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  1. Yes, sorry about posting on the wrong section. I realised moments after pressing the post button that the thread belonged in the other area. Me bad. Oops! Regarding her drinking I haven't seen any season 7 yet. It starts here in Aust on Monday. But in S.6 whenever she is not at work she seems to be drinking. Further, whereas Leonard may share a glass of wine with her she is often keen to over indulge. Being intoxicated seems a major source of enjoyment ("I should be in Vegas throwing up on a waiters shoes," I believe is one quote). This is not the case for any other character. To me it is disappointing that the writers have emphasised this aspect of her character more and more, at least through seasons 1 to 6.
  2. I love the show, I love Penny's character and I'm no wowser but I do find her increasing reliance on alcohol disappointing, unnecessary, a bad role model. It's a sad stereotype that the only non genius main character is an "alcoholic".
  3. What happened to the guys hand recognition maths formula app? And the "user" upstairs neibour?
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