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  1. I can't find my chill. He loves her, too. R.I.P. tx-fictionqueen ( 1985 - season 8 )
  2. There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling! Many thanks for the recognition and much "huh?" for actually winning. I know AU's aren't popular in this fandom but to those who have actually given Moving Pictures a chance, this is all thanks to you! I am grateful for all the friends I've met on the forum as well as those who I've met on FF.net and don't post on here, and I'm sure if this was a real, televised award show, this is where the music would play, so-- Thanks to Sheps, AThingofBeauty, Tensor, Risknight, RickyTheMonkey, BazingaFan for always encouraging and never discouraging! My mom for telling me I talked too much when I was a kid so if I had something to gripe about, write it down (little did she know she bred a machine). My sister for saying fan fiction was dumb yet she gave my writing a chance and wants to know what the hell Penny and Sheldon from Affectation are doing right now. (And on that note, others on this forum and off it who have knocked Moving Pictures before trying it -- kthnxbye) My dogs for the cuddles on long nights of writing in bed. To the voters...I love you! And to my fellow nominees for giving me a run for my money (congrats!) and the hardworkers who put this award season together. Thank you! WOW! It's so pretty *pets monitor tenderly/weirdly*. Soon as I get home from work I'm gonna slap that bad boy on my signature. Thanks guys. If winning "Craziest Cliffhanger" isn't a hint to get off my lazy butt and finish Moving Pictures, then I don't know what is! Will get to work immediately. Thanks again to everyone who nominated and/or voted for my silly little fic. Updates are imminent; prepare yourselves for more craziness and less cliffhanginess.
  3. JIM!!!!! I screamed in my boyfriend's face!! He was going for William H. Macy. Told him never to doubt the Sheldor :3
  4. WHAT! I mean, WHAT?! You guys...brb, dying. And of course, for the noms in the other categories...just, no words. No coherent ones anyway. What an honor. Thanks, readers. Good luck to all! (Especially the other two in the Veteran Author category who are clearly in the true running for the prize!)
  5. I went unspoiled for 7 seasons! Then I caved and read the taping reports for the first two episodes in a fit of boredom/impatience. I blame Jim's adorable instagram posts that tempted me!
  6. I usually don't like to read too far into debates about fictional character intentions or fan analysis since everyone is biased and wrong because they don't write the characters themselves (regardless if they admit it or not) but phanta, you're the only member on this forum whose insight is probably the most accurate and very least infuriating to me because you're always so logical lol. Edited to underline and bold "usually"
  7. English with a concentration in Technical Writing :)
  8. I'm honored to even have been mentioned! And I'm doing well. Just finished my first college degree so I'm slowly coming back to life. Thanks so much for asking! Hoping to get back to FF soon. And what a great way to recognize all the authors here by starting these awards. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
  9. Thanks again guys! I had an awesome time writing this story, and can't wait until I'm released from the clutches of this semester to dedicate my summer to updating (and finishing) Moving Pictures Deborah, thank you so much for all of your kind words! I have left quite a lengthy message for you on fanfiction.net.
  10. In case any of you are interested, I wrote a one-shot that served as an awakening to my muse and hopefully will be the foundation I needed to update Moving Pictures. I am sorry it's taking so long by the way. But here's a little non-AU Shamy for ya. In Case of Emergency, Please Contact Amy Farrah Fowler Amy gets another call from the Caltech nurse's office on behalf of her boyfriend, but this time, Sheldon's injury is real…and all Amy's fault. One-shot, rated T for language and adult themes. For Sheps, Tensor, Georgie & Ali. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10363100/1/
  11. I wish everybody thought like you, Rachel! I hope this isn't too pretentious of me but let me just guuuush. I don't care how long I've been writing fan fic, any bit of praise is lapped up by me like a kitten. Seriously, so much love and thanks. On another note though, MP has kind of taken on a life of its own and although many amazing readers like you have told me it should be an original fic, I just can't help but see Amy and Sheldon and more importantly Howard and Bernadette, in these roles I have written. But who knows...maybe someday? I'm working on the update, I promise btw and I won't give up. Thanks for your kind words! Speaking of kind words: AThing & Tensor, you guys already know how much I freakin' adore you. Geez, tx, get on topic already! After all that selfish plugging and whatnot, I would like to answer the original poster's question and state that I love ALL THE FIC. I even have some Howard/Penny (nonsexual) fic on my fav list. There is nothing I salivate over more than someone who is brave and daring and talented enough to pull something so unconventional off that they piss off all the canon-worshippers and more importantly, they make it work. If you can write something well, and you can have fun doing it, so much fun in fact that it shines through my laptop monitor and stains my keyboard, then you're doing it right. I don't care who the pairing is. Okay, one exception--I can't read fic Mayim/Jim fic! I just can't! My allegiance is to Todd Spiewak! Please write A/U and PUT IT IN MY HANDS SO I CAN EAT IT UP. Tensor, you don't only write Lenny fan fic. You are Lenny fan fic. No one compares. As a Shenny and Shamy fan fic writer, I am not gonna lie, that's something I've done before. I see Penny and Sheldon in a sexual situation and my imagination takes flight. Sheldon is by no means a sexual character but all he has to do is blink funny at Amy and there goes my libido, typing away! But focusing more on my Shenny fic, although I do not apologize for writing it, I can see how this "end game" of getting Sheldon and Penny into bed can seem annoying or unnatural to ppl who don't ship this pairing. I definitely don't speak for all Shenny writers, however. Some Shenny fic is just so creative and well-written, and not just interested in sex between these two characters, that it's shameful that they're ostracized for being non-cannon and aren't given a chance. Seriously--some of these ladies need to be PUBLISHED! "The Elegant Universe" for God's sake reads like a novel! And so does "The Magic of What Could Have Been (or, Blink, and You Might Miss It)", in fact, it could be a movie! /excitedgushing So, long story short, phanta, you are right when it comes to some of my Shenny fic about sex being the main goal (and true, a lot of Shamy fics do it, too), but fortunately not all Shenny fics are like so. (Not implying that you meant that, just stating my genuine relief that not all fic is crazed sexy Sheldon because that would get really old really fast) Just a couple of opinions I thought I'd sneak in and share.
  12. Awww, hun thank you! I promise I am hard at work on the next chapter. I want it to be perfect for everybody. Thanks so much for your kind words!
  13. Bazinga! I miss you, my dear friend. Still holding out hope that my e-mail with ding merrily with a notification that you have started a new story Queenfisher I need to catch up on your amazing fic, too! I'm so sorry I haven't updated but thank you for being so patient. I'm going to update soon, I promise. And it will be the update you guys deserve! XO
  14. My reaction to these flame reviews: Keep 'em coming, trolls PEARL I'M TRYING TO HURRY. But...but...
  15. Brilliant. Had to share. "Wil Wheaton's Powerful Advice to a Young Girl On How to Deal With Being Called a Nerd" http://wpdh.com/wil-wheatons-powerful-advice-to-a-young-girl-on-how-to-deal-with-being-called-a-nerd/
  16. Ever since my beautiful and talented friend and fellow fan fic writer Sheps888 told me what's happening in next week's episode, I COULD NOT RESIST. I gave into the temptation, as the Irish bloke suggested! Hehe I learned today that you cannot. I think deep down inside, I always knew I was gonna read the whole thing. Like eating one or two potato chips, y'know? Who does that? Nobody. Lol
  17. gahhh what is wrong with me?! i read a taping report for the first time...only meant to read a word or two but then temptation drew me in and i read everything for episode 7.20. i'm no longer unspoiled i blame Pearl and Tensor
  18. Love you guys! I'm doing what I can to get myself back into it. You all need and deserve an update!
  19. Yes, the hosts rehearse for the entire week before Saturday. It's a vigorous but notorious process that many SNL writers (such as Tina Fey whose autobiography Bossy Pants is AMAZING and I recommend to everyone) both lament and enjoy. The star must be there to perfect every skit the week of because like notchinc said, there's no taping--it's all live. That means PEARL--HE WILL BE AT 30 Rockefeller Plaza in NYC THAT WEEK! GO TO HIM! GET HIS ATTENTION. SNL is a staple in American television. It's a show filled with comedy skits and variety and it's live every week...Jim will definitely make light of himself. It wouldn't be right if he didn't. But I agree with someone who said above: hopefully the writers really write him some golden material that will utilize his comedic timing. I think he'll be fine and cannot wait...I am beside myself with glee!
  20. I follow Saturday Night Live on Facebook and they confirmed that he hosts on 3/1 and Beck is the musical guest. IT'S TOO LEGIT TO QUIT.
  21. Jim Parsons to host SNL on March 1, 2014!!!!!!! http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/Jim-Parsons-to-Host-SATURDAY-NIGHT-LIVE-on-March-1-20140213 It's about time!
  22. Oh, I agree, and I'm happy to step back. In fact, I'm truly finished. I've made my point, and SRAM probably believes he's made his, but from now on regardless of what else he says, I refuse to say anymore. Remember, I'm apathetic borderlining sociopathic
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