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  1. It is really strange that neither Amy nor Leonard want to join the team of Penny. Something seems too forced to keep Sheldon and Penny together. The scenes of them seem fun though. I believe this is much better than the first. I want to know what happens with Amy and Howard. 

  2. OK, two chapters in. Loving it. Had to stop as I got an idea I needed to finish my next chapter, and will finally update my story later tonight. I will post individual chapter reviews later tonight, after I update.

    @AtAThingofBeauty I agree with your second sentence wholeheartedly. Except I'm more of the guy that did chopsticks, not Salieri.

    Can you give me the link to your story?
     tx-fictionqueen, I'm loving "moving pictures" hope you update soon.
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  3. I see that Penny has changed a bit since the first season - like all characters . She seemed like a sweet girl and fragile at the beginning. She seemed fascinated with the world of nerds. She blamed herself for believing in Kurt and all the guys like him. You could not imagine that she would be a bully, although it's not show it in many episodes, she still is. She changed her way of dealing with people including. She learned from the nerds and taught them a lot.
    I'm glad that her relationship with Leonard is good this season, because in past seasons, from the third, she felt very superior to him and that was not good at all. Leonard deserved the reciprocity of affection that he so gave her.
    As for the nerd side, I think it is very funny when she says anything about it because apparently she has the intelligence of those who hardly passes in the high school. 
  4. I wonder if such a temptation ever existed in the writers' minds. 


    From a purely narrative standpoint, Leonard is the protagonist and Sheldon the auxiliary. Please do not believe I am being dismissive of Sheldon's importance or relevance by calling him that, it is merely a technical term. The protagonist is, etymologically, the first one to struggle or suffer and, structurally, the one who introduces the plot or main theme. An auxiliary is another character who goes along with the "quest". 

    TBBT's running theme, so to speak, is "geeks meet adult world". While she may not act like it at times, Penny incarnates said "adult world" : sexuality, emotional conflicts, funless duties (her job at the Cheesecake Factory), boredom, responsibilities, disappointment, etc. On the day Leonard decided that he would have "smart and beautiful" babies with his new, and obviously non-geeky, neighbour, he introduced the whole plot (and became its first victim, poor soul). He became the agent of change (protagonist) and dragged Sheldon with him (auxiliary). 


    That is, of course, not to say that Sheldon (or any other character for that matter) is less important than Leonard. He very visibly is not. His many characteristics have made him the most iconic character of the show. However, if it were just for him, there would be no show because, simply put, show = plot = change and Sheldon hates and resists change. 


    I believe that, in spite of the obvious delight the writers take in Sheldon and the pleasure with which they put him at the centre of so many episodes, they are very mindful of the overall narrative structure of the show. They know that, considering said structure, Penny and Sheldon together would make little to no sense. So I doubt the were even ever tempted to go for it, regardless of the different characters' respective popularity levels.


    I gave you one of mine ;)

    I agree with everything you wrote. I also think they have thought of putting Sheldon and Penny as a romantic couple, but they didn't - I appreciate that. There were even some episodes where Sheldon or Penny or both  say things -especially for Leonard - that sound like a suggestion that they could have been involved as a couple, as when he spends the night at her apartment and understands everything friendship with benefits or when she is addicted to online games and goes to Sheldon's room at dawn. These scenes were pretty funny in my point of view, but I do not think there is any chance for a romantic involvement Shenny. I find it amazing how the writers manage to create new stories for the same show. The introduction of Bernadette and Amy was one of the best things that ever happened in the serie.
    We are now on the seventh season. I read a comment that someone was talking about  first episodes of earlier seasons, most aren't even big thing. I think we all had high expectations for this return and the episode turned out not to be the expected by many. There was no involvement of all the characters as I believe it should, except Leonard, the closer it was the talk at the university. I don't think that it was good episode overall, but wait until the 26th of September to see the result.
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  5. I read the report for the second time - thank you, Jennifer for posting it here - and I realized it's not something to worry too much. We had already received many spoilers of this episode, some of us have imagined that these things could happening. I have thought, for example, Penny and Sheldon's hug, I confess I didn't think it would be that way, after he said she hurt their feelings. Why the hell did he say that? He is not hippie. But it's normal they spend more time together, as they do usually only three of them (P, L and S) when Leonard is there. They are neighbors and friends. This is not bad or surprising, even though I'm not a Shenny fan, anyway.
    As for Raj, I must say that I hope he gets happier in the course of the season, I felt very sorry for him at the end of six season, it's very difficult to be the only one without a girlfriend, anyway, better days will come - I hope so.
    I liked the scenes with Amy and Bernadette. I think Bernadette only said that because she isn't aware of the complexity of the Amy and Sheldon's relationship. Nobody is really. I liked the fact that Amy had refused Bernie's advice and other scenes also seem to be fun.
    And finally, Leonard and the video. I don't think he has done something really bad or that Penny has the right to be upset with him know that. She made the film first because she wanted it, and it was already on the Internet. Of course people would see. And I don't know how the video was introduced , but if he and the guys were already watching, Leonard is normal to speak with pride that girl of nice breasts is his girlfriend. It's like if even he couldn't believe. He doesn't become a fool for it. I believe that this ending was pretty funny. Just wait to see how things will stay until the episode is released. Then each can have its point of view on something concrete and not in a report made by the eyes of others.
    And sorry my bad English. I don't speak English.
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