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  1. I think what everyone is missing is that Leonard didn't just play the 'troubled childhood' card for sex, sure there was some of that, but he also played it to get to watch the movies he wanted instead of the ones Penny wanted. In all the episodes we've seen them together the only time we've seen him pick the movie on a real date was in 'Ornithophobia' when they weren't 'technically' dating. His methods then don't work in a relationship, so when a new way to get his way on something shows up of course he's going to use it, and being Leonard he keeps pushing until it breaks.
  2. If you want to ship a non-canon couple have fun and be like me, ship Raj/Lisatronic 3000!!!!
  3. My guess, Sheldon does something that nearly starts a nuclear war. (finally makes his preemptive strike against Burbank???)
  4. If we do see it fixed before the end of the show it will probably only work for one episode, just long enough for someone to get stuck in it. Now that I think about it that would be a great way to set up another weird pairing for an episode. Maybe have Sheldon and Bernadette stuck together in the elevator for an entire episode.
  5. The thing to remember about Beverly is that she is not a Psychologist, she is a Neuroscientist and Psychiatrist. Her training mostly treats the human brain like hardware, all thoughts and actions are the result of biochemical reactions in the brain, unless you have a chemical imbalance or a structural abnormality in your brain she really isn't qualified to understand what is going on in your head. You can see the difference in how she raised Leonard, Leonard's problems are mostly emotional, resulting from emotional neglect from his mother and an absentee father. A Psychologist would see his problems and realize that she needs to show approval and appreciation for his actions, even if they are relatively minor, but Beverly doesn't see the importance of emotions because emotions are difficult to really quantify on a biochemical level.
  6. Doesn't the first explanation automatically imply the second as well?
  7. I dunno, an episode about the guys trying to do a kitchen remodel could be really funny. Just look at what happened when they tried to put together an entertainment center in 1x02.
  8. To be fair I don't think Wyatt's dreams for Penny are limited to 'not living in a trailer', more that that is the minimum acceptable outcome. All of the guys Penny dated in Omaha were losers so Leonard is the greatest thing that could happen to Penny. He knows Penny wouldn't stay with Leonard if she wasn't happy so he doesn't need to go pointing out how happy he makes her. She was happy with the idiots and losers too, so he focused on what made Leonard better, the fact that he wasn't an idiot or a loser.
  9. I totally agree Tensor, however it could make for a great episode if they all decided to try doing something like a survival course to 'man up'. They would have to fail miserably of course, but that is what would make it great.
  10. There was one significant difference between Alice's advances and Alex's, Leonard had something that Alice wanted (the comic book). When Alice flirted with Leonard he assumed that she was trying to butter him up to get the comic and he then invited her over because she seemed like a nice, friendly girl who had similar interests. He didn't realize she was actually interested in him until she stuck her tongue down his throat. Leonard can't tell the difference between flirting and just being nice until all the subtlety goes away (he's kind of the opposite of pre-Bernie Howard).
  11. Just to play Devil's Advocate: Let us also not forget that Leonard also regularly, and rightly, refers to himself as a dumbass (especially in regards to relationships), and that he lost a game of chess to a first time player.
  12. I think the thing to remember when discussing Amy's development is that although she and Sheldon started in similar places on the show, they didn't necessarily get there the same way. Sheldon's quirks are clearly deeply rooted in what is most likely bio-chemical or neurological sources, whereas Amy's quirks probably developed as a defense mechanism against her social isolation. When they are given the opportunity to expand their social circles Sheldon responds by maintaining his position as much as possible (hence all his contractual agreements) in order to keep his core characteristics from being forced down, but Amy attempts to move past the behavioral quirks she has developed in order to integrate with others. That is why Amy and Sheldon both start from a complete disinterest in romantic involvement to where they are now. Sheldon is not interested because he literally cannot see the appeal of an intimate relationship, but Amy's disinterest is a defense mechanism against the disappointment of not having a romantic relationship (after all not having something only hurts if you actually want it). This also likely the cause of her frustrations with Sheldon and the pace of their relationship, she allowed herself to want a real relationship with him only to find herself still without that relationship.
  13. I've seen the unaired pilot and I don't think it's as bad as some people say. It would definitely have been a very different show if they had gone with that version and it probably wouldn't have been as successful but it could have lasted at least a few years. I really liked what was shown of Gilda, but I totally understand why she was removed from the second version of the show. With the clear setup in the final version of the pilot for a Leonard/Penny relationship the existence of another major female character interested in a romantic relationship with Leonard would have created unwanted tension within the core characters.
  14. An episode doesn't need to have long term impact to be important to the greater story, and most episodes won't, but the episodes without far reaching consequences are important, possibly even more important, since they make up the vast majority of the show. While Proton may not have a major impact on the overall story the fact that his character can be part of more than one episode is important since it doesn't require them to make another pointless character for a single episode.
  15. The problem with those characters is that the emotional connection is different with every character in the main cast. Penny is the only one who would have any background with her mother, Leonard might like his father more than he likes his mother but Sheldon might severely dislike him over what happened with Beverly, Sheldon loves his Meemaw but no one else really cares, Howard hates his father and negative emotional connections create totally different stories. Proton on the other hand represents the same thing to both Leonard and Sheldon, a respected individual who acted as inspiration to pursue their eventual career. Sheldon may feel it more strongly, but they both feel it and even Penny likes him so anything that happens to Proton would impact multiple characters directly rather than just one.
  16. It does apply to Penny though, Proton had minor success on TV but it cost him far more. Penny wants what Proton had; fame, success, and recognition, but Proton is the proof that it may not be worth getting.
  17. As stated by others I was referring to the character, not Bob Newheart. Newheart may not work as much as he used to but he is not washed up and I would never imply otherwise.
  18. he is a warning to Penny that chasing a career in entertainment won't necessarily lead to anything worth having.
  19. I thought it was a great episode, one of my top 5 for the entire series. It showed that the show can be funny without being hollow and it could be sincere without giving up what makes it so great. Plus Bernie guilt tripping Raj was hilarious.
  20. Episode is The Middle Earth Paradigm, Quote is from Leonard "My limbic system wants to take your pants off."
  21. We also get to see part of Penny's topless scene at the beginning.
  22. My guess; 7x15 Penny decides that she and Leonard need to take the next step in their relationship and move in together. She moves into Leonard's room and Sheldon makes some serious changes to the roommate agreement Leonard and Penny refuse a number of conditions and force Sheldon to back down or they will both move into 4B and allow Amy to take Leonard's room.
  23. No, no, no, no, no. Sheldon has said that Sheldon is a Homo Novus, so he will always think he is smarter than everyone. just because a character says something doesn't mean the writers think it, just that the writers think the character would think it. It is well established that Sheldon is arrogant and self-centered and will always believe that he is right and everyone else is wrong, that doesn't mean he is. It has also been established that Sheldon isn't always right, we've already had Leslie Winkle, Dennis Kim, Steven Hawking, and Barry Kripke prove him wrong on something. I really don't get all the Sheldon hate in this thread, I mean seriously "it's the 'Sheldon Show'"????? He is one of the three central characters, of course he gets screen time. His core character traits pretty much require that he insert himself into any situation he can as much as he can, and that is what makes the show work. Sheldon is a key part of the dynamic of the show, you can't remove him any more than you could remove Leonard or Penny. Hating Sheldon is hating the show, so cool your jets people. Sure Sheldon is not my favorite part of the show, but he is still crucial to how the show works.
  24. True, and if Penny had been paired with anyone other than Sheldon the win would have been even clearer since they wouldn't have wasted time finishing the puzzle.
  25. I really need to look into going to a taping next year.
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