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  1. Are we watching the same show ???? Amy got angry with Sheldon on their anniversary because he was not paying attention to her, she wanted some time to re-evaluate their situation. Sheldon in his I'm the greatest thinks 11 hours is enough and visits Amy she tells him she needs time, he thinks she's had enough time getting her angry again, its at this point that she breaks up with him. She is avoiding him because she needs TIME to think he doesn't give her this TIME she becomes frustrated and angry with him so there is the BREAK up .... I don't know why you can't see it .... watch the first
  2. WHY THE BREAKUP ..... well Amy didn't want to breakup with Sheldon ... she wanted some time to think about their relationship ... Sheldon didn't give her the time she wanted he kept pushing her and pushing her to the point that she had, had enough and she answered his question " are we broken up " with a YES .... Then every body got in a tiff because they broke up .... so ... the story line as was conceived by the writers ... the breakup of the SHAMY and what followed ... Sheldon did need this he had to realize that he NEEDED Amy that he LOVED her, that she made him a better person that they c
  3. I really liked this episode to-night ... the Lenny scenes were hilarious ... and shows how Penny and Leonard would have scored a 10 on that test that Sheldon and Amy had taken ... its so nice to see these two work on screen with really good material and give a true to life rendition of what a husband and wife could be like ... she call him out on reading her journal .. he makes a little joke ... and apologizes ... then makes his own punishment ... which Penny is a little alarmed about but still laughs ... and that dance Leonard performs just shows you how much in tune these to are with each ot
  4. The last episode Bob Newhart was on he died, Penny and Leonard went to the funeral Sheldon didn't ... then his ghost came back to Sheldon as a Jedi Knight, he tried to convince Sheldon to stop playing games and concentrate on work and Amy ... and he even said that he would come back if Sheldon needed him .... looks like Sheldon needs him now just to make sure he stays on the proper track with Amy .... have fun this episode should be interesting
  5. Well when this came down at the beginning of the season I did say there was a reason for this was to get Sheldon to GROW up and realize that he needed Amy as much as she needed him ... MOSTLY to GROW UP ... and that has some how been accomplished, we will have to wait and see if it takes hold and he proposes to her ... he still has that ring ... They had to do this to get Sheldon to move he got complacent and was dragging his feet, even that test he and AMY took that said they were happy .... but then Leonard said something romantic to PENNY and AMY was not happy at all she wished that Sheldon
  6. OK everybody got their shorts tied in a knot ... Penny and Leonard were in the process of moving into 4B but the Sheldon and Amy had their miscommunication sooo to keep Sheldon from regressing tooo much ... he wanted to go back to 2003 remember ... Leonard and Penny agreed to stay status quo ... Leonard would go back and forth between 4A and 4B and so would Penny .... NOW with the renewed SHAMY it would be possible that Sheldon would now want Amy as a roommate and I don't think Penny or Leonard would argue against this ... YES they could all get together in 4A as always but the group is gettin
  7. Thanks Kazzie for your report .... makes me think back to Season 7 - 21 ... Anything Can Happen Recurrence ... When Penny takes Sheldon to the PSYCHIC ... and is told that every thing will be good if only he commits to his girl friend ... Penny says the spirt gods are on fire and Sheldon walks out ... Looks like the Psychics was right ... with the song going through his mind making him CRAZY and only AMY can fix it ... he has made that commitment to AMY and may lead to Amy moving in and Leonard moving out and where he belongs with PENNY ... Looks like the universe is listening and so are the
  8. IT's ABOUT TIME ... don't you think ... they have been under utilized for the past 2 seasons .....
  9. There are 4 sections and three main isles ... the middle isle has the MC standing at the bottom his back to the set (elevator) and he keeps the audience engaged between takes ... I was there last year 2014 saw them tape S8 E5 ... the boys fooling around with back to the future and the girls in Las Vegas .... I sat 4 rows up and 4 seats in on the right side facing the boys apt. ... I got called up right at the end, final call up before the final scene and did a routine with the MC ... met a fanfic writer hazelra7 at the taping ... IT WAS AMAZING .... the whole experience getting in line, havin
  10. This building is made for TV ..... NOT real ... NOT REAL ... the main rooms are made to make taping easier ... come on and wake up people ... I'm trying to recreate the rooms with my LEGO and its a bitch ... Look at the floor plans ....... ANY WAY just have fun watching to show ... next one up on MONDAY then taping Tuesday ...... waiting to see what the writers have planed for Sheldon and Amy ... I'm surprised that there is nothing planed for HALLOWEN this year ....bummer ... OHH ... here is my take on the boys apartment, living room/kitchen OHH.. forgot the red head is Emily and Penny ha
  11. They want to make Sheldon suffer some more .... he still needs to wake up and smell the roses but he won't listen to Penny, he always thinks she is WRONG ... but not in this case ... Amy needs someone who is attentive and caring NOT someone who always puts her down .... MY 2 pennies
  12. Game over and they win ... Jays 8 Texas 4 ... game 5 on Wednesday watched the cold opening of tonight's show " The 2003 Approximation " and he is absolutely crazy when told Leonard is moving out .... LOL
  13. HAVE BEEN AWAY FROM THE NET FOR A FEW DAYS .... What's with the NEWSFLASH .... have I ever told you NOT to post anything ... I was just commenting on your continual posting about the break up AND What I believe are your mistakes ... PLEASE don't put words into my mouth ... BUT ...... I think you just answered your own questions about the Show and the break up .... FICTIONAL TV .... what you my believe is horrible writing may in fact not be as bad as you claim may not be that bad ... I believe the writers and CHUCK wanted to shake things up with Sheldon and AMY there fore the BREAK UP .... I
  14. MISLAV ... do you really know anything about WOMEN and what they need from their BOYFRIEND .... They need to be pampered even though they may say they don't And did you really watch that episode and listen to what PENNY said to Sheldon ... She told him that during the date and since it was their FIFTH anniversary he should have paid much more and better attention to AMY ... but SHELDON didn't he ignored her and even told her so he was not putting his whole attention on HER that was why she angry face right after kissy face ... Amy has evolved during the last 5 years Sheldon has not ... he has
  15. ya well I can't even say it never mind want to see it again ... but it was a nightmare ... a real nightmare .... BUT in the end all is well in LENNY LAND ....
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