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  1. It's like the can't help themselves when it comes to baiting the Shamys.
  2. @djsurrey, all of the advances you brought up are definitely significant, but they are all applied physics. Leonard's joke was talking about the world of hard physics, which is what he thinks about when someone talks about physics. Really in hard physics the last real advancement was Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric effect, since then most of the new concepts of physics have been relativity, quantum, or string theory based and all of that is based on unproven guesswork built on top of other people's unproven guesswork.
  3. Oh god, I see it now, it's so obvious! The anecdote about how the B&B needed a new rocking chair is foreshadowing for how Leonard and Penny need new relationships!!!
  4. Well, I have to say, I'm disappointed. I was so looking forward to watching some of you spend the next few weeks obsessing over how some minor detail spelled utter doom for the Lenny. You have all failed me, I'm severely disappointed.
  5. And then you post something disparaging about yourself to watch all the uberfans come racing to defend your honor, it would truly be great.
  6. What I'd really like to see is Penny tell a science joke, that she didn't look up online, which is actually funny and makes sense. And then we see all the others just stop dead as they realize what she just said.
  7. I don't know if manipulative is the right word for the way Penny is. She just knows where to aim and doesn't pull her punches. When you cross Penny and she decides something about your behavior needs to change, you know it.
  8. Generally SNF games are the Headline games of the week, tough match-ups, long standing rivalries, playoff contenders, and the most popular teams in the NFL. When NBC picked Houston vs. San Francisco they thought it would be a good match-up that would draw in viewers who weren't Houston or San Francisco fans, but both teams started the season 2-2 instead of the 4-0 or 3-1 that most people expected before the season started, so a bunch of people didn't bother to turn on what promised to be an average game between two mediocre teams. Edit: Plus there were baseball playoff games on at the time, like my LA Dodgers beating on the Atlanta Braves.
  9. The poor performance of SNF this week was a fluke, but not all that unexpected. NBC has to pick which game is going to be on SNF each week before the beginning of the season and has to try to pick games which will draw maximum interest. Before the season started Houston and San Francisco were both promising, SF had made it to the Super Bowl and Houston had an outstanding regular season in 2012, but once the season started both teams had rather lackluster performances, so the games didn't draw in that many viewers outside of the team fan-bases, which are on the small side since neither of them are the most popular team in their area. Odds are SNF will top total viewers again next week.
  10. I particularly liked this quote: "You don't work thinking to get the Nobel Prize," said Englert, a retired professor at the Free University of Brussels. Still, "we had the impression that we were doing something that was important, that would later on be used by other researchers." It is the exact opposite of how Sheldon views his work, no wonder he hasn't been nominated for a Nobel. Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-10-englert-higgs-nobel-physics-prize.html#jCp
  11. Grrr, an episode with a story that takes place at CalTech but no Bawwy??? What the heww witews?
  12. No, you're right, she isn't intentionally mean, she's just a psychopath who decided that it would be perfectly fine to use one of her children as a psychological guinea pig. Maybe, but that kind of emotional abuse isn't funny, no matter how you present it.
  13. I can totally imagine Penny saying almost exactly that at some point. I don't know if the season would end with her walking into a jewelry store, but if we don't actually get an engagement this season I would like it to end at a point where it is all but certain to happen in the S8 premiere.
  14. I think the sight specifically mentions that they have a list of people who have been to tapings and they check against that. So I doubt it would work.
  15. I don't think his statement to Bernadette is an admission of guilt. There are so many ways of interpreting that line which make just as much sense, if not more. 1. Because Penny thinks I didn't want her on my team 2. Because I didn't immediately jump at the idea of being on Penny's team 3. Because I didn't realize how much being on my team meant to Penny 4. Because Penny misinterpreted my suggestion as being a slight against her Leonard is asking if Penny is upset over what happened, so his statement is an analysis of Penny's POV. He thinks that Penny thinks he didn't want to be on her team, he did not however say the he didn't like the idea of being on her team or that he suggested shaking up the teams to avoid being on Penny's team.
  16. I don't think Sheldon got anywhere near as much sympathy as some of you seem to think. Sheldon felt slighted and then severely over-reacted, and no one, not even his girlfriend, was on his side. The closest was Howard, but all he was really pointing out was that Sheldon's reaction was grounded in human emotion.
  17. I'm calling first dibs on that for my profile picture if it's any good. Honestly I think you are all taking things a little too seriously, sure there was some Lenny tension, but it really didn't extend past the confines of the game. Leonard didn't mean to hurt or embarrass Penny by suggesting that they mix up teams (I don't really think he had anything against being paired with Penny), and once he realized he had hurt her he tried to fix it by agreeing to her suggestion of playing as couples. I don't think he really embarrassed her either if anything that blame would fall on Sheldon and Amy both of whom had very serious and immediate objections to being on her team. Next weeks episode may come off differently, but I really don't get this sense of impending doom you people are apparently feeling.
  18. For some reason I don't think it would be a very good idea for either of them, especially not for Stuart.
  19. No, just NO. Freud is all but completely discredited in any serious Psychological circles. Most people do not end up in relationships with people like their opposite gender parent, and those who do do so mostly by coincidence. As for Howard loving Bernadette because she is like his mother, well as Howard pointed out in 7x02 he and his mother "have a very unhealthy relationship". Agreed, and the thing with Howard being turned on by Bernadette's "Raj Voice" is a reflection on the unhealthy relationship he and Raj had before he met Bernadette When I read the taping report I said Leonard and Amy were being unfairly vilified for not wanting to pair with Penny, and I feel totally vindicated, Leonard came off even better than I anticipated. As far as I could see the reasons he gave for not pairing up in couples were his only real reasons, when Penny felt it was a reflection on Leonard's opinion of her intelligence he was willing to partner with her so she wouldn't be hurt and her reaction implied she still was, so he tried to make things right and after how she reacted at the comic book store he wanted to quit so the game wouldn't screw up his relationship. I stand by my comment that Raj was the one that really insulted Penny, and I totally agree with Leonard Penny and Bernadette's reactions to the end of the hunt Yeah, there kind of are right and wrong opinions, and yours definitely slides toward wrong. From what I see in the show all you Shenny's (including Wally, because I don't like excluding people) are delusional, or you all like highly dysfunctional and unbalanced relationships. Sheldon has absolutely no respect for Penny (witness his surprise every time she has anything to teach him) and would see her as nothing more than a glorified maid. Even someone who was simply "Penny-like" would fall into the same category of relationship with Sheldon. Plus ever since S3 even the suggestion of Shenny has an incestuous feel that gives me shivers.
  20. That would probably be the biggest reason it gets crap. After tonight's episode I can't get the idea of another game night out of my head, specifically teams of three with Penny and Bernie on a team (I can't decide if it would be funnier to have them with Sheldon or Leonard as their third).
  21. I thought that was kind of obvious. Everyone would understand that that is the primary motivation, except Sheldon who thinks that he could any job better than anybody.
  22. Totally, if there were an external port for a pacemaker designed for attaching alternate power sources the potato would probably work great. Penny not having a working knowledge of pacemakers does not make her an idiot.
  23. Actually it will be interesting to see if they bring up Bill Nye's background at all since he started out as an engineer and we all know what Sheldon thinks of engineers.
  24. I would really like to know where Sheldon went to school, because I can't think of many schools that are good enough for the level of scorn he apparently has for MIT (This isn't the first time he's had a scathing remark about it.). Who knows maybe Sheldon applied there and was turned down so he has convinced himself that it isn't that good of a school. Who knows, maybe the reason they're doing another Sheldon gets jealous episode is because the theme of this season is "Sheldon isn't as great as he thinks he is" and they're going to keep knocking him down until he gets over himself. Maybe once Sheldon stops being the most important person in Sheldon's life he can move forward in his relationship with Amy.
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