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  1. You're right, Phanta.

    In my post, I was thinking about how would be strange to Amy see them in that situation. But it's ok because Leonard also imagine Penny with Zack. Although I don't understand how this relates to her life.

  2. yeah it didn't make much sense to me either, why would she dream about that? other than the writers wanting to put it there, it doesn't really make much sense.

    But the Shennys are seriously gonna love it.

    I think the writers did this scene because several people who watch the show want to see something happen between Sheldon and Penny (and I've also seen people wanting to be in the laundry). Then they put the scene in this episode because it's a bit AU, and therefore, the only way to have a scene like that. And they show how Sheldon is not interested for all those who haven't realized this.

    What doesn't make sense to me is that Amy had the dream. Why did she imagine her best friend trying to get romantically involved with her boyfriend? Remember that he shouldn't even exist in her dream. I hope the reason is acceptable when I watch the episode tomorrow.

    And thanks so much, Monique. :)

  3. Sorry. Just coming from a guy who only initiates hugs with my wife, kids and Mother. Leonard does not seem like a spontaneous hugger except with Penny. A lot of guys are like that. Go back a couple of generations and I don't recall seeing my Grandfathers initiating hugs with anyone.

    I know he is not the type that embraces. I know many guys like that. And the part about hurting my feelings was a joke because you talked about Twilight. Don't worry.
    And now we know that there is no group hug as Sheldon's in Texas, so I can stop dreaming.
  4. Because it is in an alternative universe. The same reason Penny is dating Stuart. You can't have a selective AU. :)

    I know. I thought it was strange the idea of ​​Penny dating Stuart when I knew. But then some people made me realize that it could happen since she went to the comic book store to buy a present for her nephew. I'm okay with it now. Thinking about pairing Amy and Howard, I'm still finding it's strange. Yes, the two used dating sites to get dates, but I don't see how the site could find someone like Amy for Howard or contrary. So I'm wondering if they might have known each other otherwise and how long they could stay together.

  5. there is a guy on twitter that went to the taping yesterday. Just to add to the list, he confirmed Howard and Amy were dating in her dream

    That's not cool. If Amy was initially attracted by the mind of Sheldon, then how and why she would be attracted to Howard? He only has a master's degree.

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  6. Why?

    eta: Why not Amy?

    I don't think Amy will have her dream about how her life would be without Sheldon, then it would be out of context she initiate the hug. Also, I want the next Shamy hug is more intimate than that. As for Leonard, I really appreciate the fact that he respects phobias Sheldon and I know he isn't the type who embraces many people too and it would be too emotional, but I want him to embrace Sheldon. I think it would be really sweet. And if he realizes that Sheldon is so important in his life as I think, maybe I can have my dream come true. But I can live without it.

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