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  1. Congrats! The I miss you line was adorable and I enjoyed the x and x + 1 lines. Also yay for being on page 4, it only took us 3 months!
  2. Relationship agreement for Lenny. Not sure how I feel about this, but honestly if it will give Lenny some more stories and screen time then I am all for it. They deserve to be treated like a married couple and have storylines related to married couples. They have been ignored for far too long.
  3. Great Shamy episode this week. It seems like we get kisses every week now. While I do enjoy the kisses, I am starting to think we are getting a little too much of them. The beauty of the first SIK was how long it took to get it and the emotion behind it. Still waiting on that damn ring.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am not happy about the answer. I don't want this season to be their last. If it is, then I just hope that the writers have a plan on how to end the series.
  5. Has season 11 be confirmed without my knowing it? Are the writers writing this season under the assumption that it will be their last?
  6. I agree with this. The fact that Shamy is taking it slow again and we still don't have a confirmed season 11 worries me. Sheldon just needs to propose already. I don't want a rushed wedding or even worse no wedding at all. I can't believe we have known about the ring since the end of season 8 and it still hasn't happened yet. What are the writers waiting for?
  7. Any spoiler free guesses on Howardette baby gender? My guess is a baby girl that they will name after Howard's mom.
  8. Okay I really enjoyed that episode. Sheldon admits he enjoys living with Amy. Their pillow talks are a blessing. Amy singing to calm him down was precious. I really thought the end hallway scene was going to end with a proposal. The emotional intensity in that was amazing. Speaking of the hallway scene, wow that was so well done. The more Amy talked in that scene the more he realized how much he loved her. It started with her getting his dilemma reference. You could see in his eyes, that he was in a way falling in love all over again. I was full on ready for him to drop to one knee. I AM READY FOR THE PROPOSAL!!!.............AND so is AMY!
  9. Sadly I agree with a lot of what you say here. I have started watching the show in a different light. I watch it not expecting to be really excited to watch it over and over again. I treat it as a weekly show that I enjoy watching, but not one that I am going to obsess over throughout the week. That has helped me see more positives in it as compared to the end of last year, where I was tempted to call it quits. I am mostly watching because I want to see how everything wraps up. And of course that ring. I want a time jump for the series finale that takes us 3 to 5 years in the future, where we get to see where our characters end up. I really don't want this to be the last season because I want the writers to know which season is the last before they start filming that season. Since as far as I know, it hasn't been confirmed there will be a next season yet. I hope when they do announce it, they announce it as their last. That is of course just my hope.
  10. Wow I still can't get over how amazing that hug was. I haven't been that surprised by such an amazing Shamy moment in a tag scene since the dream Amy had about Sheldon almost kissing her in the first half of season 7. I have been waiting for a mutual hug like this for so long. We have gotten little moments that looked close to being considered mutual hugs, but not until this one have I felt completely satisfied that it was true mutual one. I have noticed that they seem to keep on bringing up the only coitus once thing. I hope that means we get some kind of mention of new coitus soon. I do agree with RJ1013 that I would prefer that they have coitus on sometime before Amy's birthday so it doesn't become a gift giving kind of thing.
  11. THE HUG I HAVE WAITED FOREVER FOR! Gif credit to Kazzie.
  12. I absolutely loved the way the writers handled this living together thing. Especially how they emphasized that it was a big step for Amy as well since she has never lived with anyone either. I hope this plot stays for several episodes because I think there are many aspects left to explore. When the 5 weeks are up, I kind of want Amy to move back to her apartment and then Sheldon get sad cause she is not there and then ask her to move back in. Also WHERE IS THE RING???......................We're waiting Sheldon.
  13. This right here are the main reasons I am unhappy with how they did coitus. They dragged coitus out for such a long time only to rush it at the last minute. Just my opinion, I know others are very happy with how it was done.
  14. I didn't like the fact that it didn't feel like a finale. It was very anti climatic. I know a lot of people have been saying that they enjoyed it because it was angst free, but I for one love angsty finales. I wanted something that would keep me glued to the show. Something to keep me anxious waiting for the new season. The finale did nothing for me. It was very bleh and a disappointment for me.
  15. That finale was a sad disappointment for me. What did you guys all think about it? Sadly not much Shamy to talk about, but I still want to know your opinions.
  16. Yay less than 12 hours until the finale! I want to say that it has been fun in here with you spoiler free folks. It may have been slow at times but that just meant I appreciated every post more. See you on the other side folks.
  17. Yay I love seeing many new posts in here. For a spit second I thought I had accidentally went to the spoiler thread. haha My favorite Shamy moment this season has to be the earworm make out, specifically when she pulls him back in for another kiss. That moment blew me away, it was incredible. Another moment that I really "liked" was when Lenny find out about the ring and Sheldon yells that he is fine. The look on his face is the kind of Sheldon I was hoping to see from the break up, heartbroken.
  18. Yep the bold is what I have been hoping would happen in here but it usually doesn't. The beginning of season 7 was actually a really good time in the spoiler free shamy thread, lots of people posted their thoughts and people hoped back and forth from the spoiler page to the non spoiler page. Problem is especially with a pretty lame episode like last Thursdays is that people want to come on and say things like, "well at least we know the next one is good" or something like that.
  19. It's nice to know I wasn't the only one who was disappointed with it. It seemed really strange for me to have Sheldon come back and apologize the way he did. I have wondered if the writers gave in to fan disappointment over the Lenny wedding. I mean it doesn't really matter if they did or not, but it makes me curious what pushed them to do this special ceremony. What do you mean by the bold? Is there something specific that you are referring to? Also, I too am excited to look at the whole forum. I want to see how everyone else feels about the season and read all fans not just spoiler free fans reactions.
  20. So what did we all think of the last episode? I personally didn't care for it too much but I am waiting to see how the finale turns out.
  21. That was the episode that I saw taped as well. They added the bit with Stuart on the bike and the guys taunting him. I don't think they cut anything from the actual taping. I think they just added the scenes when they realized that their run time was low and they had the space for it. I actually enjoyed the first line they used with Stuart. It was about his cloak getting caught in the car door of the uber that he was taking. It makes more sense to me for Stuart to have taken an uber than for him to take his bike.
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