the time like especially if some mornings he has to be up earlier and she doesn't have to be up till much later and stuff. Or if she just is back from work really late.
  16. At the end of the day Leonard and Penny are currently in a happy relationship so what happened in the past and who does douchey things and who crosses lines is not as important as the fact that they both love each other, mistakes, faults, and all. Can't wait to see them snuggling under that blanket Such a little thing but just so cute that we'll get to see them just being a couple and out of the drama for once. And then there's the whole Romantic Resonance episode and that's just going to be feelings overboard.
  17. Ah, we shall see what happens with Penny... we shall see It's so scary that I pretty much have the final two lines of the story in my head.
  18. thank you. i know, so sad but at least the both of them are finally on the right track!
  19. Thank you I have ideas, just gotta get round to writing them... soon!
  20. Hahaha omg. Worst time to use that as a phrase for 'winning' ever.
  21. Next time I'm whooping someones ass at ping pong I'm going to be plagued with Bev's words. *shudder*
  22. Oh he does now, I totally agree with what you've got there. But I think that, Bev's approval of her came first, and that's probably the first time she's had something like that. And knowing how harsh, critical and plain horrible Beverly can be, she probably takes pride in the fact that in her eyes, she is suitable for Leonard, despite the fact that she knows about her childhood and issues and stuff.
  23. I think it's possible that Bev is the one parental figure in Penny's life who really approves of her. She says that she always wanted her fathers approval and I'm not sure about her own mother but I don't think she ever got that from either of them. So having the mother of the man she loves approve of her will give her a sense of that, even if it is a little selfish. And Beverly is so very critical of Leonard, so to be accepted as his girlfriend and future wife and mother of his children will probably mean a lot to her, and probably to Leonard - that his mom has accepted something in his life at last, to this level.
  24. Ah these lil gifs. I love that she does take Leonard with her to watch games and stuff with her friends. That's cute and a really nice, casual throwback to the first time they dated and he had to ask. Also, I just re-watched it with my brother and I randomly thought, Penny making that comment "oh my god you still go left" - she certainly seems to remember these things very well. Touch memory?
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