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  1. Thanks for sharing what it was about. I would like to voice my opinion. I do not think Amy should apologize for the break up. Sheldon was not the best boyfriend to her. He cancelled date nights for random reasons. He sometimes didn't pay attention to her during date nights. I think if Amy should apologize for the break up then Sheldon should apologize for the way she was treated. In short, I think both parties have done things that merit apologies, so I think if you ask it of one, you should ask if for the other. This is of course just my opinion and things in the next two episodes might alter my opinion.
  2. Ugh I just saw the poll too. I really hate when they do stuff like that. Is it too much to ask to have the thread be called "Shamy spoilers poll: Open only if you want to know spoilers"? I know it doesn't give anything away. It just bugs me.
  3. I ask myself this question every time there is a big break between episodes. I personally prefer shows that air their seasons in two parts. They start in September go for say 12 weeks without any breaks, then break for a couple months. Start back up again in February/March and go another 12 weeks without any breaks. I just don't like getting really into the show and then having to pause for two weeks.
  4. I remember it being taped out of order because I went to the taping of it, but when I think of episode numbers I think of the order they air not the order they tape. It's probably just a coincidence that it was the 150th episode, but who knows. I was actually at the taping for the next episode that airs so I can't say anything about it. But also I wanted to say that I just got a stand by ticket for the 200th taping as well. I hope it is a memorable episode too.
  5. I can't imagine they wouldn't do something special for the 200th episode. They will probably have a cast party thing like they did for the 100th. Speaking of special episodes, the first Sheldon initiated kiss on the train in The Locomotive Manipulation was the 150th episode to air. Do you think this was planned and intentional for them to kiss on the 150th episode or it just happened to end up that way? They were kind of lucky that it coincided around Valentine's Day.
  6. I love these wishes. I hope most if not all of them come true. Another thing that we can talk about here is what we think will happen in the 200th episode. They haven't taped that yet, so nobody can know we are wrong yet. haha I think it will involve some kind of living room arrangement. I want it to be a group episode where it finally gets settled that Leonard and Penny live alone. I want Sheldon to bring up the possibility of Amy moving in. Whatever happens, I just hope it is a good group episode that celebrates the show as a whole and not just one particular ship.
  7. You just said the magic words, "wish list". Even with coitus already here, we can all admit that we still have things on our Shamy wish list. 1) A Sheldon initiated hug. I know that he has hugged her back in turtle ep and he sort of hugs her in earworm, but I am looking for a genuine real Sheldon initiated hug. The best example of this is the turtle hug just with Amy and Sheldon switching places. 2) A Shamy kiss in front of everyone. 3) Sheldon meeting Amy's parents. I assume the father is dead but I don't think there is any proof of that. 4) Shamy move in together. I think there is great comedic potential in the storylines about them learning to live together. 5) Sheldon to propose to Amy in the most romantic Sheldony way possible. 6) My fanfiction totally unlikely but fun to think about flash forward Shamy ending. Shamy are on the couch cuddling talking about their relationship. The scene ends when a little 2-3 year old boy runs out wearing a mini flash t shirt and gives his daddy Sheldon a hug. Share yours.
  8. I was so excited about the Shamy coitus that I kind of glossed over a moment that I had been waiting so long for. Here is Amy touching Sheldon's face. I have wanted her hand to touch his face in this way for a very long time. It is a beautiful moment. That is all.
  9. No need to feel sorry for me, I have been to several tapings where Mayim was there. Even though she may have been given light duty because of her back, it still kind of fits in with the episode. If Amy were home, everyone would have expected that Amy take care of Sheldon and there would be no need for an apology tour. With her not there, Sheldon had to seek help from everyone else hence the apology tour. I'm not sure how the episode would have played out if Amy were home. I really hope you and your friend manage to go to a tbbt taping. I know it probably seems impossible, but you just never know.
  10. I am a huge Shamy shipper and while I have been happy with everything related to them in season 9, nearly everything else falls short. The show as a whole is just not what it used to be. Things that bug me about this season. Please remember that this is all my opinion and I understand not everyone feels this way. no balance: I don't feel like we get enough from every character. When was the last time Bernadette got a decent storyline? Raj gets hardly no storylines as well. Lenny has been ignored: Even though I am not a very big Lenny shipper, I can admit to this. I did not like the wedding and they rarely get any storylines lately. Shouldn't married people talk about things like kids, moving somewhere else, or just in general? The fact that they still "sort of" live with Sheldon bothers me. Lack of group scenes: I know this stems from the Shamy break up, but this show shines with group episodes. Most of my talks with fellow Shamy fans is a want/need for more group scenes. Lost storylines get forgotten: Case in point, whoever got tenure at the University? Writing has gone downhill: Obviously this is entirely my opinion but I think with the guarantee of 3 more seasons, the writers knew they didn't have to worry about writing stellar episodes. And it might just be me, but I swear the episodes are getting shorter and shorter. All in all this season has been a sad one for me so far. I only re watch episodes for Shamy moments and lucky for me there are a lot of them. I will watch the show until the end because of Shamy, but I want to enjoy the other characters along the way.
  11. I was also happy that Raj and Emily finally got a storyline. I was at the taping for this episode and Mayim was not present. All of the Skype scenes were pre taped. This might have had something to do with her injury. Even though it was only Skype, their scenes together were still very adorable. I just love the fact that Sheldon was skyping with her while he was in his bedroom. I don't think this has happened before? This just goes to show you the increased level of comfort the two have since the coitus. Also I like how you compared the scenes to S4/5 Shamy. I love them.
  12. Can we talk about how adorable Sheldon skyping Amy on his bed was? He is so comfortable talking to her.
  13. The commercials don't really bother me that much because I usually watch it on DVR anyways. The part that bothers me is that the show itself is shorter. Several episodes this season, I have felt like the beginning sequences are really short. This is the scene(s) they have before the theme song. I might just be going insane, but they feel shorter. To me 18:34 minutes is getting closer and closer to having 50% commercials for a half hour sitcom. It just makes me sad.
  14. This might bring this thread off topic, but since the time of the episode was brought up, I want to talk about it. I feel like 18.5 minutes is so small for a half hour sitcom. I may be behind the times, as in 5 years ago or so, but shouldn't most half hour shows run about 20 to 22min? Does the 18.5 min include the time for the credits at the end? I have seen throughout this season people making comments about the episodes running shorter. Is this because the show wants to buy more commercial air spots? This is just something I have been curious about. I agree 100% with Rule 34 that 2 plots is better than 3 plots. With 3, scenes tend to feel rushed. With 2, you have time to get more in depth with the scenes.
  15. I freaking love this! Thank you for sharing!
  16. A new mention of a relationship agreement is interesting. I'm not sure if we will hear about it again. The fact that we didn't hear about it all during the break up doesn't give me high hopes for it to be mentioned now.
  17. My question about Amy talking to Penny and Bernadette about Sheldon in bed was not intended to be a conversation about "how good he was". I simply think it would be funny if we got to see some kind of off comment about Shamy. Like when Penny says that Leonard "really tries" in bed or when Leonard declares that he is the "king of foreplay". Something along those lines is what I was thinking about. I more care about what new things we will see from Shamy after coitus. Will he propose soon or ask her to move in with him?
  18. Now that coitus has occurred, what do you expect from our favorite couple? I really hope that they still continue to do cute things that make me love them so much. As it has been discussed before, a group dinner scene is very much needed. As far as coitus goes, how will they go about it from now on? I firmly believe that they will not wait another year before doing it again. Will we get to see Amy tell Penny and Bernadette about how he is in bed? (I've read so many fanfics that have that scene in them and I would love to see it on the screen). So many questions that need answers. Hope everyone had some nice holidays.
  19. Amy about 20 min into Star Wars movie. #SorrynotSorry
  20. This is what I thought as well. It surprises me but I have a theory on why they did it. The writers realized that it would be perfect to team up Shamy coitus with the release of the new Star Wars movie. Once they realized this, they had to get them back together and then have the coitus episode right after. In a way it was exciting for a lot of people who didn't expect such a big episode in non sweeps episodes. It just goes to show you that it's not always the case that big episodes only air in sweeps.
  21. I took a look at the broadcast and taping schedule as well. It does seem like a pretty tight Feb schedule. I think most of the air dates are speculative until cbs actually releases the schedule. A 9 day turn around can be done, but it looks like they would do 2 9 day turn arounds in a row. We will have to see. It is interesting to me that they are trying to get 200 to land in sweeps because I also thought it would be in March.
  22. I took this from the Shamy Spoilers thread and quoted it in here. It is from Einstein Von Brainstorm. This link should take you to it but proceed with caution http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/topic/5986-spoilers-shamy-season-9/?do=findComment&comment=444171 Begin original post: From http://tbbt-faves.tumblr.com Sheldon before Amy walks into the room: Sheldon as soon as he sees Amy: This is the man who refused to high five Raj a few episodes ago about to be physically intimate for the first time, he's clearly anxious until he sees her and then he's suddenly fine because "if you're with the right person it'll be ok" ... if anyone needs me I'll be over in this corner having died a Shamy related death ok?! End original post. I am just in love with these gifs and the captions on them. The first one, he is a little nervous looking around not really sure about anything. The second one he just looks so calm like he just got reminded of who was going to walk through that door and join him. I love it. My apologizes that the quote thingy didn't work right. I just really wanted spoiler free people to see these two gifs.
  23. It will be fine with me if the 200th isn't about Shamy, but I still kind of think it will be. Possibly marriage proposal? Or they might wait to make that the season finale. What I really want for the 200th is a good group episode. I want everyone to have the same plot. I want the episode to have the same feel as season 4 love car. Group scenes are the best and I am going to keep saying I miss them until we get a dozen more episodes with them. What does everyone else want for the 200th?
  24. Not going to lie, I am super jealous of you managing to watch the episode knowing nothing about the episode. I could give a long rant about how the preview was way too revealing. They took a lot of mystery away from the episode. My favorite line is "Amy's birthday present will be my genitals" and my favorite call back was to their first kiss on the couch.
  25. Yeah that was so exciting. The wait is finally over, we can now change #CoitusIsComing to #CoitusIsHere. I got spoiled 2 days ago as well, but it was still really cool to see. This might be my new favorite edit ever. It comes from tumblr bigbangsheldon
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