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  1. Hello! Just wanted to come and say hi! I haven't been able to share some stuff I wanted to share in this post about the finale. I've been reading your posts and I've loved them. Wish I had more time this weekend, I've been so busy! and then this weekend I had a 3-day wedding, I need to be more awake before I post lol. But I was going online to look for a song for tomorrow and then I ended up searching for new videos about Lenny and I found this one that just made my heart melt a little more with our couple. Hope you guys can take a moment to watch and support. I try to leave messages and likes so they can keep editing cause I love when I find beautiful videos. It goes all the way to Season 9! Lenny!
  2. Loved the episode. Loved that Penny and Beverly got to spend some time and that Penny had that idea. Although poor Penny, sure it was tough....Beverly is a tough cookie. But I was delighted to hear Penny defend her husband, their marriage... I like how they are doing another ceremony ( I could watch Lenny getting married a hundred times...exaggerating maybe but yeah lol) And that smile on Penny when Beverly said she had never seen Leonard this happy, not only does it show that Beverly in her own way cares about Leonard (tough way) but that Penny confirmed their happiness (not that we need proof) Looking forward to the season's finale and that we get to meet Leonard's dad
  3. Well, technically Penny did propose but in her own Penny way. She brought it up and Leonard then did a more formal/classical proposal. I loved it and would've love to see a proposal for Leonard like the one he wanted but Penny doesn't do romance like our romance ninja. She gets these small moments where she shows Leonard how much he means to her and I love that about her. It balances them out. Moments like these... I always look forward to those little moments...when we see how much she does pay attention...Penny's approach is different but she loves her pop-tart
  4. Hello! Can't wait for the new episode tonight! Just came to say hi and read the lenny thread that always brings me smiles . Hope everybody had a good time with their loved ones over the holidays. Yesterday, I was driving back home (I work in Pasadena) and passed through Los Robles Ave. I know the apartment isn't there, and its fiction and blah blah.... but I randomly thought..wow..I would love to be able to be a fly on the wall and see the Hofstadters in their everyday married life. (weird I know but I love Lenny).
  5. LOVED the episode tonight. Leonard and Penny felt more matured and like a married couple. I like the new dynamics that are starting. The writers went smoothly with the transition from: no longer a roommate, to we will be next door if you need us....to we are going to divide time between the two apartments. Sheldon is definitely going through changes and you could feel how much they care for him since the beginning of the episode when they took him to the store with them. Laughed a lot with the think of him as our dog and we are definitely sleeping here on the 4th of July. Looking forward to the new episodes! I like how Penny is all into the now we are married dynamics and how at ease they were with each other in this episode.
  6. Not my vid but I loved it when I found it on Tumblr. And no worries, I get why a lot of people hated it. I was also waiting for much more in my head when I thought of Lenny getting married. But oddly, I don't know, this wedding satisfied me in a way that even surprised me. One thing (and I think this also helps to that feeling of not being content with the wedding for many), that did bother me a bit was the reaction from their friends. How everybody almost left and it wasn't even finished but I guess its for the sake of comedy. Itwasdestined summarized it in a beautiful way about everything being "half-assed" or something like that, but it felt oddly...it felt that they made this moment theirs. It could've gone a thousand ways but those vows were amazing. I loved reading how Kaley and Johnny were so excited for the wedding. I wonder how they pictured it. And also like how Kaley waited till she got the script to read it on her own. They ship them so much and I thank them for that.
  7. hello Found this today, please support the video, its so hard to find current Lenny vids. I know everybody is not too happy with the wedding but let's take some time to go back in time and enjoy. I LOVED it. I used to edit videos, wish I still had my Sony Vegas, my mac and time does not allow me any more to edit.
  8. Hello!! I just rewatched the season premiere and I had to..I mean had to do an edit celebrating the wedding. Like Kaley said this morning, "nine years in the making!" I love the wedding, it just had too much of them, those moments by themselves are the best. I love the vulnerability that Leonard and Penny show during their wedding, as spur of the moments go, it was one of the most touching moments with Lenny. Penny had teary eyes and Leonard had so much emotion. Also, I LOVE LOVE when Penny lets us see her emotion, with Leonard she always whispers in those moments when Leonard shows her how much he loves her and surprises her and touches her in the very core of her heart: "oh my God, Yes!"(engagement), "wow" and "he loves that movie" are just some of the moments were Penny sort of whispers these things that you can just feel between them. I'm in Lenny heaven and I know the episode did not end happy but they will get through this. I just need to reminisce for a moment on them and the fact that they are now officially Mr. & Mrs. Hofstadter. p.s. I know I could have done a better wallpaper but I couldn't go to sleep till I finished this. And I wanted to share it with my Lenny family.
  9. Here is the report, a bit quick, its been a long day but welcome to take questions if there are any left. here is the link : http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/topic/5988-spoilers-discussion-topic-season-9/?do=findComment&comment=397235
  10. Hello!! So I decided to do a taping report for yesterday’s episode, “The Bachelor Party Corrosion”, I know there have been some issues with the material in previous episodes but please have faith in the show and be kind with the ones that get to go and share information. (Sorry its so late) This time I had the opportunity of attending and I was excited, as it was my first taping for this season. At the beginning, they showed us the first episode, and I was dying as I was going to be able to see the wedding between Leonard and Penny. Leonard does voice…my thoughts…this was not what we expected or somewhere around those lines. And yes, as a fan of this couple, it wasn’t but the episode was funny and they looked lovely. I loved Leonard’s vows and Penny did not think of vows but made it personal and the best for Leonard by quoting Toy Story lyrics and telling him simple and straight: you are the love of my life and my best friend. There is drama and even Howard says this is a mess but…the whole episode is really funny, even with the drama between Sheldon and Amy as well. (Hoping Sheldon gets it soon, now he has to work for it. Love you Sheldon, you can do this). But moving along to the new episode… Here is a quick summary of the scenes: 1) Sheldon’s Apt Leonard and Sheldon are eating sandwiches and Sheldon asks Leonard to pass the mustard. Leonard asks him if he wants to know a fun fact about mustard, Sheldon basically tells the fun fact and if its that one? Yes it is, says Leonard. Sheldon tells him good job lol. Raj and Howard come in to the apartment; Leonard tells them there is still an hour for the movie to start. There they tell Leonard that they are not going to the movie but to his bachelor party. Sheldon basically analyses the whole situation, tells them that they did the ransom wrong, and he is suppose to say “I’m getting to old for this crap” as he tries to keep them on the phone to trace the call when they notify him that they kidnapped Leonard. Leonard is like “when do we leave?”, due to Sheldon’s analysis. They are leaving now, Penny even packed Leonard a bag. Then they tell Sheldon he is coming as well, how are you going to do that? They show a scene that was pre-taped, with them shoving Sheldon into the van as he is struggling to get off. 2) Van Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj are in the van and Sheldon is not too happy. They finally tell them that they are going to Mexico. Sheldon is not too happy with the van. Raj and Howard tell them there is a theme to this weekend: Richard Feynman. The van belonged to him, as well as the house they are staying at. Sheldon is now happy and Leonard can’t believe it. 3) Penny’s Apt Penny is pouring wine for Bernadette as she is asking Penny why she doesn’t want to go to strip club if the boys are doing bachelorette stuff. Penny does not want to and says that if she wants to see a naked man scared? Or something like that, she just has to flush the toilet while Leonard is taking a shower. (This line they changed it twice, I believe, not sure which one they are keeping, I put the one I liked lol). Amy comes in with cookies in the form of genitals. (This was so funny). Penny and Bernadette are amused and Amy explains the gummy worms are the veins. There is a lot of detail and Amy says she had extra dough for making them bigger (I think). Then Bernadette mentions that she hopes the boys do not have too much fun in Mexico or go crazy. Penny is not worried, Sheldon will basically lecture a girl about the North American Free Trade Agreement, Amy mentions that, that lecture was a long night for her. Taping – They took a long time taping this one. They did the scene quite a few times as they kept changing lines and had some trouble. Mayim had some trouble with Amy’s purse, as she is suppose to take it off when she comes in but it got stuck on her hair in a take. Everyone was really nice about it, nobody laughed and staff helped her. Kaley messed up on the North American Free Trade Agreement line, as it was a long title. She had to check the name again. 4) Van – Boys reenacted this portion. Kunal was really funny as he said to the audience “this is a van” so that we could imagine the chairs and steering wheel as an actual van lol. Sheldon is just checking what they cannot cross to Mexico and asking if everyone got his yellow fever shot. Howard tells him he does not need that to go to Mexico and that if they have trouble they will just put Raj in the driver seat with a Sombrero. Jokes about how racist can Howard get. Taping – For some reason, there was a fluffy cushion brown thing between the chairs when they were reenacting and Johnny was really cute when they were taking their places as got on it and was maintaining his balance by grabbing Kunal. Jim was also laughing when they were arranging seats with a crew member. 5) Penny’s Apt Girls ask how is married life. Penny says is great but that she wished Leonard will take the courage to tell Sheldon that he is moving in with her because it was only a matter of time before Sheldon had a bad dream and tried to crawl in to bed with Pillow Leonard or something like that. [my bad I forget some lines]. Then they asked Amy how was single life. She said its fine; she’s focusing on herself. Then she had been thinking about her appearance and making changes. Penny and Bernadette [funny bit lol] jump right away to tell her if she’s changing her shoes, the skirt, the hair, and so on. Amy just stares at them. Then she said no, she decided she didn’t want to change herself because of a man. They support her on this but less excited lol. Amy wants to get her ears pierced though, Bernadette wants to take her to the mall, Penny says they don’t need to, she can do it. Amy asks if she has a piercing gun, nope, she only needs a needle and ice. Amy is not convinced. Penny begs her to let her take her ear virginity while she examines her ear. Bernadette states that this is indeed a weird party. Taping – This scene was taped several times as well. Melissa messed up in a bit and Kaley said really sweet that is was okay. Then, when they gave them their mark and that they had to start again from the beginning, Melissa was liked what? Lol. Complaining lightly and Kaley said louder, not OKAY anymore to Melissa when she went back because she was complaining. They were all laughing lol. 6) Van Again, reenactment, Kunal said, again this is a van. Guys are still rejoicing over Richard Feynman’s van and Sheldon says that he is feeling the creative juices. Howard tells him to keep his creative juices to himself because he has to return the van. Then they feel the van shaking, flat tire. Taping – It was fun to see the boys reenacting the scenes. The way the work around the reenactments and their banter. 7) Penny’s Apt Bernadette asks Amy if she has changed her status on Facebook. Amy tells her it is right, she is suppose to let all her friends know, she turns back with Penny and tells her she broke up with Sheldon. Then they ask Penny if she has changed her status to married, nope, cause there is some people she hasn’t told like her parents and the rest of her family. Why? Penny doesn’t to break her dad’s heart as he has always dreamt of dancing with his daughter at the wedding. They ask how long can she hold the fact that Leonard and her eloped? She says if she waits long enough, she can just tell him that they danced and the wedding was lovely. [They did several takes on these last lanes] 8 ) Van – Howard is changing the tire. Leonard, Sheldon and Raj are looking. One is not turning. Taping – This set was off stage and completely covered, as it was suppose to happen at night. 9) Penny’s Apt – Penny is done piercing Amy’s ears. Girls are still asking Penny about letting her parents know. Penny finally relents and calls her dad. She is nervous. Her dad answers and she asks for her mom, mom is not there, then she tells him that she eloped with Leonard, she is sorry, it was on the spur of the moment, and she feels bad. Dad asks when did it happen. Not too long ago. A moment passes [and this moment was so sweet, all the audience went awww]. Dad: are you happy? Penny: Yes. Leonard is so great. She says with conviction. Then he finally says he is happy for her. Penny tells him he is the greatest dad. Dad says to hold on to that thought. She asks why. Does she remember his wonderful piece of machinery? Her pig moondance died. Penny can’t believe it. “Lets say she is not dancing anymore”. Penny can’t believe it still. Did he kill the pig? Nope, the vet did that lol. 10 ) Van – Night Okay I’m going to put together the scenes from the van because this you have to watch. It is too much live and the play of words and scientific methods that the boys use to take off that tire its crazy. And Sheldon singing! You just have to watch it. Let’s end it on the fact they set that van on fire LOL. 11) Penny’s Apt – Penny hangs up and thanks the girls sarcastically. They ask why? She explains that before that call, her pig was alive and happy. Bernadette is amaze that they didn’t eat him. No, not funny, pig was part of the family. The breakfast meat family? Asks Bernadette. Penny is not happy. Now is Amy’s turn. Amy says she can wait, she is sad her pig died and a little hungry. Penny says NOW. Lol. Amy goes and grabs her phone, attempts to fake dial, Penny tells her to try dialing, huh, you caught that? Amy dials and calls her mom. She makes small talk with her mom till Penny grabs the phone from her. She tells her right away: Amy broke up with Sheldon, she pierced her ears and she made them eat Penis cookies. Amy looks at her. Penny listens to Amy’s mom and then she gives the phone to Amy, says sweetly, your mom wants to talk to you. Amy just grabs the phone scared. 12) Hallway Penny is coming out from her apartment with clothes to wash. Sheldon and Leonard are coming back from Mexico, dirty and disheveled, Penny asks what happened. Leonard explains and they start a contest of who had the worst time or the craziest experience? The van exploded. Penny tells him she pierced Amy’s ears and she had to sit in her closet. Leonard ends it saying he spend the night in Mexico with Sheldon. Penny says he wins and Sheldon and Leonard go into the apartment. Okay so this so far is what I remember. I tried to put as much as possible but you will love the episode when you watch it. I know its tough right now for Shamy’s but hang in there, its part of the process. For Lenny’s, I was hoping for Leonard to be there in case the dad came to visit but at least the girls did mention to Penny that they love Leonard [her family] which made it easier for her. So let’s see where this season takes us. More from Backstage – -Melissa, Mayim and Kaley interacted a bit between scenes. They were always laughing whenever they will share something. There was a lot of interaction from the actors with the staff. -They played the Christmas flashmob for us while we were eating (we need that video online please) -Kaley, during a break from the call to her dad, went over to other set and took a picture with Kevin, her dad on the show, it was really sweet -Make a wish foundation was on the audience as they brought a kid that dreamt of watching the Big Bang Theory taping. Loves the show. It was really sweet and it was great, so many people that love the show. -On a more personal note, Jesse Eisenberg [From the Social Network, Adventureland, American Ultra and so on] was on the taping, I LOVE him and was amazed when Jesse walked alongside Kunal. They workd together in “The Spoils” on Broadway and I guess Kunal invited him over. Surprised because Jesse is currently filming here in LA (yes this is how much I love him lol). -Last, but not least, Kaley and Johnny were really sweet on two occasions. First, after they came down from talking to the audience, Johnny put his arm around her and Kaley was telling him something, Then she made an impression of something and Johnny was laughing really hard. Second, during the last scene, Kaley was talking to someone from the crew but Johnny was making funny faces at Kaley but she could not see him, he was peeking through the door of the apt towards the hallway and Kaley was in the hallway. Then she finally saw him and she started laughing and he did as well. They have a wonderful friendship. Love seeing their interactions. -And on a more personal note, not only did I get a chance to go up and say why I loved this show (my friends made me raise my hand and I was nervous cause I wanted to say so much so evidently I don’t remember what I said) but I got a picture. The guy in charge of audience thought I was sweet and he gave me a picture. But more than anything, I was happy cause I was able to take my friend from Colombia to her FIRST TAPING ever of this show. Loved her reactions to it. All in all, a wonderful evening. Hope you like my report, tried my best, my memory slips sometimes. I've had a long day at work, pardon my spelling mistakes. But Thank you for all your good luck wishes as well.
  11. Finally at home! About to write, sorry its going to be so late. ( i need the second portion, wrote a bit this morning)
  12. hello!! its really late, just got back! We got in and thank you for those that wished us luck. We went to grab some dinner afterwards. I saw that there were other members from this community that attended, so I'm glad they were able to give out the details I would've loved to meet them at the taping though. But I was wondering, if somebody would be interested in reading a report? I can write one about the episode, not tonight cause tomorrow I work really early but I can post tomorrow at some point. I had a lot of fun, it was a funny episode and I loved it. Let me know and I will share
  13. Wish me luck! Trying to get in the taping for today! sorry ive been MIA.
  14. Hello, I have been reading responses...processing the season final...and now if I may I will like to share mine... Last night hurt and it hurt because I do not like to see Leonard and Penny sad...and Penny looked so sad (Kaley and Johnny did amazing scenes). I agree with itwasdestined on the fact that Penny has one thing straight and that is fidelity because she has been hurt so much by that and I know that there are complaints of her attitude but she does care very much for Leonard. It hurt her yesterday because, even if it was delayed, you could see her waiting with dread to hear what else had happened. She has never done anything while they have been in a relationship. I knew that the writer's had to touch on that issue with Leonard because it was coming and those situations test relationships. Even if it was drunk kissing, the problem is that it happened and Leonard (not as far as I can remember) did not state if this girl kissed him out of nowhere, if she was interested in him the whole trip, and so on. And the specifics is what I think will delay Lenny on the wedding: because Penny will start thinking about those details and she knows Leonard is honest (when Leonard wanted to cheat he even went to seek Penny's advice) but she knows it goes through his head and they are human so they will hurt over this. I can also see why Leonard will wait on telling her (he had to start dating Penny again after being not together to finally tell her that he never liked the romantic movies which he never did it at the time because he wanted sex and obviously to not upset her or lose her, and that was just a small issue not this bigger thing), but I would've liked for the writers to do a built up for this. We as an audience never watched Leonard telling Penny about the drinking or hesitating on telling her this important detail at any point and this is why I understand that we feel that it came out of nowhere. Although Penny did state they talked about the drinking (wish we would've seen that) But this episode was also solid for Lenny and that's why they did a great job for me on that episode. Farmer's market, the teasing, them BOTH knowing they have been delaying the wedding and getting all defensive about it. Penny jumping to the couch next to Leonard and the way she said "I'm free tonight" and the way she looked at him and his resolve...my heart melted with them. Then when they were in their way to Vegas, and you could feel both sides, Leonard wanting to start clean even if it was just kissing and Penny hurting...it was a bittersweet episode. But this is why we know we love them, because we care. Personally, I will like a bigger wedding event for Lenny but at this point I cannot tell if they will get married in Vegas or not. Penny said she wanted a church and I will love for them to get the wedding they talked about. But they still got things to get through. Leonard in particular has some work to do on this one. I read on tumblr somebody saying that they will break up but I do not think that is the situation, they have to work on this and I hope that we see a wedding in Season 9 worthy of our Lenny. i have to get to work, sorry if my thoughts are all over the place...and even though if happens every year..I ask myself once again how will I go through the hiatus... xo
  15. Hello, I know I haven't been on much but I figured if I do not take a chance to sleep late today (its 12:04AM here and I have to wake up at 6:00am) then I will not be able to post ever. (I've been busy with my Master's and two jobs, going crazy but we are getting there) I read the taping report on the "recycled industrial ring" and I could not help but think of possibilities that I will like for Leonard to explain on why a recycled one, which does not mean that it belonged to someone, since the economy has taken a hit both in Europe and North America, sending diamonds back to the gem houses to be cut and polished once again has been a trend. In 2012, about a billion dollars worth of recycled diamonds was put into the market. So... 1) Could Leonard, which knows about science and the economy, could have looked for an affordable way to buy Penny something more expensive that was industrial rather than natural? (An industrial diamonds runs roughly around $200 a carat, and a natural one might be around $400 or more but pricing on industrial are limited) 2) (I wish for this weird one) Could Leonard have bought a recycled industrial diamond because he wanted to do something to the diamond with his lasers from work and decided to do so with a cheaper version rather than experiment on one from Tiffany's? 3) Could Leonard be working with industrial diamonds (even engineers and several industries have opted lately for diamonds as a new material to use which is more costly but extends tolerance and tool life) and decided to work on getting one for Penny? A special one? Leonard is always the romantic. Think about the possibilities. I wish for number 2 but who knows. Maybe I have wishful thinking. But if that is not the case, I'm more interested in the "it doesn't matter" where the ring comes from that Penny mentioned because that is for me more important. She cares more about the significance. So many times people against them have mentioned that Penny is only with Leonard because his pays her bills (I've read it although Penny making lots of money sounded like Penny just playing Leonard so he will accept her going to an audition, but who knows so that might make people stop with that one). But yes, for the sake of comedy, Lenny has taken several hits this season. But I do not find them mortifying yet. Let's hope for more Lenny towards the last episodes and a great start for Season 9 later this year. I'm starting to get emotional about this season ending. And for now I'll stop going all scientific and talking about the diamond market. We must remember that people are buying more diamonds but that is because they do not cost as much. But original diamonds are harder to find, miners and the market in general have taken several hits these past years. No news there considering what we have done as a society with our resources. *waves hi to everybody* I've missed hanging out here and posting. Sorry for the long post.
  16. @mjc45 for sure! we definitely need to meet up! Thank you!
  17. I just came in to take a quick peak.. it seems like there was not a summary of the taping for tonight...which is okay I guess..no obligation... I hope there is some Lenny though and we have two episodes coming up with some good scenes for our couple which I can't wait for... But mostly I came in for two things: one, to share sadly that I had standby tickets for tonight's taping and was fully planning on trying to get in for one last time this season..turns out one of my jobs had some repercussions to me missing work today (I work in education and just started a teaching job). Paperwork issues that I just could not get out of. Obligations sadly call first. Second, I miss hanging out here! I know I haven't posted a lot but intense work hours for several jobs have not allowed me the time to post/share. I always try to come in check and like comments though. *waves a quick Hi! at everyone*
  18. We manage to get standby tickets so hoping for the best! Does somebody know if all upcoming previous dates are sold out? even for stand by? I'm a bit confused with dates and work has been making it complicated to be constantly checking
  19. Articles quoting an interview that is not even out in full yet and taking the quotes that Redbookmag decided would be the attention grabbers seems, as always, as unprofessional and redundant as crushable.com. Maybe there is more to her answer in the actual interview or maybe not. Being a feminist these days comes with a variety of ideals and views and worldwide debates because some people do not understand that feminism means something different for every female and depending on the situation you find yourself in. Feminists nowadays get lots of hate for going out and debating and proposing. Kaley maybe is not a feminist in those terms because she considers herself an individual that has taken what she considers is the best way for her to live her life, which is part of feminism and equality: having the option to decide your goals/persona regardless of being female/male/etc. But the world would always have their view of what is right for a female to do or not to do. Kaley is in a tough industry in which objectification cannot be avoided. Regardless of this, she works hard and proves herself worthy of her career and achievements. There is nothing wrong with that. Kaley can define herself in her own terms. That is everyone's right and media should respect that it is not expected for everyone to wear feminism as a flag. Especially as a female public figure, let her be the example she wants to be. People would always judge. I admire how Kaley handles: herself, her career and the hate that people direct her way. There would always be someone unhappy with whatever response she gives.
  20. I've watched two tapings and one public event with Johnny and Kaley having big interactions, I'm no expert nor do I claim to have any deep insight to them but... What is happening or not happening with Lenny must be all on the writers and the director and so on because they are there directing, requesting, suggesting changes, not only to the lines but to how they interact on each scene. For every scene, I've seen Johnny and Kaley being professional, listening, talking and suggesting as well. They are serious actors and I don't think there are issues with being intimate or portraying affection as they seem pretty comfortable around each other. Laughing and playing and talking. I haven't seen a point of contention and I agree completely with Tensor and they will get in a lot of trouble for being unprofessional. Kaley has even described her transition with Johnny as "elegant". The writers though, are the ones who call the shots. I think that questioning should be directed towards them.
  21. It was unfortunate that the date was not shown but it was used more for the writer's as a passage of time for Sheldon's proton decay experiment than anything else. But I'm glad they are going on dates on their own which is important. We do need more plots based on Lenny. I enjoyed Leonard and Penny singing "Soft Kitty" together and Penny sounded annoyed at Sheldon for implying she didn't like the sex with Leonard. She said "the exercise!" pretty loud to clarify lol. Also Leonard moving the cinnamon roll away from him because Penny was keeping herself attractive for the relationship and he needed to put an effort was really funny/cute as well. They are a solid couple but we do need more cuteness/scenes from the writer's. They could work on so many things with them. By the way, Penny was wearing her outfit from Valentine's day (when she filled up the tank of gas for flowers and some chocolates lol) when she was singing sOFT Kitty with Leonard. Yes I notice their outfits lol. On another note, Johnny and Kaley were in high spirits last night, along with the rest of the casts, but Kaley and Johnny kept talking and laughing throughout the whole taping. I enjoy watching their friendship. At one point, Kaley stood right by the area were they had that old computer for Leonard and Sheldon. And Johnny next to her, I do not know if they were going to dance or what. But Kaley said something while Simon and Kunal watched them both. Then Johnny went to Kaley and ask her something while they were laughing and he laughed harder. It was just great to see them. Now can we get a kiss? Soon? I hope so.
  22. Hi Guys! I'm sorry for not posting this earlier but yesterday was a long rainy day. We were waiting outside on the rain to get into the taping. We were first But we got here exhausted. But here it is, I'm still updating it and editing as much as I can remember. Thanks for being patient. The Anxiety Optimization 1) Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment Leonard and Penny come out from Leonard’s room all dressed up for a date. Sheldon is on his computer and asks Leonard and Penny for help testing his noise canceling headphones. Leonard and Penny agree while Sheldon puts them on. Once he had them out, Leonard and Penny started telling Sheldon secret stuff that they do behind his back. Like not changing the water filter in two years lol. There were two takes of this scene and Sheldon then takes out a poster of a scientist rebel showering in a bathtub and Penny asks if that is why Leonard took him to Home Depot. Leonard says he doesn’t want to talk about it lol. Leonard tells Sheldon that he has the apartment to himself and I can’t remember Penny’s last line before they go out but Sheldon tells them he is going to have fun working on proton decay. 2) Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment They showed a scene that was already taped with Sheldon repeating and repeating the same word next to his board. Leonard and Penny come back from the date, tap on his shoulder and Sheldon gets scared (For my fellow Lenny fans, they did not show the actual date * insert sad face * but they look so cute going on a date. Plus the bonding of them saying things, behind Sheldon, was great. They did two or three takes and they kept laughing together or coming up with more remarks. I’m frustrated though with me not remembering the line penny says to Leonard because she mentions the shower to Leonard) 3) Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment Leonard is coming out from his room when he sees Sheldon, still on his bathrobe, really sad in his spot. Leonard asks him if he is not going to work and Sheldon says no, can you guess why? Leonard tells him cause he spent all night working on proton decay and he accomplished nothing so he is going to stay home to pout about it. Sheldon replies like a big baby lol. Leonard is fine with him not going to work and he asks him to text/call if he needs anything and leaves. After Leonard goes to work, Sheldon says he’s been inside the apartment for too long, steps out of the apartment by the hall, grabs some “fresh air” and then closes the door again. 4) Penny’s Apartment After Sheldon closes the door, he hears some grunting from Penny’s apartment. Opens the door again, grunting continues, he knocks on her door, more grunting, and then Sheldon gets worried so he opens the door. Penny is on the floor exercising with her earphones on and now we know why she is grunting. Penny asks Sheldon what does he need. Sheldon says he came over cause it sounded bad, he wasn’t sure if she had decided to have spontaneous sex with Leonard or she needed help? Can’t remember the other option. Penny just looks at him lol. She explains that she is doing this exercise that she hates and it hurts a lot to do it. Sheldon asks why she does something she hates. That he doesn’t understand why she would exercise like that or even why she continues to have coitus with Leonard (assuming he is referring to the noises). Penny goes to the fridge to grab a water while explaining that she hates it and its hard to do it but that makes her work harder at it. Sheldon looks at her and says something like “to clarify?...” Penny clarifies “the exercise Sheldon!”, not the coitus with Leonard. Penny asks him why he is not getting ready to go to work. Sheldon says he is not going to work and can she guess why? Penny tells him right away, just like leonard, that he spend all night working and he didn’t have any progress so now he is all sad. Sheldon takes off back to his apartment saying that is not as mysterious as he thinks apparently. 5) Cafeteria Open to Leonard, Raj and Howard eating at the cafeteria at work. Howard says he came out with a new game: Cinnamon vs. Emily. People have to guess who Rajesh said the quotes to: Emily or Cinnamon. The quotes are pretty funny and Leonard keeps guessing them right. Then Raj says that a man can love his girlfriend and his dog as much equally. Leonard then says to Emily! I heard him say that to Emily. Howard laughs. Sheldon arrives to their table and Leonard asks him if he decided to come to work. Sheldon explains that after talking to Penny, whom by the way is working harder to stay attractive in their relationship than him (to leonard), (Leonard had a big cinnamon roll in front of him which he pushes away guiltily after that remark, it was really funny), he decided to work harder. Based on a theory, he also wanted to ask them a favor: they need to go out of their way to make him miserable so that he is constantly anxious and can perform at ultimate potential. The guys start thinking about possibilities and Howard asks what is in it for them? Sheldon starts to explain but Howard says excitedly “okay! We’ll do it!”. 6) Amy’s Lab Sheldon is at Amy’s lab with a cap on his head that will read his anxiety levels. Amy wants to get a base number so that they can work from there and Sheldon will undergo several tests. To test his anxiety levels, Amy will try to annoy him as much while he is being tested. Amy brings a balloon while Sheldon is working and starts making noises with it (rubbing it). Sheldon can’t take it and explodes it with his pencil. Amy asks why he did that. Sheldon says something like “sorry, I was aiming for your heart”. Amy explains to him that this is what she needs to do to test him. Plus he had said no to several other things he can’t stand, including seeing her eating a banana. Sheldon: “ Who eats them horizontally?” And Amy replies that her mom told her that’s how good girls do it lol. Then Amy takes a seat and asks him what is wrong if he only ends up doing solid research instead of having a major breakthrough. Sheldon feels insulted and as he starts explaining, his anxiety levels are on point. Amy notes this. Then Sheldon is all happy. Why are they going down? Amy tells him cause now you are happy. Sheldon is now mad again. He goes through a series of mad/happy/mad that were hilarious. 7) Leonard’s Apartment Raj has two board games on his hands and Leonard and Howards are eating snacks. Raj asks them what they want to play and they say Cinnamon vs. Emily lol. Raj tells them they need to stop and Sheldon comes in during that moment. He comes in explaining that he wants them to contradict/not agree with everything that he says. Raj, Leonard and Howard take turns telling him that’s definitely not what he wants till they get Sheldon mad and telling they are the worst. He walks to his room and then comes back to thank them, he says he thinks that worked. Penny’s Apartment Penny is telling the girls that the highest rep seller will get a trip to Hawaii for two. Amy tells her that will be so romantic for her and Leonard. Penny says she clearly hasn’t seen Leonard at the beach with his metal detector. Amy then mentions something that she will do at the beach that Penny does not find fun and turns to ask Bernadette if she wants to go to Hawaii. Then Sheldon comes in to his council of ladies. Penny asks him what’s up and Sheldon tells them that as they are aware, he is finding situations that irritate/cause him anxiety so he is coming for an evening of crotch talk. (They did several takes of this scene as Jim kept missing lines once it was changed, then Kaley jumped ahead of Melissa with her line, which was funny to the crew cause Kaley said something and Melissa kept laughing, we could not hear though). Penny asks Sheldon what does he think goes on in her apartment when is just the girls talking. Then he says that he imagines they talk about stuff they are not comfortable saying in front of them or various buttocks that they want to touch from other men. Penny tells him they are just people, like them, that talk about regular stuff, just like they do. Sheldon asks her, really? You girls talk about werewolves? Leonard and I disagree on a werewolves being able to swim after transformation. Penny turns and tells Amy they should talk about their periods lol. Amy tells Penny to wait because all canines have the ability to swim. Bernadette says not really because they are half human. Its like comparing apples to oranges. Sheldon says thank you, he agrees. Then he says lets do it again when you are not all PMSing and walks out. 9) Leonard’s Apartment Sheldon has on really loud songs/laughs. Leonard comes out of his room in his bathrobe telling what in the world is he doing. Sheldon says the music keeps him with anxiety on the right levels. He is using the joker, darth vader, and he was going to use taylor swift but it turns out he loves her. Leonard tells him to put on some headphones or something and goes back to his room. Sheldon goes to grab the headphones and then he says Taylor Swift was right, haters going to hate, hate, hate. 10) Amy’s Apartment Sheldon has on his cap to measure his anxiety levels and is writing stuff down on a notebook. They are on date night and even Amy has candles on in the table. She is annoyed and tells Sheldon that he needs to take the cap off, its starting to smell and he should talk to her instead of working. Sheldon claims he can do two things at the same time. Talk to her and work. She says something and he just goes along ignoring her. (they did two or three takes of this. Mayim forgot her lines in one of them. She said it in Amy’s voice that she messed up which was funny) 11) Leonard’s Apartment Leonard, Penny, Bernadette and Howard are in having dinner and playing Cinnamon vs. Emily as couples. Leonard is on his chair and Penny on the chair right next to his seat. Howard tells Penny that she has the tiebreaker. He quotes Raj as “you hair is so shiny” or something like that. Penny says that’s a hard one. Raj gets to the apartment and they tell him they are still playing. Raj says they need to stop cause they will hurt her feelings. Bernadette asks him if Emily’s feelings? [or Cinnammon] lol. 12) Amy’s Apartment Amy is worried for Sheldon and asks him one more time to stop driving himself crazy. It is not necessary. Sheldon shares that he is afraid to stop because he has finally made some progress on his work and what if it stops? Amy says its not healthy. Sheldon says Newton did one his biggest discoveries while thinking he was an alligator? I can’t remember the animal. Amy replies that is not true to which Sheldon says maybe because he has been hallucinating lately lol. But he still refuses to eat or pay attention to her. Amy tells him he better stop, Sheldon says or what? Cut to Sheldon on the bus complaining to a man about Amy kicking him out of her apartment while holding down to his laptop with his cap still on. Me! Her own boyfriend he tells the guy. Then Sheldon turns and the man has the face of the animal he had mentioned to Amy and says “Thanks Newton” that he knew he will understand. 13) Sheldon’s Room ( I was dying and the audience as well in this scene. It was really sweet) Penny and Leonard are walking Sheldon to his bed. Sheldon looks all crazy, tired and with no sleep. Penny and Leonard are slowly putting him to bed and Sheldon doesn’t want to sleep. How are they going to make him sleep? And then Penny starts singing “soft kittyyy…” and Sheldon lays down to sleep right away. Leonard and Penny take turns singing portions of Soft Kitty (the cutest scene). And Sheldon is sleeping soundly now. Penny and Leonard look at Sheldon and Leonard says in a whisper that when he is like that, so peaceful, it looks so…takes a moment...easy to put a pillow over his head lol (cause he drives them crazy) and Penny nods. Note: Cute parenting scene. I know some do not like it but this is Sheldon, Penny and Leonard’s interaction. They take care of him, together or not, so let’s embrace it. I loved it. 14) Cafeteria Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are in the cafeteria. Sheldon looking better the next day when Emily and Raj get to their table. Emily mentions that she head they were playing a game regarding her and Cinnamon. Boys deny it scared. Emily tells them she finds it sexy and kisses Raj (but really kisses him so they took the first kiss of the season). But then Emily separates from Raj, why is there dog hair on your mouth? LOL. I enjoyed this episode. I apologize if I miss lines. This is all from memory. Tried my best. I will add more BTS during the day.
  23. So many memories and photos that are being posted, I'm feeling nostalgic! Loved last night's episodes. We need gifs of Penny saying "back off. He's all mine" and about spending her whole life with him. I did notice that she was trying to stay calm even though it was something minor and love how domestic they are now. I just found this video online with the recent prom episode. Thought I will share. It gave me the feels and it is wonderfully made with some of the best Lenny moments. http://youtu.be/jgHz2r98NwE
  24. I love how Sheldon has transitioned in his relationship with Amy. He mentioned earlier in the season that he felt that he was the same person that left to spend the summer on a train but this episode is proof of our Sheldon maturing and accepting new territory. I LOVE how he delivered the I love you. I can't even explain it and I'm still not over it. No doubts. He analyzed it and looked at possibilities and came to a conclusion. He is sure of his feelings for Amy. He knows he loves her. Sheldon is unique and Amy's reaction was incredible. She was not ready for that curve ball. Shamy gives me the feels because Sheldon and Amy (and the other characters as well but lets focus on them for a bit) are broken in their own particular way. To think of how far they've come and to see them find happiness in each other is incredible. I can't help but give a smile 'Leonard-and-Penny-style' when I look at Sheldon (they are like his parents after all lol). Today marks a day in the history of this couple. p.s. I'm surprised but I liked that they did not keep the take in which Sheldon slaps Amy's butt when she comes out running from his room. I think that would've been interpreted as something different because of the moment that they were going through. I love the takes the decided to keep.
  25. Just watched the episode. At the taping, I was focusing on everything except the monitors cause I knew I will get to watch those at home like I did tonight. I'm still not over these Lenny moments and won't be over them in a while. I love the looks between them, even when they are among others (i.e. when Raj said that sounds like a yes, Leonard's smile and Penny's look at Leonard made it for me. Even after the comment.). I love how close they are and how they know each other so well now. How they laugh and acknowledge where they stand. When they are by themselves they portray comfort and that relationship that has grown over the years. I know everybody wants a kiss (I love when they kiss) but I think the writers have their reasons. None of the couples seem to be kissing (even Howard got a kiss on the cheek from his wife at the baseball game). So who knows. I'm enjoying the transition of Lenny at the moment and hopefully they'll give us a much awaited kiss at some point. p.s. SRAM I have seen Kaley 3 times in person over the last few months and trust me she is not a diva from where I stand. At the taping of this episode, Johnny and Kaley kept interacting and laughing. As Kaley recently mentioned in an interview, one only sees the "elegant way" that she is so proud that her relationship with Johnny has trascended to. They are close friends. Ryan even hugged Johnny when Johnny was leaving at the unveiling of Kaley's star. I respect your opinion but I just wanted to point these things out. It seems very unlikely that they will be so unprofessional and it even suggests that Ryan is extremely insecure of their marriage as to be threatened by Kaley kissing Johnny in character. I'm not in their shoes and I bet it mustn't have been an easy transition. But the transition is there. Johnny was even front row at Kaley's wedding. I think we need to look more into the writers and the show rather than point at Kaley.
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