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  1. Okay, so I accept the fact that Sheldon pulling her closer to him as Dave walks towards them kissing is a figment of our over analyzing details mind. But I do believe that Sheldon's eidetic memory kicked in when he saw who Amy was with and he realized it was the man that kissed her when he went to go propose to her. I just love the facial expression that Sheldon has in the photo that sunnydiamante posted. And yes I love making a big deal out of little details like this. Edit: A grammar error was bugging me.
  2. OMG thank you so much for this! This adds so much more to the scene. I forgot that Sheldon would immediately recognize Dave as the man that kissed her. This is why I come on this forum to get little things that I may have missed. I love it.
  3. I enjoyed the call back to the first time he asked her out. Yes, nibbler747 this was like a nice little Christmas present especially after waiting for 3 weeks. Also rule34, I am really looking forward to the first time they have Sheldon sitting in his spot with Amy next to him. It's the little things that I missed when this couple was broken up.
  4. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that I only wanted to hear from unspoiled fans. You're right, hearing spoiled fans impression of reading the taping report is just as interesting. I also thought they would shy away from Shamy for awhile after how the Aquarium episode ended. I was actually looking forward to seeing more with them as friends. I wanted to see them all hanging out together and have Sheldon look at her and realize then and there that he wanted to be with her. I am definitely not complaining with how it played out, it just wasn't what I was expecting. I 100% agree with more whole cast episodes. I miss those so much this season. I want an episode with everyone in the living room and the whole story line revolves around everyone. Also can we talk about the fact that Dave wanted to talk with Sheldon about physics, and Sheldon either didn't hear or didn't care because he was making out with Amy. Seriously, that is awesome.
  5. I know it can be difficult not to spoil the unspoiled in here. I don't really expect spoiled fans to have conversations with unspoiled fans about predictions because it is too hard not to say things that might give stuff away. I like when spoiled fans post about their reactions to the episodes that air. You can post about how exciting the reunion was in the last episode and how much you loved it without indicating that you know what is coming next. This goes for every episode that airs.
  6. I'm in the same boat as you sunnydiamante. This is what I look like most of the day. This is my favorite part. When she pulls him back into the apartment. Note: These gifs are not mine.
  7. Okay I am curious to know what the spoiler free fans expected from this ep. I knew something big was going to happen because my spoiler friends told me to avoid the internet and live in a bubble for a month after this episode taped. When it opened with Sheldon in bed doing the video chat, I really thought it was going to pan to Amy next to him in his bed. As the ep progressed, I was like where is the Shamy stuff, we are running out of time. I expected them to get back together in this ep but I never expected a make out like that. I'm glad I was able to avoid all the promos for this ep because freaking cbs gave so much away.
  8. This is so beautiful. I will need to watch the episode a second time to fully appreciate the whole thing. I've just be staring at gif sets all day. The epiphany was really nice to see. He does make the realization that he appreciates her than he or she ever realized. Thank you for posting your thoughts here.
  9. Wow, I mean just wow. Even going into that knowing there was something good, I was still blown away by it all. Initial reactions were oh good lord they are really making out, this is insane. Reactions now, oh good lord they really did make out, this is incredible. Things that I liked. The fact that he ran out of his apartment to go see her. The fact that he didn't care that Amy was on a date. His whole speech about the heartworm. Things that I loved. The fact that he pulls her in to kiss him and how their arms wrap around each other. The fact that they were still kissing in the tag and Amy uses her foot to close the door. Things that I am still freaking out about and may be the greatest thing ever. The fact that after he goes to leave, she pulls his arm back in and they continue their make out session. #dead
  10. Sorry one gif was not enough. I am way beyond simply freaking out. A HUGE thank you to everyone who didn't spoil us. I will post real sentence reactions tomorrow.
  11. haha I keep it there because it is one of my favorite promo pics. That particular episode, I looked at the promo pics before it aired and was super excited about this hug. I had a few very funny ideas of how the scene would unfold. It is a nice little reminder that sometimes edits take things away. Additionally, Happy New Episode Day! We made it. That was a long 3 week wait. Join me in my excitement.
  12. As someone who has written a taping report before, don't stress yourself out too much about it. Simply write what you want to write if you want to write anything at all. 99.9% of spoiler people are happy to get any information and won't pester you, but the 0.1% can be really annoying. I can understand the appeal for spoilers because in a way you get to experience episodes twice. The first being a taping report and the second when the episode airs. As of now, I will be very upset if the 200th episode isn't Shamy centric. That may change depending on what kind of stuff we get between now and then.
  13. I would love love love it if we get to see Amy interact with Meemaw. I don't see this happening until after they are back together or maybe even engaged. I can't imagine why or how they would interact while they are broken up. I also want to add that another good Shamy moment this season was the scene in the stairwell. Amy's sad looking face when Sheldon says he asked out other girls shows her true feelings. It's one thing to break up with someone, it's another thing to realize that said person has or is trying to move on.
  14. I completely agree with the bold in here. And it is always a good idea to watch Cooper Extraction. Big bang at its finest.
  15. I don't spend a lot of time in here because I am trying to avoid BBT stuff. It is difficult when you have 3 weeks in between new episodes. With so many people spoiled, I find it is easiest to forget about the show during that time. I happened to look at this thread this morning. I really want to see a Christmas episode because I love them. The Cooper Extraction is my all time favorite episode and I really enjoyed the one last year. Rule 34, I love when you talk about Sheldon realizing he wants to be more than friends with Amy. I can't see them ending this breakup in any other way than that. I am so excited to see how him wanting to be more than friends with her will be portrayed. As far as predictions go, I like your prediction for the holiday episodes mostly being based off of classic stories. I would love to see one like A Christmas Carol, where Sheldon would realize that he is the happiest when he and Amy are in romantic relationships. And of course now I have myself all excited about the possibility of Sheldon traveling to Christmas future and what he could see there. Anyways this was fun speculation. And just as a reminder.
  16. I really liked this analysis especially the bolded part. The fact that they have the platonic friendship back makes things very interesting. It means that Sheldon will realize that he wants the romantic component enough to risk the possibility of getting hurt again. Thank you for posting your spoiler free analysis in here. It is very much appreciated. :)
  17. I definitely see the possibility of marriage coming up especially because of the ring. It all comes down to what order you think engagement, marriage, coitus, living together will happen between them. I personally think it will be engagement, coitus, living together, and marriage.
  18. I am very curious about this comment. When you say permanent arrangement, do you mean moving in together, getting engaged, coitus, or something else? Also I love the idea that Sheldon will soon realize that a relationship of the mind is not everything that he wants. He will miss the closeness and the intimacy that they shared together.
  19. Just wanted to say wow to Mayim's performance of Amy in this last episode. The final car conversation was so emotional for her. You can see and hear her wanting to and almost breaking down and crying. I loved seeing Sheldon and Amy hanging out together. This was the perfect opportunity for Amy to realize that she misses him. I think at the aquarium, she realized that she was truly happy for the first time in months. My heart breaks that Sheldon didn't want to take her back, but in a way I understand where he is coming from. He knows how much pain he went through and he is afraid to go through that again. Or maybe he is afraid that he realizes that he didn't need to go through that pain at all if he had just been a good boyfriend. I think this episode was a great way to finish off November sweeps. Tragically, we now have to wait 3 weeks before the next new episode. Hopefully we get some good Shamy scenes in the future.
  20. Yay it makes me so happy to see good lengthy spoiler free posts. I was also shocked about how excited Penny was about Amy's new guy. I kept thinking this season that Leonard and Penny would push them to get back together. This seems to not be the case, and in fact I am happier that they are not. It just shows us that Sheldon and Amy will get back together on their own terms. I did find the comment about coitus with the model very intriguing. He is definitely thinking about it. I also really feel like coitus will happen in the 200th episode, which I believe is the 17th ep this season.
  21. Hello Rule 34! Btw what does that mean? lol I too saw photos for this last ep and I had mixed feelings about it. I said I wouldn't criticize the idea of Sheldon dating other women until I saw how it played out. I am happy with the way it played out. Sheldon realizes that he doesn't want to be alone and he thinks he can just put in a substitute Amy. This will not work and he will soon realize that not only does he not want to be alone but he wants to be with Amy. It goes back to what Berandette said in the 2nd episode that someone should be with a person because they want to be not because they think they don't have any other choice. I liked seeing Amy on her date. I think it is funny how you said Dave was saying all the things she was thinking, that Sheldon is smarter and more interesting than him. I hadn't thought about it in that way before. I am also ready for them to get back together. I love scenes with them together. I am also really missing group scenes. I want everyone to have take out again. It's funny how much a group dynamic can change when one couple breaks up.
  22. Just coming out of hiding to see if there are any spoiler free fans still out there. It has been an interesting start to the season. Just to recap the season so far, Sheldon has his grandmother’s engagement ring to give to Amy. Sheldon is definitely not fine being without her. Sheldon turned down a model. Amy had the saddest expression on her face when Sheldon told her he was figuring out ways to move on. Sheldon had the saddest expression on his face when he sees Amy dating another man. I am looking forward to how the rest of the season plays out. :)
  23. On another note, it was always my goal to get this thread to 1000 posts by the end of the season! We have officially reached this moment. Thanks for all the memories in here, from the first episode. To the last episode. It has been one hell of a ride.
  24. I have been asked by people in the past what the secret is to being spoiler free. Truth is, there is no secret, it just depends if you want to do it or not. Some people love watching the eps spoiled and some do not, simply as that. I feel like those of us who watch eps spoiler free appreciate more little things than some of those who read spoilers. An example of this is the Shamy make out scene in the last ep. I have read some complaints from people that it was shorter than they expected from the taping report. I have no problem with the length of the make out and I think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is difficult to not look at spoilers but the rewards for not looking make it all worth it. Good luck to you next year!
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