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  1. Rickie


    Your only truth is from a book, and apparently it's truth because it's words from the Holy Spirit. So don't go criticising what we believe as facts, because Science is much more than that. If we can't figure something out, we call it a theory, and most Science discoveries have hundreds of theories if they can't get proof/facts. - And for me, that's the best thing about Science. Your entire point and remarks is all the same, Because God says so? You turned this into a argument by disagreeing with everything I've tried to say into 'oh but God' and sarcastic remarks, instead of actually coming up with a proper debate on the marks pointed out. That's why I decided to stop it, because we'll just go around. Being ignorant isn't what your God would like, but I guess you can just go and (s)pray that off.
  2. Rickie


    None of your points, mean nothing, just silly little argument remarks. I can't believe humans can be this dumb to think there isn't life on other planets... It really makes me think why people like you think this and think there's a God lol strange. But I shall not respond, as it's the same from all God lovers... Argument remarks that mean nothing, just separating the salt from the water, bye
  3. Rickie


    We do not have proof that there is life out in the Universe, but we also don't have proof that there isn't life. I think we are clever enough to know in our minds that there is most likely life in the Universe, to me it's not fact, it's common sense. It's the same argument I have in religious debates. I can't see why you would say there isn't life out there simply because of no proof... That doesn't make sense. It's like you think us humans are superior and the center of the whole Universe... I honestly believe that there's billions of other life forms in the Universe, probably smarter than us as well. My facts are facts, astronomy isn't theory and they have plenty of facts, not about life, but about other planets. That alone brings common sense without proof/evidence. The problem we have is that everything is too far away, and we can't get onto other planets to see if they contain life. We haven't even reached most of our own planets in oru own Galexy, and to know that there's billions of galexys out there, and our next door neighbour galexy is MUCH bigger than ours... How can you even think we're the only planet in this amongus Universe that contains life? Don't worry, I'm taking this as a debate, not a argument. We all have our own opinions, the same way where some folks think there's a God (giggle). I'm assuming you're religious, so I'll give up on the debate with you simply because you'll go on about facts, proof, theories, within Science and then go ahead and say the facts you have are in a book and that God is your saviour and you're going to a pretty place called Heaven.
  4. Rickie

    This or That?

    Future Fix your future or fix your past?
  5. Rickie


    Why are you sure? There is no evidence that Earth is the only planet in the whole Universe that contains a life form. Facts: There are suns bigger than ours We are just a small tiny piece of nothing compared to our own Sun There are Galaxies bigger and smaller than ours My conclusion leads to logic, and it's the same answer I have in religious debates. It is stupid and illogical of us to even think that we're the most important in the whole Universe, We are not the centre, not even close. Because of our understanding of physics tells us that we haven't came across a way of travelling faster than the speed of light, and at the speed of light it'll take 25,000 years to get to our nearest Galaxy. So my conclusion is that if a life form could achieve this, then they are much smarter than we are, so in a figure of speech, we are just a ant to them. With what I also told you about with how many Galaxies are out there, much bigger than our very own, then I'm sure these other intelligent life forms will have more important things to do than come to Earth, considering there are also many bigger planets than our own too. There's evidence of a Universe, there's evidence of thousands of Galaxies, much bigger than our own. That's all the evidence I need, because it'll be foolish to think we're the center piece just because we haven't got 100% facts and proof. Try and think outside of the box. That was exactly my point.
  6. Rickie

    This or That?

    Ying Doctor Who or Star Wars?
  7. yum. ben & jerries caramel chew chew
  8. Rickie


    Thanks for welcoming!
  9. Rickie


    We're acknowledged enough to know there's billions of life forms in the Universe. But for aliens coming to earth is 100% stupidity. The way I see it is that if another life form could reach earth to explore, then we'd practically be a ant to them and I'm sure there's loads of more intelligent planets out there that are also bigger, meaning more resources. Just think how clever they are if they come to earth and observe to the extent that our technology can't even detect them?
  10. Exited for the show, I can't wait to see what happens with Raj!
  11. Rickie


    Hello My name's Rickie and I live in England, I'm 20 and a huge Big Bang Theory fan. I'm surprisingly a huge Comic Book fan and a World of Warcraft fan, and just having so much in common with nearly all of the characters, made me love it like I do. Hopefully this place is active, it'll be cool to be in a online community to do with the show, so much to talk about definitely with Season 7 just around the corner! :D
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