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  1. More photos. The last seems a look of flirtation. But I know most people will say no, just best friends.
  2. Well, I followed about Johnny and Kaley relationship since 2009, in forums and what people said in the taping reports at the time. There was a Johnny and Kaley topic on the CBS website (which was later eliminated by the moderator, the entire forum no longer exists) in Fanforum, in Kaley's website forums. Believe me, there has been a lot of things from that time and many things have been said. But yes, few people were there at that time and also wrote things and some other confirmed because of what was heard from the audience. And like most people, I also wish there was something more between them again. But I also think that there are certain differences, maybe not negotiable. LOL
  3. In 2012, a friend told me that a long time ago he contacted with L. Prudom, she currently works in variety and she told him that although Johnny and Kaley broke up before the holidays (2009), It did not take long for Johnny to ask to Kaley to go back again and they were really super good, that's why once people commented on reports that they were very close and loving...like this: Also they were close in the PCA 2010. Some time later something happened and they had a fight, even you could see in some interview a little tension between them after that.
  4. I always thought that maybe if Johnny will not post so many photos with Kaley, the people would start to like Ariella (just like with Kelli), but so far that has not happened.
  5. Ariella appears in that photo, but something is missing in the mix.
  6. I've seen pictures of Kaley dancing, I hope there is a dancing pic with Johnny. Would It be too much ask? .P
  7. Kaley is very pretty, but she should wear loose hair instead of this hairstyle.
  8. At first he wrote: " Jam session. Photo cred: @annafriel Guitar courtesy of @normancook" Afterward he added: " Jam session. Photo cred: @annafriel My favorite guitar courtesy of @normancook" Kaley gave him the guitar and it's his favorite. If she gave him the guitar years ago, Johnny should really appreciate the gift and liked him so much that did not change the guitar strap.
  9. Briana gave a short interview about Kaley: http://www.etonline.com/media/video/exclusive_kaley_cuoco_sister_briana_says_kaley_is_so_happy_since_splitting_from_ryan_sweeting-180618/
  10. It's what I thought too, besides that if she wants a divorce as soon as possible she will try to handle things with Ryan... It's just smart.
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