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  1. Thank you for your reply. And yes, as much as I love Sheldon, the direction of the show shifted. Unfortunately for Lenny there was no balance. Perhaps if Jim had wanted to stay a little more, for two other seasons or even one more? We could have had more development for Penny, Leonard, Amy and Sheldon. As perfect as the ending was for me, attaining a Nobel Prize within a year is just tv magic. But as a fan of those two, I enjoy the quiet moments they gave us with Lenny towards the end. I do wish there had been a spinoff but the life of Sheldon was entangled with Lenny's. This is why we can only get a prequel with Young Sheldon. Perhaps in the future, we get a reunion.
  2. Thank you! And thank you for reading!
  3. If I can share a few thoughts here about Penny’s character growth, not that the growth is nonexistent, there was growth. But there are a few things to add. There are things we cannot change for the sake of comedy that Big Bang Theory writers chose to use, like the fine line they use to dance around between giving each other a hard time and bullying each other. But I do wish they had taken some time to develop Penny a bit more, particularly with the issues that came up on Season 12. This is not just because of my love for my Lenny ship but because there was a lot of growth for her character that was, for the most part, played down. We knew Penny had commitment issues because of her experiences in the past: seeking validation through relationships with other men which probably eradicated from her dad wanting a boy and so on. But once she shifted her career and started maturing, it felt a little incomplete to experience this growth in her character. The writers left a lot of it to be implied or to have occurred in the behind the scenes when things shifted to focusing on Sheldon (but that is another topic). Even if its through comedy I would have loved to see a few of the following things: 1) Acknowledgment that when she decided maybe I do not want to have kids, that it came from the commitment issues she has always had. She was in love and comfortable in the marriage with Leonard and changes in the relationship have always taken Penny a long time. "I have not wrapped my head around it", she mentions towards the end. Thank you writers but this discussion needed to start in Season 11 perhaps? They had discussed kids and she had said someday, they were in a future plan. But when Leonard mentioned a timeline, this is when it became real for her and she panicked. They rushed it through the last season. 2) The relationship with her sister. 3) Money. Penny for a long time lived under financial insecurity. Leonard even went through her bills when they were NOT dating. It made no sense that when she started making big money, Leonard seemed to not be part of the conversation. Even hiding a bank account. Not that I am implying that Leonard should have taken over her money but some sort of discussion could have happened (even if they included Sheldon) were Penny seeks advice on how to handle her new salary and her debt. 4) The relationship with her mom. We got a glimpse of it during the wedding but she seemed to never reach out. Same with Bernadette. The only one of the girls that got to explore their mom was Amy and it was a given that she was used for comedy. And well, she had been the trauma factor for Amy. The “healthier” side of the parents never got addressed for anybody but even less for Penny. 5) Boundaries on her sex record vs. bully storyline. I can deal with the bully storyline, except Season 12 Episode 1. Leonard will never be one to flinch when Penny shows affection. The comedy could have taken place in so many other directions. Won’t go there anymore. Back to the topic… I think it was very disrespectful for her closest friends to continue to put Penny down for her past. I loved when she told Sheldon that she had a word for how promiscuous he could be with himself. But there was never a stop. The writers dealt with Howard’s past adventures better than they did with Penny. They gave Howard the opportunity to grow from it and face consequences when it played a role in his present. With Penny, there was never that opportunity. Not only was it used to put down Leonard: they had Penny constantly dealing with it. It was clear she was committed to her relationship with her husband and that she loved him. But the “comedy” behind this never acknowledged that she was now in her 30’s and not as reckless as when she started the show. 6) Drinking. As a viewer, my understanding was that Penny used to drink a lot because she had a lot of stress, issues and she was in her 20’s. The “normal” pastime that is considered “popular”. As a contrast to all the guys. But as she got older, drinking wine was something she would do occasionally. Writers kept using it as if she continued to drink excessively. She was not and she was dedicated to her marriage and her job. They even had Bernadette baby proofing the licor in her house. Hope this is not too long. I’ve been pondering on these characters. I will continue to rewatch all the seasons. But in 2020, I keep wondering what other storylines we could have explored in the show if these had been addressed differently for Penny. I love her character.
  4. Hello, I have been away for quite a while from this forum and I miss discussing Lenny. I hope this post fits here. I did not wanted to start a new one in case this had been discussed before. I recently saw a post/video on Instagram on Young Sheldon where Sheldon explains that his son name is: Leonard Cooper. Amy makes an appearance saying that he is lucky that she allowed him to name him Leonard. I know that he named him Leonard because (despite the necessity of the writers for everyone to put down Leonard even though he is the center of their friend group) he loves him. So, I kept wondering, what would Leonard and Penny name their child? If it was a girl, I could easily see Leonard wanting to use Penny's name. There are no other women that have been a positive role model for him. If it was a boy, will Penny and him want to use Leonard? If anyone is out there with an idea, what do you guys think? I do not watch Young Sheldon but I thought it was a cute detail to add. And now I will really like to know Lenny's child name. Hope everyone is keeping safe.
  5. Hello, Late to the game but I have missed this place. This pandemic has hit the world and I have found myself rewatching the series. It helps to laugh and enjoy characters that I love... out of everything that has been taking place in the world. I have also found myself doing edits of the Big Bang Theory. Might share if anyone is interested. Hope everyone is keeping safe!
  6. This moment. One of my favorites. Let's not let anybody forget who has the crown and who is his queen.
  7. Thank you for the lovely gifs! I loved Lenny in the episode, aside from the punch lines and some inconsistencies, their love and chemistry always rules. I like how Penny said I can't move right now because I just got a six month membership to soul cycle lol. I particularly liked it because more and more, every decision they take, has this tone of: us. Leonard's change of career is a change for both and Penny is there in the same page with Leonard. There are consequences as a marriage. She immediately knows a change means they are moving and she will be there with him. Penny was also very supportive and even though there were minor things because there is comedy in every scene, they were both adorable as only Lenny can be. Also Lenny rushing to the bedroom? I am sorry but Penny could have said not right now but she was right there with him as well on the eagerness. She put aside the laptop and rushed first. Love those two. I do not know if I am ready to say goodbye yet, I know many of us are not.
  8. I liked the episode. And yes there are inconsistencies but at this point in the game I do not know how they can fix them. Lenny was great. My only thing will be that I really wish they will stop implying that Lenny has taken place out of pity. Like if Penny had no choice or she was an object. I really wish I could know who thought in the writing room that putting down Leonard in the main relationship is a punch line. I do think the plot was good when it implied that Leonard should take initiative with the group activities instead of revisiting his personal assertiveness, which he has shown and gone over. I would have preferred for them to have just shown him sharing his proposal with the rest of the group in the opening scene and go from there. (But there is no consistency either with how important they are in their field, many seasons ago it was shown they are like celebrities in the field, at least to a level, and that gets switched around every season). Shamy was good but they really need to be more consistent with Sheldon. We know he cares for Leonard but I really wish they could have shown for once that he is supportive of him from the beginning. He could have just been Sheldon by trying to work his way with the university to get Leonard the project, get some comedy from there and for Leonard to ask for him to let him do it on his own. On the other hand, I really like how Amy knew ahead of time what type of Hulk talk she will be receiving from Sheldon lol. With Raj and Anu, I do not even know how to start. I really will like to care for this couple but they are giving us little insights into it that do not validate an outcome. As an audience, I fear that Raj's progress as a character is not going to be satisfying at the end. I guess I just want some possible closure for Raj as well. Nevertheless, I am still looking forward to the rest of the episodes. There is no evident arc for this season but I am just enjoying the last that we will be getting from our beloved characters. These last episodes are definitely starting to be bittersweet.
  9. Loved these Lenny moments. More than anything, I loved how comfortable and content they are with one another. They way they play around and Penny calls Leonard sexy. His reaction. The way Leonard turns around and Penny, without looking, its immediately at the perfect stance to place her arm on his shoulder. They are not holding hands but this is intimate for this married couple. Leonard does not move, this is how he stands sometimes next to his wife and this is normal for them. Penny has grown so much, on who she is, and as a couple they have both grown together in the way that people know Penny at Leonard's work. They also respect Leonard. Penny knows how to socialize, her phone right behind Leonard's back as she browses to what she needs to remember. They go in as a team, as a couple. I really liked them in this episode. Hope I am not overanalyzing. I just love these two and the little moments we get. I also really break down the details before they leave our screen as we come to the end of the last season.
  10. Anybody know how to download the video from the interview ? I've been trying to get it but with no success.
  11. I know that everybody has their own or similar ideas of when this happened. I think that unknowningly there has been a lot of progress with Penny but it takes her some time to catch up. I always see season 1 and 2 as that period of attraction and confusion for Penny. Because here is a group of men that does not conform to the men she has encountered, but only that, there is one guy from the group that she connects with: Leonard. The cat's alive was proof of what she has always needed to date someone, attraction, but she was still coming to terms. It was no until he left for months that she could feel the absence of Leonard and she took a leap of faith. But the first time they break up is evidence, at least for me, of her indecision, and that had to do with hurting Leonard. She still could not define her feelings. I do think the moment she knew that she did not want him to leave, that was the first spark of love. But with Penny it takes time. It took her a long time to say "I love you" and then she acknowledged it, but that was season 6! But the real moment, at least for me as a fan, happened off screen. I really believe that the first moment she started to save everything Leonard had done for her, that's when it was love for her. That first moment she saved the snowflake, the letter from their first time together, the plane tickets, and all those other wonderful memories.
  12. Omg. I have had a week and today I'm finally able to leave a few messages around here. I LOVE LOVE them. I love that we at least got a photoshoot with them before the end of TBBT. All these photoshoots lately have been bittersweet. And the chemistry between Kaley and Johnny its amazing. The way they play around with each other and know each other, and they are just so comfortable with one another. So much, that I wish we could see them in a movie or something that allowed more than what we are given on the show for Lenny. I also absolutely love how she likes to grab his tie... brings it back to that one photoshoot with TV guide. I will be doing some edits with these pictures for sure! Btw, forgot to add: I do not believe for a second Johnny did not know the color of her eyes but oh boy, does he like to play around with her. Kaley's expression was all like 12 years (and a few of those dated) lol. They are very sarcastic around each other but in a fun, playful way.
  13. I do not know how this episode will play out but please let it mean we are getting lots of Lenny moments. I also wonder how they will go about the seduction. I loved seeing her talking about how she made Leonard an offer he could not refuse. Hoping we actually get to see it this time around. p.s. By the way, 2019 and I am still not over "Molecules". 😉😝 I will not mind it if she decides to wear glasses again.
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