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  1. Sheldon immediately thinking of Amy when he woke up hung over the night before. I loved how she was foremost on his mind and, while we have no idea why he wanted to apologize to her, how quickly he was wanting to apologize is such a vast improvement over the man who used to hate to apologize.

    He wanted to apologize for sleeping with the book of Geology. Isn't it obvious?

  2. "Penny helps Sheldon cope"? Shouldn't that be "Cosmo helps Sheldon cope"? What did Penny do, besides restyling his hair? :p


    She says the thing about relationships, I think.

  3. Yes the one that her back is to.  :girlhaha:   Love how she and Jim have their backs  to their "dates" all the time.  :girlwink:  Oh and I was wrong, it was the SAG awards, not Emmy's.   DUH!  Emmy's haven't even happened yet.  :laugh:


    Oh. I really wish she was dating.

  4. No, he is a friend she has had from college days.   I think he is the same person that escorted her to the Emmy's.  He is married to someone else.   Not sure why his wife didn't join them though.   Maybe she is watching all the kids. ;)



    Is he this guy next to her?

  5. Yes it actually said they were looking for  the female lead to star opposite him, so I think that infers he is the male lead.  I am so happy for him and happy they are giving him a romantic lead role because I think he really wanted one of those.   That is great for his career and will help him shed some of the Sheldon-like persona that everyone fears will hold him back in the future.   Plus we get to see him being romantic.   :swoon:


    More romantic than he is in your icon?

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