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  1. http://instagram.com/p/mv3YedKBoq/ Cute
  2. He wanted to apologize for sleeping with the book of Geology. Isn't it obvious?
  3. Yes. And I would say that Mayim is the captain of the Majim ship.
  4. She says the thing about relationships, I think.
  5. I'll send you my picture this weekend.
  6. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=739362316104495&id=441714465869283&set=a.441747439199319.98810.441714465869283&refid=17
  7. I don't know if it was already posted here, but I'd never seen this one.
  8. More romantic than he is in your icon?
  9. I hadn't noticed that I'd posted in portuguese. lol
  10. oh star, you're now valued contributor. cool.
  11. Sorry. This blog is mine. I just put that title because she says that phrase in many videos.
  12. I also thought it had too much makeup on her eyes, then I saw the third still you posted and came to love how she looked.
  13. yeah, I love when she uses red lipstick. But who don't?
  14. Hey I just saw you on the Shamy thread but didn't know you were from Brazil. I'm Brazilian too. Very nice to meet you. Welcome.
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