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  1. People are making this all sound supremely bad. I think most of us would have similar reaction, teasing and joking, if we saw baby photos or a book about someone close to you, because you both know that it's just as a joke, you're not genuinely going ha ha you did this when you were a kid - and if Leonard thought Penny was genuinely mocking his childhood I'm sure he would have told her flat out and she would have understood that. But they had that sense of trust there that she wasn't going to use it to personally insult him. When he saw that he could use this to his advantage, he did, but it wasn't taking advantage of her, he was just testing out how far he could go and enjoy that she was doing things for him, because he wouldn't have gotten this level of care from his mother when he was upset, whereas Penny is the exact opposite. And then Penny finds out from Bernie from Howard what he has been doing, of course she's going to have that kind of reaction, because she doesn't know the story from Leonard. She only hears the worst part of it and reacts to that specifically. And Bev's emotional abuse isn't nice, but her purpose on the show is to provide a bit of comedy and some sympathy towards Leonard, not represent the psychological issues of emotional abuse and experimental parenting. Taken out of the context of the show, yes, it's bad, but within the show, it serves its purpose, but naturally people will have very different reactions to it - and it's good that we do see the bad side of it because we understand a lot more about Leonard and his upbringing through this, as well as why he doesn't tell Penny these things easily. I'm so happy Penny is doing a Psychology class though like it's so cute. I'll bet she started that while he was away! Ooh and I enjoyed that Leonard was wearing that tiger-face t-shirt in the lab, rrrrr!
  2. What I love is that here, Penny genuinely wanted to make Leonard feel better. And he didn't even think of it at first, but accepted it when she offered. She just wanted to make him feel better. Plus this was like my favourite scene in this episode I have already re-watched it too many times. Maybe I should reconsider my dislike of Physics. Penny most definitely loves being in that lab Things Leonard doesn't want to miss out on. I love that Penny is doing a Psychology class.
  3. Meh. That ping pong paddle incident was probably some neurological experiment. eta - a very disturbing one...
  4. Okay quick thoughts. I personally really enjoyed it, found it funny, and so not as bad as people were making it out to be from the taping report on here. You can see that he didn't plan to use his moms book to 'manipulate' her, he just realized when she offered to not go to the football game that he could do that. Then he decided to test that out. And it's so cute that Penny is willing to drop her plans, and come over to his lab etc to make him feel better. Then at the end, he really was traumatised in his child hood, blimey! So I kind of don't blame him! Plus there were some really awesome Leonard & Penny moments there to enjoy
  5. Ooh the Lenny in this episode is better than I had been thinking so far... Let's see how this goes!
  6. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/57/Hello-Kitty The Chapter I simply couldn't wait any longer to upload once I neared the end last night. Chapter 57!
  7. It's funny because she seems completely satisfied and eager for sex, until she has to talk about it. Maybe 'it was fine' when he came back because she cried or something idk or she just really doesn't want to share his inner sex God. As soon as I saw the rocking chair bit I was like I'm texting Molly this when I'm done squealing over all the cuteness! I don't think I've ever been so excited to casually wake up at like 5am. They don't really need to, what we don't see makes it that more special when they talk about it on the show, like here. And no, rocking chairs have many uses. But like, not in that way. We used one in a play to signify childhood... hmm, nursing mothers + childhood, lets hope they don't breath the one they'll totally have at home when they have their smart and beautiful babies! It really is, I love that the things that come from her heart are the things she doesn't think about. The little moments that she opens up and just gives herself to him like that show that it's not something she's trying to put on, it's like her core emotional self. I just can't get over how adorable that is, that she has that box of stuff he's given her, and kept it because it's him. Like, so goddamn perfect. aaaaah when the promo pictures are released they bEST have one of that scene!
  8. I can't get over how cute it was! Like, you never think of Penny keeping these little things and giving such a straightforward answer that these things are from HIM so how could she throw them out. Its quite a deep connection she has there that we haven't seen before. Aah I really cannot wait to actually see this episode.
  9. Oh my god this latest taping report. I don't care, I teared up a bit at that final Lenny scene. I think I need help. Oh well. The rocking chair was hilarious. It was just all so cute between them and thoughtful. Yes. I am a very very happy Lenny fan.
  10. Omg! Loved it! Why is it not time to view this episode already!
  11. I have never waiting in such anticipation for a taping report.
  12. Everytime a little (1) appears on Tumblr I get my hopes up that it's the report and I'm going to be blown away by Lenny and then when it's not I reach for my chips to comfort myself. Knowing Lenny are gonna have a 'poignant and touching' moment is too much for me to deal with!
  13. thank you! penny definitely needed some real talk with her girls. it's going to be an awesome thursday
  14. To be fair I think they are just learning how to be in a real, honest, adult relationship and just need to test the boundaries to understand each others limits and how far is 'too far' with things like that. He shouldn't be using that book to get sex from her (though I'm sure she doesn't mind the actual sex part) (wonder if she had that nighty before) (they're going to use it anyway at some point we all know it) and she shouldn't be quite so mean as to show Bevs when he's whacking his pants off. A lesson for them both. It could be worse, she could have opened the laptop up to reveal Bevs in the middle of all the left boob fun?
  15. Ooh and almost kiss! Ok I don't really post in here but I'm really excited to see this taping report and what's happening with the Shamy!
  16. Penny just knows how to deal with things in her own way. All the characters have their own little manipulative ways but we just perceive them differently. I think that's why Leonard doing this thing with his mom's book is such a big deal to people, because it's not something we usually see him do. He says himself he's not proud of it but wants to see how far it goes. So he finds that boundary and now he knows. Lesson learned! I'm sure Penny didn't mind the sex, just didn't like being the one almost tricked into it, guess that was her thing when she was younger? To be fair the show is about Penny and the guys (and now the girls too) not Penny and her friends. But it's like real life you tend to hang out with certain people more because of the circumstances, but you still have other friends. They don't really need to show her other friends but it would be nice to see how she has changed around them!
  17. Ooh exciting things are ahappenin' for the Shamy!! And Lenny! Yay! Oh I'm so excited for this taping report.
  18. Nope, not really. Occasionally she does, but never anything overly noticeable or significant, usually just some earrings. Even in the Holographic Excitation he asks her 'you wearing any jewellery?' and that would have been a costume note for her not to wear any, but we never really see anything that would make us think she cannot wear an outfit with accessories ever.
  19. You're always conflicted. I have been waiting to use that little cliffhanger for like, fifty chapters.
  20. ... what if the bedroom is just too far to go?
  21. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9138320/56/ Chapter 56. I got really into writing the dialogue for this one. Oh man it was so good writing it all out!
  22. ^ To add to above post - lets all remember the show is a sitcom thus the drama should provide some form of humour at times - don't take every bit of drama too seriously! Some of it, yes, but a lot of it will be for the purpose of making the audience laugh. It's like when people moan about the science not being correct. The shows purpose is not to teach us about Physics, or comic books, or the periodic table. The drama makes it real, the science doesn't have to be accurate, it's a comedy. And the Leonard and Penny ship sails strong, with no Krakens! It's cool that people wanna discuss this stuff, because obviously we're all passionate about these two and want the best for them. Woo! I reckon the drama will lead to some very exciting things... even if it's just like, "one day I want to have yo babies" Ahh noo can you imagine if this season ended with Penny walking into a mens jewelry store?!
  23. I totally love people having different ideas on these things! It's really interesting. Sometimes I think things just go too far and too negative and too much and it just goes in circles - I do love reading some things but sometimes it's just all the same and it's a lot to take in is all, especially in one go! Oh, I meant that I was studying those things and that Bev would be proud of the work I did! It's just started to all come out when I watch the show now and write, because in my mind while doing seminars I was thinking back to these characters a lot (sorry Plato and Euripides.) I probably could write an essay here ha! But I won't. The Freud book on my desk is enough for now... But yeah. I guess I don't worry very much about these things that much and go for a most positive explanation. For me, I just thought she wouldn't want to wear it when he's back because it's a reminder of the time he was away and that was obviously difficult for her, as we saw in the first episode. I don't think the emotional significance of the locket is gone, to me it's actually bigger now because for me I just think, she doesn't need to be reminded of that time, she has him now... and hopefully start thinking about a different piece of jewellery *faint wedding bells*
  24. I would say she's not wearing the locket because she doesn't need the reminder of having to wear it while Leonard was away, because that's what it symbolised for her. No essay. And I just did a week of digging deep into the tiniest things seen and written so I could write a very good essay. Bev would be proud of some of the work I did! I just think there's too much argument and after an episode airs people are like oh, there was no need to worry. Like, things are going really well for them
  25. Guys sometimes reading the essays and negativity in this thread is just (borrowed this from pammieomana on tumblr!) Just remember this cuteness Leonard & Penny are gonna be fine this season. Of course they're going to have silly little arguments over stupid things like they did in the Scavenger Hunt. They're human beings. This stuff makes them fun and interesting. Just wanted to throw some positivity in here
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