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  1. Well, thanks for that and you surprise me that it should be that popular. You learn something everyday!
  2. I realise there is a thread here on "mock" placements, but I have noticed in at least a couple of episodes - specifically "The Ornithophobia Diffusion" (the Blue Jay) where Leonard is seen to be drinking an iconic Geordie (North East England) beer - Newcastle Brown Ale, which was a big surprise to me as that would be the last brand I would have expected him to be drinking. I thought I was seeing things the first time (can't remember which episode now) and recognised the label straight away, but thought it said "England's Brown Ale". However, in the episode above it is clearly the original label - you can see it when he and Penny go on a "no strings" date in a bar. Is Newcastle Brown Ale popular in The States?
  3. Thank you. I must say, if that is the case, then they do a good job!
  4. Ooops......tried to listen but got a malware warning!!!........
  5. English Fan


    Can't make my mind up if Simon is wearing a wig playing Howard? I know he has thick black hair, but.............
  6. Just wanted to say Hello and how much I love the series, which I have watched from Day One here in the UK and am now watching the many repeats which never fail to make me laugh out loud! Very well written with every character perfect and brilliantly played - couldn't be better!
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