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  1. Just been thinking of Bill Prady old tweet "if you have never experienced loneliness, you will never be able to experience intimacy" (something like that) Maybe he was refering to this end of the season ?
  2. Or maybe he simply went back to Texas to be pampered by his mother
  3. I hope that during the summer break, Sheldon will somehow realize that he has been an ass to Amy, and that he needs to badly apologize and make up for his attitude. And that at the beginning of season 8, when he'll come back, he'll try to apologize but Amy won't listen to his shit anymore. And the table will have turned and this time, it will be Sheldon who will have to "run after" (in lack for better expression) Amy while she's mad at him. (on a side note, Stuart with Mrs Wolowitz cracks me up)
  4. *wakes up* *rushes to the forum in hope of a great shamy end of the season* wtf ? *goes back to sleep*
  5. Not a good idea to associate Game of Thrones with weddings xDD
  6. According to Maddie, it's Leonard who proposed, not Penny
  7. and in season 10, a 15min long love making ?
  8. I really liked Emily in this episode. Pretty, seems intelligent and ready to forgive his little "weirdness". And Raj was cute too when they met, not creepy, that's a good change. I'd like him to found someone, he's a sweet guy, it's sad to see hil alone.
  9. So Amy undressed him before putting him to bed... interresting. :D Unless he wanted to feel comfortable to go dirty with geology
  10. It isn't necessary that something happened between them for him to apologize in the morning. Apparently, Amy was pissed when putting him in his bed, and it's never nice to take care of someone drunk, so he may apologize just for that (which is already a big deal for him !). I always apologized to my friends who had to take care of me while shitdrunk.
  11. Sorry for your loss Dena. You don't need to apologize to us, it's only normal that you want to stay with your family.
  12. I'm crossing my fingers so hard that Indecision will really air on the 3rd, because on the 10th, I'll be in China, and won't be able to watch it for a few days, and I really don't want to wait even more for the second SIK ;_;
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