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  1. Is anyone staying spoiler free for the final season? What do we think as the show gets near the end? 

    I'm anxious to see how they wrap everything up. I'm thinking Amy will end up pregnant at the end. I got major vibes in a recent episode when her and Sheldon were playing experiments on Howardette's kids. Looking forward to the end. :)

  2. On 10/31/2018 at 11:20 PM, bfm said:

    It turns out they were originally supposed to be. Penny was supposed to be Penny from "Inspector Gadget", but the writers thought it was becoming weird with the kiss related dialogue, because Penny was the inspector's niece. I think they should've included the explanation in a joke, like Penny saying she was planning on that but decided against it because it would be creepy considering their plans for the night...

    Omg why did they not do that! It would have been so perfect. 

  3. I would like to say that I really enjoyed last weeks episode. The impersonations of each others characters was well done. I would have liked Howardette to dress as Shamy but it was still a fun episode. I imagine it was an entertaining taping as well. Anu is somewhat growing on me. Her and Raj's costume was pretty cool. Why was Lenny not in a couple's costume? It seemed weird that they weren't. 

  4. Just wondering what everyone is thinking of the last season so far. (Oh goodness I sure hope it being the last is not a spoiler🙊) I have not been that impressed so far. I'm not sure what I'm looking for but maybe a little more pizazz than what we've been getting. They should be setting up a pretty epic finish here and it seems like they are lazily writing episodes. Obviously there could be greater episodes coming and I hope that is true. Curious to know what anyone else thinks. 

    I guess I could be more specific about what I don't like. My opinion of course. 

    Not a fan of Raj's finance storyline. Seems like a pretty lame ending for a romantic like him but hopefully if she sticks around, I'll find a way to enjoy it. 

    Not a fan of Penny's all of a sudden I don't want kids storyline. I feel like that came out of nowhere and was not handled in the best way. 

    I understand not wanting kids on the set but it's crazy to me that Howardette has two kids and we never get any storylines about them. What was the point? 

    No major issues with Shamy. They are doing good. It's cute seeing them married and happy. 




  5. Spoiler Free for life!

    Can't believe it's the final season. Our little Shamy got married. It was beautiful. I was at the taping and it will likely be my last Big Bang taping. So fitting.

    Hard to believe I joined the forum in Season 7 and now it is finishing with Season 12. Now it's time to talk about the future for Shamy and how the show will tie everything in. I'm a sucker for flashing forward a few years to show where the characters are but my money is on a wide shot of the elevator working. 

    Anybody else want Shamy babies like me. :)

  6. 16 hours ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    If this is the worst retcon we get all season consider yourself lucky. They probably had Sheldon thinking that if he proposes and she says yes, he's done and can come home, just like he indicated. We already knew he had the ring.

    I agree lets hope this ends up being my biggest issue with season 11. 

    Now, on to wedding planning, I sure hope we get to see lots of planning. I wonder what kind of theme they will do and how big the wedding will be. I would like to see them get married in this season's finale, but I am not sure if that would happen. 

  7. Now that the episode has aired, I can talk about something that has irked me since the taping. I feel like the whole point of the Romona kiss was it sparked a spontaneous response from Sheldon to stop everything and go straight to Amy. I mean the finale last season showed Sheldon getting into a cab, purchasing a ticket, getting on a plane, and then going to her Princeton apartment and proposing. Now we are supposed to understand that somewhere between all this he went home got on his computer and skyped Stephen Hawking and found time to call her dad? If he went home, then why didn't he pack an overnight bag? I waited until after the episode aired because I wanted to make sure that Sheldon was wearing the same clothes while he is skyping Stephen Hawking. I would have preferred for Sheldon to have been in different clothes while skyping him, this would have given me the illusion that Sheldon spoke to Hawking and Amy's father weeks prior the his spontaneous need to propose. I know in retrospect, this is just a small thing. I just feel like this undermines how the end of last season went and I don't like it. This is just my opinion and I would love to hear others. 


    But on another note, how amazing is it that we finally get confirmation that Amy's father exists? Hope we can meet him soon as they make plans for the wedding. :)

  8. 10 hours ago, April said:

    Speaking of promo pics - how spoiler free do you guys plan to be? Just TRs or also pictures and clips?

    I won't go seeking out promo pictures or clips, but I have done so in the past. I also won't actively avoid seeing them, certain strategies I used to employ such as unfollowing facebook and instagram friends. It's easier now that I am not as obsessed with the show as I was in the past. 


    That being said, I do have the advantage of going to the premiere taping this season, so I definitely have it easier than others. :)

  9. 14 hours ago, snapepans said:

    I will be less active on this forum, too, well, I've never been too much active anyway.

    I love reading some fans' posts here, very insightful and funny, and I just admire their analytical skills, just amazing. Oh, I even learned some idiomatic English, that was so good.

    This is a nice thread for speculation of Shamy, thank you. And I noticed your avatar, I don't recall seeing it in the show, do you know which episode was it?

    Yes it was from a promo pic that ended up being from a scene that was cut. I used to have a lot of fun analyzing promo pics and coming up with scenarios for the image. I have always been obsessed with Shamy hugs and I always tried to put together ways in which we could get a Sheldon initiated hug. 

    My scenario for this promo pic was that something spooked Amy and she threw her arms around him cause she was scared. Sheldon made fun of her for it based on his expression in the photo. Then a minute or so later, Sheldon would get spooked by something and he would throw his arms around her because he was scared. 

    Not sure if that made sense. lol. Being spoiler free usually meant I did a lot of speculating and making up fun scenarios in my head. :)

  10. I am no longer very active in this forum and that will likely not change, but I cannot sit by without setting up this topic. 


    This places is for Spoiler Free comments on Shamy. No spoilers including interviews, promos, taping reports, etc.. are allowed. 


    Because those who don't read spoilers are going to want to have a place to fangirl over what happens next. :)





  11. I was thinking back on season 10 on the moments that I remember and one stood out. In the Veracity Elasticity, the end scene in the hallway with Sheldon contemplating on going back to his old room or staying with Amy. The way his face changes as he realizes that Amy understands him. He mentions his dilemma through the donkey reference and she doesn't need anymore details. His whole expression the more she talks is what makes the scene so good. It looks to me that in those moments he suddenly realizes how much he loves her. To me, it is like he is falling in love with her all over again in those minutes. The scene was so powerful to me that I was convinced he would drop down on one knee and propose then and there. I didn't make a top 10 list, but that one would certainly be on it. 


    Not bad for someone who doesn't seem to notice the little details anymore. haha :)

  12. On 5/16/2017 at 0:38 PM, Kathy2611 said:

    Well, hopefully this will cheer you up.....

    Dont know if you've seen the interviews from Molaro but in a nutshell, he confirms that Sheldon is completely innocent and clueless to Ramona's intentions, Mayim is signed on for the next 2 years, and after that what they describe as a perfect proposal (yes, their words), why would they have her say no?  The question isn't will she say yes or no.  The question is, how will she say yes?

    Yes that makes me feel better! No Mayim in season 11 would be like the worst thing ever. 





  13. 6 hours ago, Jonny said:

    I think they still only have eyes for each other, both had the opportunity to move on and try something different (In Amy's case she actually did) and yet they were drawn back to each other in the end. The Ramona factor was all Ramona, she had her own agenda at play there. Sheldon didn't at all bite.

    I think overall they have done an amazing job this season by actually getting back a bit to some of the 'allure of the mind' stuff (which you have seen in their conversations, Buridan's donkey, the project they started working on together etc) they had going in their early relationship which was probably lost a little over Season 8 and Season 9.

    But then you have the added bonus of the more physical, affectionate and intimate side of their relationship on display as well. I think they got that balance spot on. They are back a little to their quirky, weird, nerdy part of their relationship but also a couple clearly in love and not afraid to express that as well.

    They are kind of perfect right now imo, can't think of anything else I would like to see or perhaps change.


    I guess I just wish the bolded part didn't have to happen. lol I get it though. 

    To be honest I have not re watched season 9 or season 10, I may feel differently when I am able to see the episodes back to back. I always say you can't really judge a season until you re watch cause when it airs you have to wait sometimes weeks between episodes. Especially unspoiled, I sometimes have expectations from promos for episodes that don't live up. 

  14. 3 hours ago, camelliayao said:

    I like season 4&5 Shamy too. But I must say I also love season 10 Shamy, probably more. Season 4&5 Shamy was unique without a doubt, but they were more like two playmates rather than a couple (well to be exact they really weren't a couple at that time). Their relationship was a balance back then. They shared mutual interests, but beyond that they were more like acquaintances. That kind of relationship may be perfect for the friend zone, but I can't imagine them keeping it if the writers ever want them to be a couple.

    As their relationship evolves, inevitably, the imbalance appears. Sadly, the writers chose to focus on the imbalance and magnify it to the extreme. To me the writers handles Shamy poorly in later seasons. Ok in season 6&7, below average in season 8 and first half of season 9, bad the second half of season 9, unbearable in the meemaw episode and the viewing party episode.

    Now in season 10, for the first time in years, their relationship is a balanced one. Amy is not a doormat anymore. Both of them are perfectly satisfied. No one is a flight risk. Sheldon learns to be a better boyfriend and Amy learns to stand up for herself. Their relationship reaches a new, better balance. Particularly, I like 1007 and 1019 a lot. It combined the uniqueness of season 4&5 Shamy with the evolved, more loving and human later season Shamy.

    As for those small things that used to excite us so much in the past, well you pay close attention, they still exist. Shamy still touch each other and make small eye contacts, we just don't notice those that much anymore because they do things much hotter than that these days lol. Is Shamy not unique anymore because now they do stuff such as kissing and coitus just like any other couple? I don't think so. To me the uniqueness of Shamy never lies in their lack of physical contacts. 

    As for their proposal, I'm not a big fan of it either. I don't mind Ramona or the kiss. My problem with this proposal is that once again, the writers got lazy. Explaining why Sheldon suddenly wants to propose should have been their job. But now they passed it to us, leaving us coming up with explanations ourselves. They didn't explain why Sheldon had a ring in the first place. And now once again they didn't explain how Sheldon went from "getting kissed by another girl" to "I must propose to my girlfriend right now". 

    To me one silver lining though, is Amy didn't say yes. Not that I want her to say no of course. But that leaves the writers room for an explanation. They can simply pick one from all the explanations fans gave for crying out loud (wait, was that their intention in the first place?)

    Thank you for your response. I really like the what you say about the difference between early Shamy and now Shamy. The bolded part is a great way to put into words my frustration. Knowing (as fans) about the ring for 2 years and we still don't know what his thought process was, how he came to conclude that he wanted to get the ring, (I mean did he ask his mother for it? did she suggest it? ). These are all things that could be addressed in the premiere, but I have a feeling that they might not. Again though, only time will tell. 

  15. I think my problem is that I am too fixated on the original Shamy. The uniqueness of them where they only had eyes for each other, and they were both so quirky and weird. I understand that characters change and they progress, but I miss old Shamy. When I would be excited to see him look at her a special way, or watch how close their hands get sitting on the couch or walking up the stairs, when I would spend hours rewatching the SIK. I often wonder if it's me that has changed cause I don't look at these small details anymore or if the show itself has changed. 

    The unique thing about Shamy is that they do everything in there own special way. I am anxious to see how they handle the proposal in season 11. My trust in the writers is at a minimum so I am running through all worse case scenarios in my head. Here's hoping for some Shamy awesomeness. 

  16. 6 hours ago, Kathy2611 said:

    Well that's understandable but the way I look at it is, I think (and it sounded like it) he was seriously thinking and planning on asking her before she sprang her Princeton trip on him.  Remember what he said in 10.23 before she said anything about it?  And then in the tag of it when he told her if she met a tall smart scientist to step away from the situation and call him immediately.  He took his own advice when he realized (a little late) what was really happening.  He just took it further and went to her instead of just calling.  

    Mayim (and Melissa) signed on for the next 2 seasons so I think things will be just fine for Shamy.

    I do like how 10.23 kind of set up what happens in 10.24. Perhaps I am most mad at the fact that now we have to wait 3+ months to find out what her response is. Time to bring this back.........and some others







  17. 9 hours ago, BigBangEnthusiast said:

    I was unspoiled for most of the season. When I watched the finale, I felt numb when it ended. I was upset by the whole Ramona involvement. The worst was that horrible kiss. I write fanfiction, and of all the possible scenarios I could have dreamed of for a catalyst to a proposal, never in a million years would this have even crossed my mind.

    When I re-watched the episode, I felt better about the situation. I love that Sheldon got on a plane and went to Amy. It was very romantic.

    This was literally me as well. 

  18. 12 hours ago, Kathy2611 said:

    Hello??!!   Is anybody alive in here?  Seriously....what did you guys think?  

    Do you need a medic?

    I occasionally float around here and see what people think. Sadly, my obsession for the show has declined dramatically. The finale was very shocking. The kiss that shall not be named made me numb and I was not happy that's the way the proposal came out. I felt like the episode could have happened the same way just without that kiss. After a second viewing of the episode, I like the proposal a little more than I did the first time. I really think I won't be able to say how I feel about it until we find out how it all works out next season. 

    As far as next season, what will happen? Will Amy say yes? Will she ask about Ramona? 

    Bonus: Bernadette is literally my hero for how she sat between them on the couch. Plus mario cart down the stairs was amazing. 

  19. 1 hour ago, Stephen Hawking said:

    That would be in Flaming Spittoon:-

    Amy: How did you get into my apartment?

    Sheldon: Wow. Is that the kind of nagging I can expect now that you’re my girlfriend?

    I'm not sure about the other part of your question, but the first time referred to Amy as his girlfriend, in the presence of others, was in The Friendship Contraction:-

    Sheldon: You’re my girlfriend and you’re not going to cater to my every need? Oh, where’d the magic go?

    That doesn't exactly fit the parameters of your question, because Amy was present.


    Thanks for the answers. There is a specific one where he mentions Amy being his girlfriend where she is not there that I am trying to think of. There's also the first time one of the guys refers to Amy as his girlfriend and he doesn't protest to it. Sadly, my memory of the show hasn't been what it used to be. I may have to find these little moments on my next re watch. 


  20. I always had a soft spot for when Sheldon used the word girlfriend when referring to Amy. Two moments that come to mind. 

    1) In the spanking episode where Sheldon takes care of Amy while she is sick. "You are my girlfriend and I care about your well being"


    2) In the episode where Amy goes to work at CalTech, Sheldon tells her colleagues that she is his girlfriend. 


    I am curious to know when was the first time Sheldon called Amy his girlfriend in front of her and the first time he said it when she wasn't there. Any fans want to try and help me out. :) 

  21. 6 hours ago, Kathy2611 said:


    There's some news on the renewal guys!!! It's in the Cast, Crew, and TBBT News thread. 


    If I read it right, it means an almost confirmed 2 season renewal is in place? Just waiting official confirmation. 


  22. 14 hours ago, sdffcx said:

    waiting for the 10x16! I will try to enjoy every shamy moment in the rest of the show as possible as I can!  all hail to shamy:):icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin:


    As am I! I really enjoy these new episodes every week! Much better than the one on one off crap. :)


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