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  1. My fingers are crossed for a futuristic Shamy photo shoot.
  2. I was speculating clerical error all week but they sure took their time to correct it.
  3. She vaccinated her kids years ago. It was in the Stern interview. Before then as now she advocated Informed vaccination and that hasn't changed. The Anti-vaxers latched on to her while the others hated on her because of her association with her pediatrician and the Moms Network she has promoted and help establish. Now her facebook is full of Anti-vaxers hating on her because "she sold out". That's what happens to those that follow the hype instead of looking up the interviews.
  4. True. We call the cheap seats the couch at home, too
  5. I was looking because I thought they were last night since Bill tweeted he would be in the cheap seats but I didn't find anything.
  6. That's Miles her oldest son from an interview done about 3-4 years ago talking about her first book. He does or did look like Michael his nephew and when she posts pictures on her IG people comment that he's a mini-Sheldon. http://instagram.com/p/l5Zum9KBkn/?modal=true
  7. What a happy scream I let out when I got my notice of a new chapter!! Hope things are falling back into place for you personally and thank you for the latest.
  8. Miso I still miss you and with the Promo picks of shirtless Sheldon I miss you even more. I also need you to write that fan-fic when your done with this one. Miso come back.
  9. She looked beautiful but the dress and styling was drab. I'm surprised that Christian Sirano could be so bland. So far I've noticed he did another black dress for one of the OITNB girls (grrr) and it was "understated" . Mayim's dress had no style and looked to be too big. Mayim's black dress from last year's Golden Globes was much better and a favorite of mine with her black dresses. She herself was GEORGEOUS!
  10. Let's make a betting pool on the day she hits 1 million. I kid.
  11. She has a page on Tumblr and was sharing music with us for the holidays but now she's gone again. Miso o Miso where forth art thou?
  12. miso, You tease me with your comments on tumblr but I NEED THIS SHAMY STORY BACK.
  13. I read it and it seems 1. either it's a older article translated to Spanish (in fact I'm fairly positive from first look its the one from May 2014) or 2. They are summarizing the same questions from several articles 1-- They speak of his career on the BBT 2- They ask about Shamy --- standard reply- The writer's are managing the relationship... but the seeds have been planted... 3. They quote GLSEN 4. They talk about TNH 5. Some of the pictures and captions are new but the article data is dated I'm pretty certain this is that older article. Maybe someone has the link.
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