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  1. actually just did this too.
  2. That photo posted with her son playing the piano is from a news story in which Miles is seen and talking about attachment parenting. At the time she wasn't as careful with their image but as time has passed and she became more aware of how different social media operates when compared to her Blossom days in the spotlight, she has become more cautious. I will post that video as soon as I can locate it. until then here is one from August 2012 soon after her accident and when she received her first Emmy nom: http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/mayim-bialik-from-blossom-to-big-bang-theory/
  3. You need a repost app. There are several and you'll probably have to try a few to settle because they don't all work as smoothly. Even with great reviews they may not cooperate with your phone or tablet. That's if you are reposting from someone's IG From your own camera roll choose SHARE and it should give you an option to post to IG. You may need a re-sizer app to get some of your photos exactly as taken.
  4. those photos have been around a long time on different accounts and on the web. I'm kinda doubtful it's "the real Johnny Galecki" be wary
  5. Which account are you looking at ? because there are several on IG for Johnny.
  6. I didn't know Genie's had a twin. http://www.tennisworldusa.org/FIVE-THINGS-TO-KNOW-ABOUT-EUGENIE-BOUCHARDS-TWIN-SISTER-articolo18947.html
  7. Did someone say dessert? Kazzie are you working tonight? Now that so many know his hotel don't you think he'll travel out tonight?
  8. Yes. I'm aware of that but DP will talk about it if Jim brings it up. I tweeted about the humor of the situation while DP show was airing this morning.
  9. Yup ! Saw that one coming since his last appearance on DP and I was hoping they would talk about it this morning. That's great that it was confirmed.
  10. You really just have to scroll through them to see his comments or check the word bubble with the heart in it to check activity.
  11. Here is an interview with Jim today about returning the favor to Genie for his Wimbledon experience. http://www.tsn.ca/Videohub/?collection=72&show=391095 ETA: Sorry I just noticed that video was already posted. So here is Genie's response to the news upon hearing what Jim said. http://www.tsn.ca/Videohub/?collection=72&show=391005
  12. If it is Jim in a hat then my guess is that he bought a mug or two at the coffee store.
  13. The back of that head really does not look like Jim. I would have guessed Benedict. I think the photographer was just hopeful.
  14. Just saw Zack Johnson(Brian Smith) voicing and appearing in an Applebee's commercial. HOO
  15. Jim's had white threaded button holes and a longer arm length.
  16. Really? I didn't know. Does anyone besides Mayim do bathroom stall photos? LOL
  17. Mayim's Bathroom selfies and Jim's inspired Mug selfies are making waves soo....next level. If he would have had a mug or cuppa tea I would have died!
  18. There is a lot of terrible information that people accept as truth or follow on health related issues. That is potentially dangerous when people do not consider the source or the validity of information. We tend to think it's a no-brainer until you realize the sheer number of no-brainers. Like with all media a wariness and mindfulness is necessary on the internet.
  19. I've been following Wimbledon Roof, it's good for laughs. Didn't think it would make news though .
  20. Even Chris Evert mentioned her marketability. She already signed a Coke contract for Canada but this may open US/Global opportunities.
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