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  1. Watched a few - no wonder adult Sheldon was such a mean, nasty and detestable creature - all his mother and Meemaw’s fault. Pandered to his every whim and never attempted to teach him to be understanding and accepting of others’ faults.
  2. Wow -expertly sums up my thoughts about TBBT👍 I’ve watched this programme from the beginning and love it, except for the Sheldon character. I had hoped, as the years went by, that the wretched man would understand life and social niceties from associating with his friends, alas to no avail😡 Hey ho - glad it is ending.
  3. I hate the scriptwriters mission to continue - ad nauseum - to put that bloody Sheldon Cooper in the centre of most of the action. I wish the other five friends had more airtime. Admittedly some of Cooper’s awkward corners have been softened, but he is still a patronising, inconsiderate and downright nasty piece of work who on occasion really needs a slap. Hope this series will end soon. I know, I know - why do I watch it - well, I need to see SC get his comeuppance 😏
  4. I wholeheartedly agree that the scriptwriters are obsessed with that nasty piece of work that is Sheldon Cooper. Ok , so he's quirky and clearly too clever for his own good, but a lot of the time he knows exactly the impact his words have on those around him. It must be very frustrating for the other actors ( though I accept they are well paid for what they do) not to be given the words and the chance to bring down the "nerk". Having said that, Amy sometimes has a damn good try!
  5. Years of watching the Big Bang Theory has not blunted my hatred of Sheldon Cooper. I hang in there in the hope that one day he'll get his comeuppance, alas to no avail. To quote a previous comment, "Sheldon is judgemental, sanctimonious and frankly just obnoxious" - to which I add he is condescending, cunning and downright nasty. Surely after the years he has spent with his friends, the scriptwriters could temper this nastiness, without taking away his quirkiness.
  6. Oh , you are so right! Series 10 is on the horizon and still, Sheldon Cooper ( what a nasty piece of work) has barely improved his social skills and rarely gets his comeuppance! I agree with the poster, it is about time the scriptwriters remember this is an ensemble show! Grrrr
  7. Big Bang Theory is broadcast most days on UK television and I admit I watch it from time to time (despite being quite an "oldie"). It is funny and clever, especially the interaction between Howard and Raj, Penny and Leonard and the three girls. I find Sheldon irritating beyond belief, though I recognize he is the lynch-pin of the show. Indeed, sometimes, his one- liners are very witty. Unfortunately his humour is outweighed by the extremely selfish, condescending and occasionally downright nasty nature. It is said his friends are nasty and cruel to him - well sometimes deserves it - and he knows. Must also say, I love the way Sheldon's mother is written and played; in addition Amy is so good for him - though how she puts up with him, I don't know. Good heavens - it is only a sitcom.
  8. Sheldon Cooper is so awful - annoying, thick - in terms of relationships and dominating. I blame scriptwriters - they insist on never letting him learn any social skills, despite the many years his friends have tried to"re-educate " him. Amy tries so hard to improve his interaction with others. I watch the programme for the other characters and not necessarily because of their contacts with that twerp. Long live Leonard, Howard, Raj , the 3 girls and of course Sheldon's mum.
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