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  1. I think there should be an episode where Penny talks to Bernadette and Amy about the uncool things the guys do, such as comic books, pretending to be super heroes and such. Bernadette and Amy explain that it is because penny is cute and never went through the things that any of them had to go through in school like being made fun of or picked on. Seeing that Penny still doesn't really understand but wants to. Bernadette and Amy talk Penny into dressing up like a nerd and going out with them to bars to see what happens. The girls end up running into a couple of Penny's old boy friends and they do not recognize her and just blow her off big time. Penny finally understands some of why the guys are the way they are. Back home again, Penny sees Leonard and tells him that she would like to go to the next comicon with him and ends up having a blast with the exception of course of Sheldon and his usual self serving attitude.
  2. I think it would cool if the guys (Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj) got a little revenge on Kurt (Penny's ex). Kurt shows up trying to get Penny back and Leonard wants to confront him even though he is bigger and a bully. Leonard and the guys show up at Kurt's apartment and tell him to stay away from Penny and asks them what they think that they are going to do about it as he picks up Leonard and Howard speaks up and warns Kurt, I wouldn't do that if I were you. You may be big and strong but Leonard is a genius and he also works with powerful lasers. Kurt not being real smart acts confused and Howard spins a little lie to scare Kurt into believing that Leonard has control of a NASA satellite that could track Kurt anywhere and it could get ugly for him. The episode ends up with Kurt showing up at Penny's to bring back some of her belongings and the money he owes her and he tells her to tell her boyfriend that he brought the stuff back so Leonard will leave him alone. Penny is completely floored and walks over to ask Leonard what was going on and Leonard just tells her they explained things to Kurt and he saw things there way. Penny asks why Kurt looked scared to death. Leonard just says, it is good to be a genius sometimes.
  3. I think they should do an episode where Penny seriously begins thinking of asking Leonard to get married and gets the girls (Bernadette and Amy) to go with her and pick out rings, but in doing so she also puts herself into a panic after a few days of thinking about what she has done and gets overwhelmed to the point that she ends up breaking up with Leonard. Leonard is devastated this time to the point that he immediately quits his job and finds a letter that he had received not long ago asking him to come to London, England to work. Leonard accepts the offer and books a flight. He tells the guys that he is leaving and the whole gang with the exception of Penny because Leonard has not told her, shows up the morning that he is to fly out to talk him out of it but he has made up his mind. He writes a quick letter to Penny telling what he is doing and wishes her the best and for her to find what it is she really wants and tells her he loves her. He slides the letter under her door and leaves asking the rest of the gang to stay behind because he wants to just go on his own. Penny wakes a short time after to find the letter and goes running over to see Leonard at his apartment only to find he has already gone. She is now devastated at what she has caused and wishes she had another chance. She admits that she would even get married the instant she could this time. Howard jumps in saying that Leonard's plane dose not leave for another hour and a half and they quickly devise a plan to get Penny the airport, find a pastor and organize a wedding at the airport with the hopes that Leonard forgives Penny and says yes. They make it to the airport in time and Penny begs Leonard to forgive her and she gets down on one knee and proposes with half the airport watching. Leonard being Leonard says yes and they have there ceremony right there and then.
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