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  1. To ease some of the pain and suffering of waiting for new episodes, I suggest we each talk about when and how we found the show. Also since this is the Shamy thread, we can mention when we knew we were Shamy fans. There's a lot of newish people in here that I wonder when they started watching the show. Some people are late bloomers. lol Anyone can post in here not just spoiler free fans. I started watching the show in Jan 2013 when it was in its 6th season. I had done a WB studio tour and one of the sets we went to was BBT. I thought I would give it a try. I set up a whole bunch to record on my DVR and started watching syndicated episodes out of order. Eventually I realized that I needed to know how things happen in order so I bought all the DVDs. I started watching season 6 episodes when they came out towards the end. One of the first ones that I ever saw live was the Spoiler Alert Segmentation. I joined the forum in August 2013 right after I had seen the season 7 premiere episode being taped. I joined because I wanted to reassure people that the Sheldon/Penny hug was not something to be worried about. Ever since then I have hoped back and forth between the Shamy spoiler free thread and the Shamy spoilers thread, which I go to if I ever go to tapings. I did not watch the Shamy progression before the middle of season 6 in the right order because I was watching them in syndication. Two moments in particular I remember making me realize I shipped them. One was when he grabs her hand at the end of season 5 and the other is the valentine's day episode in season 6. Season 6 V-Day episode is one of my favorite Shamy moments because it just shows how you don't need to spend a lot of money to get someone an amazing present that they will truly appreciate.
  2. So I am going to be honest and say that the 200th did not live to my expectations. I saw it being taped and I must say that I expected a little more plot then we were given. I feel like they spent more time trying to get as many guest stars as they could and then scarcely used them. I thought Leonard had the perfect reaction to it being the only day, "episode", that was entirely about Sheldon. Since this is the Shamy thread and no body wants to hear me rant on how I think they could have done better with the 200th, I will talk about the Shamy moments I enjoyed. Amy helping him with his tie was adorable. At the taping before they started the first take, I saw Mayim practice how she was going to adjust it. I thought it was just Mayim trying to help Jim out before the scene. So it made me laugh when her adjusting it was actually in the scene. Her toast to him was beautiful. I also enjoyed the little banter on which one should go talk to Sheldon after he stormed off. Like RJ1013 said it means the writers are starting to acknowledge the fact that it might have made more sense for Amy to talk to him. Also while I have no problem with the Sheldon and Penny hug I must mention my thought process when I saw it. More than likely because of my SIH (Sheldon initiated hug) obsession, I thought when Penny said "you didn't think you'd get through this night without a hug", Sheldon would say something like "no you are right". Then Sheldon would walk over to Amy hug her and tell her "thank you for convincing me to have this party". It was a fun 20 second headcanon I had until Penny hugged Sheldon.
  3. This is interesting. I'm not sure the show would ever take this route. I think I would be annoyed if I see a pregnant Amy and not see her with her child.
  4. I love it! The reason why I want a flash forward scenario is because I want to see them with toddlers more than with babies. I love the idea of a little boy in a flash t shirt running up to daddy Sheldon. Option B would be cruel, but in a way it is nice because it means everyone can make up their own minds on what the future holds.
  5. So allow me to bring up the elephant in the room. Okay not really, but still this episode has me thinking about Shamy kids. The way I look at it we have a handful of options for them. A) Shamy have kids on the show. There is a storyline related to Amy being pregnant and she delivers a baby. B ) The show ends without us knowing what happens in the future. It just ends with them both and we get to decide in our own little headcannons whether or not they have kids in the future. C) It is made clear that they will never have kids. D) There is a flash forward to the future where it is made clear that they have kids. We don't see Amy pregnant on the show. Let me know if there are other options. My choice is D) but I will give my explanation of why in another post.
  6. Wow that episode just blew me away. I did not expect it to be as good as it was. So many jokes had me laughing out loud. I mean once I realized Sheldon was drinking, I knew it would be a good time. I loved the subtle Shamy thing in the gifs from sunnydiamante. This episode is just one more proof that group episodes are where this show thrives. *Also random but I have to say that I absolutely love your signature sunnydiamante. I like the comparison of Lenny and Shamy.
  7. This is a better introduction. We spend a lot of time waiting for new things and feeling like this. But often we get rewarded for our patience because And we get blessed with wonderful things like these
  8. It might be because we just found out that Bernadette is pregnant, but I have recently been thinking about how much I like Howaradette. I like that they took things slow when they first started dating when Bernadette kept confusing the bases. I loved the song that Howard sings to her at the Cheesecake factory. "It was just a crazy idea that came to me in my tub." I loved the apology that he gave at her apartment when she found out about his past sexual partners. Their wedding was adorable. Of course the classic "If I didnt' have you" song was amazing. I have really enjoyed them together. Just thought I would share.
  9. Welcome Anne. Feel free to post your random Shamy thoughts. It's pretty care free in here. A whole lot of naive talk about what we want to happen and excitement over things that have already happened. That being said, here is your official warning.
  10. Doing some reading of some older posts in the Shamy spoiler thread. I haven't done that in awhile. Some interesting observations I made in there. Is it possible that Sheldon was on the verge of proposing to Amy on FwF when Lenny burst in? I also read a cool post from the user Maddie that can be found here. (Don't worry you can click on it, there won't be any spoilers on that spoiler page). I thought I would share because I like the idea of Sheldon consistently trying to find the right moment to propose and getting interrupted until he finally just breaks down and does it at a random moment.
  11. ha I love that gif set. Thanks for posting. On Amy being happy with the casual VDay with Sheldon, since Sheldon's bday gift to her was his genitals, in a joking way we can almost ask what more can she ask for. It was a very Shamy thing to do a LIVE flag show broadcast on V-Day.
  12. Yay I am so happy so many of us loved the episode. Now I am curious how Sheldon and Amy will react to learning that Bernadette is pregnant. Will Sheldon freak out? Will Amy bring up the possibility of having kids with Sheldon? It's fun to think about.
  13. That episode was amazing. I am a huge Fun with Flags fan. I was thinking about what I wanted for Valentine's Day for Shamy and I really wanted something unique to Shamy. The changing of the title cracked me up. I also loved how Sheldon said he was grateful for the breakup because of what he learned. This is so huge for him. He acknowledges that it was painful but something that needed to be done. I also kind of got a chuckle out of Lenny coming in to ruin a beautiful Shamy moment when usually it is Sheldon coming in to ruin a beautiful Lenny moment.
  14. I'm sorry you weren't able to make it being spoiler free. It is a hard habit to get into if you are not used to it.
  15. Wow I can't believe I haven't thought about Valentine's Day at all for Shamy. I don't know anything about Shamy in Thursday's episode and I would think if there was a VDay episode, Thursday would be it. As far as Sheldon's birthday, I think it is around Marchish right? It would be cool if they did something for his birthday, but I don't see it being likely seeing as he doesn't really like his birthday. You never know though.
  16. My theory wasn't based on the Meemaw episode exactly, it was based on the decreased run time for episodes in the later seasons. I think they have to put in more commercials in the later seasons to pay for the larger contracts for some of the actors. I am sorry if I confused you.
  17. I wonder if that other woman will come back in future episodes. I have not seen or heard of anything regarding that actress or Laura Spencer. It would make interesting storylines for Raj with both of them there. History of the show tells me that will probably not see her again, but you never know. Also random thing: fragileShamyheart, I love the gifs on your posts. "Putting the Bang into the Theory" is pretty funny.
  18. Yay good to see you again Catlina. It feels like it has been a long time. Have you been watching it spoiled or just keeping quiet on the forums? Either way, good to read your thoughts again. I think I would like Meemaw more with a better storyline. I hope this is not the last we see of her.
  19. Happy 2nd year Anniversary of the SIK! Remember that time Sheldon rocked Amy's world on a train.
  20. Thank you. May I ask where you get the information? I have a theory sort of going in my head.
  21. Can someone please tell me what the run time was for this episode?
  22. Okay so there are things that I like and things that I don't like in this episode. Rule 34, your thought that it may have been a test for Sheldon to stand up for Amy was exactly what was going through my head in the middle of the taping. I wanted Sheldon to say, no Meemaw, Amy is the one for me. What we got instead was Meemaw being cold towards Amy because she had broke his heart. This is a nice way to do it but it wasn't what I was expecting. fragileShamyHeart, I was not happy when Meemaw mentioned the ring. I've had time to process it and I feel better about it. I just don't like the idea that the proposal won't be a total surprise for Amy. I trust the writers to do the proposal the Shamy justice it deserves. The Meemaw character was not how I had pictured her, but you know when you spend that much time imagining how a character would be, it is nearly impossible for anyone to live up to that standards.
  23. Happy New Episode Day! I look forward to discussing something new in here for once.
  24. It is always difficult that first time the taping happens and you try and go unspoiled. I find the easiest thing to do is to simply only go into this thread. What I do is just type "spo" and my history pops up and I click on this spoiler free thread link. That way I don't see new threads in the season 9 forum that say things like "Shamy predictions for the 200th", or see that a thread entitled "Should Sheldon propose to Amy?" suddenly have a whole bunch of new posts. These threads don't exist at least to my knowledge, but I tend to overthink the littlest thing that I see. I expect an amazing 200th as well. Can anyone tell me when the 200th is expected to air, not tape, but air?
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