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  1. Yes, they are staying warm because Sheldon keeps the thermostat too low.
  2. Penny's brother is probably more Jessie Pinkman than Walter White, but other than that I agree with your assessment. I don't think Wyatt was a bad father even back when Penny was growing up, clearly her other siblings got into some serious trouble, but as far as we know Penny was never into anything that bad. Add in that she was the middle child and she probably didn't get all that much attention because her parents had to deal with her brother and sister, so what trouble she did get in was more through a lack of guidance. This also explains why in S2 when Penny talks to Beverly it seems
  3. To be fair these shoes are only meant for running, they are designed to be easier on your feet as they approximate running barefoot without the worry of getting calluses or lacerations on your feet.
  4. What Penny did was not STUPID. She had a gap in her knowledge, which was aggravated by making plans with a real idiot and what was probably copious amounts of alcohol and she made a decision. If you know something Penny didn't and if you are completely sober of course you can see that it's a mistake, but Penny doesn't have that advantage.
  5. I just thought of something, some people are treating the marriage of Penny and Zack as if it were a real marriage and make Leonard or Penny out as bad people for either sleeping with a married woman or cheating on her husband, but no one has said word one about home-wrecker Amy trying to sleep with her best friend's husband.
  6. I think that people really need to consider something before they go all crazy about the taping report, and that is Why the episode was made. And, no it was not just to have an excuse to bring Zack back into the show they've done that before and could easily do it again without doing it this way. There is however a very significant storytelling reason for having the episode. Each episode is a story, but the show as a whole is also its own story and needs to be thought of as such. The storytellers created an internal conflict (Penny's commitment issues) which blocks the advancement of the pro
  7. Awwww, I think someone's had a few too many drinks.
  8. There definitely won't be another Lenny breakup now, the Holiday season has a high enough suicide rate without adding to it by destroying the hopes of millions of devoted TBBT fans who love themselves some Lenny.
  9. I'm game for that . Honestly I don't get why some people are so upset with them "going back to old Penny" with this story, after all it was "old Penny" that made this mistake. Also I'm pretty sure that the idea is that Penny went to Vegas with Zack for Thanksgiving in S4 and the taping report may not be perfectly accurate on the lines. Considering that Penny may have been extremely drunk when it happened; in S4 she was drinking more than she ever had because of breaking up with Leonard, she was in Vegas, and she was spending Thanksgiving with someone even she thought was really stupid (Pr
  10. "Political Correctness" is the bane of Civil Society. The only purpose of "Political Correctness" is to use a person's inherent decency as a weapon against them. If I make a comment and you say it's sexist/racist/insensitive I apologize and stop talking about whatever I was talking about, because I don't want to be viewed as sexist/racist/insensitive. If a person who actually is sexist/racist/insensitive makes a comment that you say is sexist/racist/insensitive they don't really care since from their perspective it is perfectly acceptable to be sexist/racist/insensitive.
  11. I really don't see the problem with the nightie, the hair is a little weird, but the nightie looks great.
  12. Well, I find it interesting that the "Frustrated Amy" joke was distinctive enough to get special mention in the report. I do agree that it is becoming a pretty recurrent joke, maybe they're laying the ground work for something big there (maybe an Amy ultimatum?)
  13. Because the world is a lot less fun without other people's screw-ups to laugh at.
  14. Why do I get the feeling that if Leonard and Penny ever do have kids it won't exactly be planned. Penny looks at the pregnancy test in her hand only to see that the indicator displays 'positive'. "Ah, crap." she says before reaching for her glass of wine, only to stop and look at the glass before setting it back down with out taking a drink "Ah, crap."
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