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  1. This episode was amazing. I'm just gonna go out there and say it, Zack is amazing. He should be a guest star more often. His lines always crack me up. Also I would totally be the person to ask for ice at a wine tasting event. Not much Shamy to talk about but I enjoyed them in their separate scenes. Sheldon playing the D&D game with Bernadette was really sweet and very kind of him. Amy throwing Penny under the bus about the comments about Claire and then Penny throwing Amy under the bus was really funny. This episode was very enjoyable for me. I actually have the urge to see it again, which I haven't for a while now.
  2. Happy New Episode Day! I saw this earlier and it made me smile. http://becauseimsunny.tumblr.com/post/142937083002/shamy-and-plaid-jammies-there-are-certain-things
  3. When I think about the RA, I think of "that's so romantic" and "it's better than hot, it's binding". When I think about Amy not liking RA agreement meetings I think of the relationship summit at the beginning of train episode where they talk about Amy's potential nickname and where they will spend Valentine's Day. That being said, I feel like I may have overlooked an important aspect to this line. Does this imply that since Amy never enjoyed the relationship agreement meetings that there is no more Relationship Agreement since they got back together? Am I wrong in thinking that? Just likde RJ1013, I love seeing some others voice some opinions
  4. I'm not sure. I don't really notice accents most of the time. On a side note, it is my little headcannon that Penny leading the pledge was the pledge to the roommate flag and not to the American flag.
  5. I have mixed feelings about this episode. It was in my opinion a fun episode to see taped because there were so many scenes in the two apartments and the hallway. Side set scenes are not as much fun because you can't see the actors in between. Things that I liked: The fact that this is so clearly setting up a roommate switcheroo. Amy's delivery of her "faking" being at relationship agreement meetings. Simon's acting was superb. Things that I didn't like: The fact that Amy has declared that she never enjoyed her relationship meetings with Sheldon. That line kind of stabbed me in the heart a little the first time I heard it. I mean really, Amy never liked them at all? I also don't like the Sheldon and Penny always together kind of thing. To me, there are two situations that were clearly brought up in this episode that could be things that lead to the finale. 1) Sheldon and Penny are way too close 2) It is weird that Leonard and Penny still live with Sheldon. If these two things are not addressed in the finale or in the last 2 episodes leading up to it, then I am going to throw my hands up in the air and shout what was the point of bringing them up then.
  6. Lots of good stuff on here. I agree Sheldon does look dramatically different between the early seasons and now. It's weird because he is still the same quirky person, just different. On a Shelnard break up for the finale, I am 100% on board. If a sad break up for them is what is needed to get them to switch apartments then I am okay with it. They will of course make up when the new season starts. Shamy pillow talk is going to be so much fun. I say "is" because I am certain we will see it sometime in the future. I know they aren't going to end the season without at least some mention of Shamy having coitus again and I still think the ring will pop up at some point. I fear though that if there is a cliff hanger that it will be Shamy related with the ring. At this point, I don't see how they could have a cliffhanger with a ring that both Sheldon and Amy know about, which is pretty obvious that she will say yes. Whatever happens, I am excited to see what happens in the last 4 episodes of the season, although I have seen the next one already. Don't worry though I won't say a thing.
  7. Damn girl we missed each other by a week. I went to the taping for the next episode.......don't mind me over here. haha
  8. I have noticed that they have changed her hairstyle recently. I do like the wavy hair instead of the straight one. I still think that the proposal will happen this season, but you never know they could save it for next season. I can't talk too much about it because this is the Shamy thread but I have told people that if there is not a Shamy proposal then I at least want a definite changing of the living arrangements. This whole Sheldon, Penny, and Leonard living together is getting really old. We're down to the final 4 of the season. Will there be any more Shamy developments this season or will they simply cruise right on through since they got so much development in the beginning of the season? Selfishly I want the final episodes to be focused on them, realistically, I think they will be focused on Penny and her career and Bernadette and her baby.
  9. Cute episode. Highlight for me was the tag with Shamy playing never have I ever. I loved Amy's delivery of we all have a past. I also enjoyed Amy's line of "never have I ever rocked my girlfriend's world in bed", and Sheldon's response. Shamy being all cute. I love it.
  10. I enjoyed that episode very much. It was very nice to get a Shamy plot that was unique and cute. The end skype scenes were really adorable. It was a long wait for this episode but this time the waiting paid off. Looking forward to the end of the season. I wonder if there will be a proposal in the last few episodes of the season. It will be really cool to see how Sheldon does it.
  11. Yay becauseiamsunny beat me to it. Happy New Episode Day!
  12. Just coming on here to say this is so perfect but sadly soooo unlikely. haha
  13. I believe the words that Amy uses are that she found them (relationship agreement meetings) to be kind of boring. What I don't like is that it is clearly just put in there for a joke about Amy "faking" it and Sheldon not being able to tell. I know this show does jokes like this that essentially contradict a character but this one did not sit right with me. I don't hate it, but I don't love it.
  14. I was at the taping and you were hilarious. Glad you had a fun time.
  15. Pretty much my only requirement is that it has Shamy in it and I can read it without having to worry about there being spoilers in it. I used to read fanfic all the time, but I haven't in awhile. I enjoy cute and fluffy ones over angsty one, but I also don't mind a little angst now and then. As far as rating goes anything is fine. Fluffy ones that are K are fun to read but so are smutty ones that are M. I'm sorry I am being so vague. I just want to read some recent fanfic, and would love any kind of recommendations.
  16. Can someone give me a recommendation for a Shamy fanfic? Obviously one that is spoiler free. I mostly read one shots but I also enjoy longer stories. I am really looking for anything, but I particularly enjoy fanfics with Shamy babies.
  17. For someone who was the last to get a girlfriend, Raj does seem to have a lot of girl problems. First the Lucy Emily problem, now the Claire Emily problem. Yep this was adorable. Never fails to make me smile. I need it during this little mini hiatus.
  18. That was cute. I haven't read fluffy fanfic in a while. The fluffier the better in my opinion.
  19. What's funny is that after I listened to it, it got stuck in my head and I kept singing it to myself.
  20. Was that really you singing? It was really good. Great job.
  21. Haha I have been watching OUAT since the beginning but I still had to look up what OUAT is. I don't look at anything online for it. Once Upon a Time comes back tomorrow. I am excited. I personally believe that the scene that was filmed for the audience and the one that was shown was a little different. I recall friends who were there telling me that the one they saw taped had Amy came out with her glasses on and in the show she has them off or something like that. I was at the taping with the train kiss and me and a friend of mine who was there are convinced the kiss that we saw and the one that aired was different. I could of course be wrong, but I am pretty sure if I was wrong, I would know it.
  22. @Einstein Von Brainstorm That is really cool that you started watching the show from the beginning. It would have been really cool to watch the progression slowly as it is happening. @Judith Binge watching is fun. I pretty much binge watched the first 5 seasons out of order. Glad to have you here. I also kind of agree that the show would have lost its edge if they didn't introduce Amy in season 4 and start using Bernadette more. The show would have felt stale. They needed that fresh perspective.
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