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  1. Is a nod to Charles Dicken's Scrooge for what I've read so far.

    hahaha That would be funny..

    Hhhmmmmm, no. Penny is NOT the glue. Leonard is. Check cannon.

    Penny is the glue to Howardette.

  2. I am betting that they only saw part of what was taped. This is probably like Scavenger and taped over two days. I bet they are taping Jim/Mayim/Johnny stuff separately and that may happen today. They may be doing it over multiple sessions a day as well like they did Scavenger and depending on which one you attend you see different actors. In other words, they may have taped during two sessions yesterday and may do the same today.

    I hope so. It's a Christmas episode after all.

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  3. Because the writers lack imagination??

    But seriously, without Sheldon, she would still have met Stuart in the comic book store, when she went looking for a gift for her nephew.

    And since Leonard would not have moved in with Sheldon, they would not have met.

    Truth. That makes sense. But they needed to imagine their lives without Sheldon in a Christmas episode?

  4. So why Penny would date Stuart?

    This girl who went, she only got to see Penny, Stuart, Benradette, Howard, and Raj. So there's obviously bits missing! Like c'mon Leonard isn't not gonna be involved here.

    Thank you so much.

  5. They got to see each person imagine life without Sheldon. Apparently they go back in time and imagine life without Sheldon.

    Someone did say Melissa was there

    And Mayim?

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  6. Kveller is a website that contains several Jewish blogs (one of them is the Mayim's blog) in which people share their Jewish customs in everyday life, especially in relation to the family so that non-Jewish people can learn about it or Jewish people relate these experiences with theirs and clarify some doubts too.
    Mayim started posting there to earn a little more money. Currently she does it because she likes to talk to people about Judaism and help them deal with difficult questions that relate to her religion.
    No. I don't know much about it. Here's just what I think. Sorry if I left you confused.
  7. I am updating the window of her tumblr every 30 seconds since she said that the report was almost ready. That was 59 minutes ago.

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  8. She replied star.


    In your report, can you add any behind the scenes cute things that may have happened. I know usually Jim and Mayim have a lot of cute things they do behind the scenes (between takes, etc.). Can you include any of those if any come to mind Can I also mention that I am so appreciative of you writing up a report for us? It is really amazingly wonderful of you!



    It would be my pleasure! There is one Jim and Mayim moment in particular that is just, oh god, adorable. 

    And thank you so much.  You are very welcome!  It would have just been a shame not to document my experience and share it with people who are just as passionate about the show as I am.   

    thank you, star for ask her about this.

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  9. You know for the report you could always post bits at a time and that way you dont have to wait and do it all at once? We fans will love anything you give us : )




    Hahaha, yeah, I know. This occurred to me halfway through, but I’m almost done.  It’ll be up fairly soon.  I just want to read it over and make sure it’s actually, like, coherent and not a rushed mess of words. 




    She replied. It's almost done, guys.

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