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  1. I'm still not getting how that ruins Indiana Jones? The movie is about Indie's quest to find the Ark, which he did, and surviving all of the attempts on his life by Nazis, swordsmen, and snakes, which he also did.
  2. I think it would change up the dynamic between the three of them enough to be worth it. Penny's only power in dealings with Sheldon has been that she could physically harm him or call his mother, with her moving in with Leonard she would become a signatory of the Roommate Agreement and suddenly she and Leonard would have the power to override Sheldon on most things. I could see them doing it, even if only for an episode so Sheldon decides that having Amy move in to Leonard's room while Leonard moves in to Penny's apartment would be a preferable alternative.
  3. I've got 17 cents to get you started.
  4. If I can get tickets I'm going to go to one in January or February.
  5. Take an extra week off in January and the 15th episode is right around Valentine's Day. "Maybe next year" indeed...
  6. I'll see your hmmmmmmmmmmmm and raise you an "interesting,"
  7. Also, with "there's more than one key on the ring" thing, it could be they have one key ring for all their spare/emergency keys in which case they'd probably have at least five keys on that ring and quite possibly more.
  8. Actually it makes sense that Sheldon would have a key, after all why wouldn't Penny want her house cleaning service to have a key.
  9. His primary piece of evidence was that Penny's take out containers were in the trash. Sheldon's opinion of Penny is that she is much more likely to cheat on Leonard than to throw her trash away.
  10. Oh I know you weren't implying anything. I was speculating, since the way the A Plot was presented in the snippets we have it didn't have much room for the others. If nothing else there will probably be a C Plot, though if there is the Penny Plot may actually be the C Plot.
  11. I don't think Prof. Proton picking Leonard was in any way about who he was, it's all about what he is. Leonard is an Experimental Physicist, he does experiments for a living. Sheldon is a Theoretical Physicist, he thinks experiments are a quaint pastime for lesser minds. Prof. Proton is setting up an experiment he went to the only scientist who respected him and was qualified to help, which is Leonard. As for Sheldon's "losses", well let's examine your list 1. All of the guys lost, not just Sheldon 2. Considering just how much he had crossed the line, he totally deserved it 3. It's a joke that lasted for one scene, they've all played pranks on each other, if that is the best you can come up with for a loss Sheldon clearly doesn't lose enough 4. He went along with it because he wanted to prove to them that a computer couldn't find a suitable companion for him, he did not lose anything 5. He lost because he made the game personal, so Wheaton reciprocated 6. See above, and I would say Leonard lost a hell of a lot more there 7. He basically called the judge an idiot and then tried to confuse a simple issue with a bunch of semi-legal rationalizations, which really didn't work as a defense Overall most "losses" by Sheldon are either petty, self-inflicted, or extremely well deserved.
  12. Wonder if the B Plot will involve anyone else, other wise the two primary plots will lack any real involvement from the other four characters, and they have been avoiding episodes that only focus on the core three.
  13. Can we just say mistakes were made, and leave it at that? Pretty please?
  14. I think they give Leonard a break because he and Penny had been in a relationship, she was still clearly coherent, even if she had been drinking, and she expressed regrets, sort of, about the end of her relationship with Leonard. Raj on the other hand had no expectation that Penny would have sex with him if she were sober, she was blackout drunk, and he knew that she still had feelings for his friend.
  15. No, neither has moved in with the other, and it wouldn't surprise me if they take a while to officially move in together. If you think about it, with Leonard and Penny they don't really need to take that step, most relationships would have moved to cohabitation at this point purely for convenience, but they don't need to worry about that, all they need to keep at each others apartments is a bathrobe. They essentially own the fourth floor, so it is more like they have separate bedrooms in one really big apartment.
  16. Long story short: Raj can be a real bastard at times. They should get Stuart a doctorate in physics so he can replace Raj.
  17. Can you rephrase that so it sounds more like english and less like a conspiracy theory?
  18. ^^^ I totally agree, there were not any real issues shown in this episode as far as the Lenny goes. Honestly my only problem with the episode stems from my personal dislike of the Beverly character.
  19. Agreed!!! I motion that no one ever be allowed to bring up "Ping pong paddles" ever again. Do I have a second.
  20. If she continues with the psychology courses she might come to the conclusion that the best thing for their relationship is not for her to get approval from Beverly but to back Leonard against Beverly. Did anyone else notice that she said the book was on the "Recommended Reading List" for her class, she didn't have to read it, it wasn't required, but she still bought a copy and at least started to read it. True part of that might be because she knew the author, but S5 and earlier Penny never would have read an academic book that wasn't required, and even early to mid S6 Penny probably wouldn't have. Either she really likes Psychology or she's taking her education more seriously.
  21. Overall I thought the episode was really good, except for the part with Beverly. Without that it probably makes my top 20 episodes list. I don't think either Leonard or Penny really crossed a line or was in the wrong. Both could have stopped a lot sooner, but neither really overreacted at any point. That said there were plenty of better ways to end that story-line without bringing in Beverly. Now I want to see a "crossover" episode, get Johnny on Criminal Minds to play an experimental physicist/serial killer with an identical childhood to Leonard.
  22. True, there is nothing wrong with applied physics, really it is far more useful than theoretical physics. However they don't change physics, they don't create "new" physics they use "old" physics to make something new and useful. Microprocessors didn't come out of a change in peoples understanding of physics they came out of applying something people already understood in a different way. The joke was that while people may be doing cool new things with physics all the time there isn't really anything new with physics itself.
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