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  1. I loved him, although not my favorite character, my issue is with his relationship with Amy. He is still a man, a man is getting older, and has been lonely most his life. Amy is a delightful and even though they try to hide it, an attractive woman who accepts him for who he is, something Sheldon has always wished. After 4 years they have not even moved to any type of physical relationship? Please this is something that is beyond human understanding, I am not talking going "all the way", but there must be some level of passion or else it would never have lasted as long as it has, we may be smart animals, we still feel urges.
  2. Natural beauty, of course that questions what are you looking for in "natural beauty" in a 28 year old woman? There are going to be some lines, there are going to be signs that this is someone leaving girlhood and becoming a woman, no matter who in question. I find her to be a very lovely woman, she is who as a man I would find myself happy to come home to, and proud and shocked to find on my arm. As a person, well most actresses/actors have some issues, mostly a need to feel loved, but let's face it given the spotlight she has in the sharks have not found much to scream about other than she may "fall in love" quick. Which by the way a lot of young people, male and female have been known to do!
  3. I think this was just the writers fleshing out his character for the recurring role he has become. As the guys gained more confidence they made his character more "sad sack" for comedy, after all that is what the show is, a comedy.
  4. Just as long as they don't go the way of "Scrubs", which ended well after 8 seasons, but should never have produced season 9! Now there are a whole bunch of things that they could examine for an 8th or even finish a 9th season, that would be over 70 more shows, after 9, in my opinion it will be mostly done. Personal life changes for the actors may become a factor, let's assume this time Kaley does get married, a child could be coming in the next year or so, just for an example.
  5. Loved this one, and have to agree with 3ku11, Kaley is drop dead gorgeous!!! You can see the obvious changes to her muscle tone in the past 2 years, she has done a lot of work and it shows.
  6. One of my brother's inlaws is a lot like Sheldon, not as far, but socially closer to Sheldon than Leonard, he also has a few OCD traits. Nice guy, and yes he does speak Klingon!
  7. Leonard loves Penny end of story, this was established by writers in pilot, Penny loves Leonard this was established as early as season !, in Middle Earth, although Leonard rebuffed Penny's kisses due to his fear and assumption of her only reason was being drunk. Neither is ready to really accept the level of love they feel for each other, even in season 3. Yes in this season we hoped for the best and felt truly saddened when the writer's broke them up, it did make sense, neither was sure of why they were together. Now in season 7 it makes no sense to break them up, Penny and Leonard have been away from each other for months, without either drifting (Penny said all she did was stay at home and miss him, Leonard made sure everyone on boat knew he loved Penny), now they will work on real things, the things that lead to marriage.
  8. Gonna through this out there, just because, doesn't his current love sort of resemble ....I don't know perhaps Kaley?
  9. Hate to go there but the prop dept artmet most likely gets a heads up from writers as to what is important, I think they have not decided what they want to go with for the couple, lets face it they have Leonard acting on an impulse (or problem form season 2), is Penny a viable mate considering she is not as smart as Leonard? When is Leonard going vocalize that his desires for Penny go beyond her physical beauty, we saw a bit of this talking to Raj, after they broke up, but when is he going to look at Penny and say "you and only you would have cared about what happened with Sheldon's WOW stuff, only you would have been there and that is why I love you"
  10. true......but to the horror of anyone who has to actually see me dance! TNP drinks Micro-brew Beer!
  11. I like that it showed Penny figured out at least three of the puzzles (comic book store, Rolling Stones, and Sheldon's spot), and Leonard actually was a huge step behind Sheldon. I understand why Leonard felt bad for what he said to Penny, it was wrong, but I hope they are not making him the milk-toast he has been in the past.
  12. I remember sitting in my kitchen, playing a game of "Magic" with a bunch of friends, Jodie (yes there are cute nerd girls" and her boyfriend Hank were there playing. Hank and Jodie had been fighting, so Hank decided to up the stakes with this famous line, he looked at us all and said "Do you know what is wrong with the new show Star Trek Voyager?" We all said that we did not know, at that point he looked at Jodie and said "The Captain is a woman!".....yea you can guess what followed!
  13. The characters are brought to life by the actors and the writers, across the board you find yourself caring about them. You find yourself rooting for them, cheering when something goes well in the storyline, and moved when things do not end up so well. This is rare in any show, but in a sit-com, almost never heard of, with a few exceptions. Once in a decade a show like this comes along, people grow up with the show, and it becomes more than a show it becomes pop culture. Years from now there will still be a fandom for this show.
  14. First time we see that although he may be head over heels for Penny, the fact is Leonard had no problem making Sheldon her problem, and first time Penny realizes this "You Rat Bastard!" Classic that comes back!
  15. I am thinking it was a downplay by actors but you are right, it did not come across as two people in love that have missed each other for 4 months. Then again the show established that Penny was not happy with how Leonard was acting away after the phone call in the first show, of course we do not know the time between the phone call and him getting home. I also did not like the snide remark to Amy " It was ok" because it brought us back to season 3, I thought the show had already established that they have great chemistry in bed after the initial time way back when. Seems sometimes the writers go for the joke and dismantle the established concept of the characters.
  16. This is not a Sci-Fi show, it is a show about opposites that come to understand and love each other although they are much different. It is about how two different groups in society can teach each other, and how people can grow from this interaction. Think of Leonard in season 1, 2 , and 3, a sweet guy but with not enough confidence to realize that he has a right to say "no",. Think of Penny in season 1, 2, and 3, forward, she is learning what true affection is all about, and more importantly because of her, the guys have made great strides in their social interaction, do you really think Penny had nothing to do with Raj overcoming his fears? You can[t go back to how it was before, hell most of the fans don't want it that way, I would not watch the show after 7 seasons if Leonard was still mooning over Penny like a teenage boy, and they all still just sat around and joked about meeting woman. I am excited that we may be past the "maybe they get together phase" and now move on to the "OK now lets look at these people and couples under a more extensive and humorous light!
  17. Just saw one of my favorite scenes from Season 4....Penny "Oh my God you are about to gibber jabber about giber jabber"
  18. "I have a lab of cocaine addicted monkeys, one of them could end up in her car, or her shower"
  19. PaleLeper


    So your at the gym, work, or just hanging at home, and a great song plays on the radio one you remember from years ago, and then they announce it is the Classic Radio Station......When the heck did you get old LOL!!!
  20. Well I like your thinking Tensor, but that was way back when, perhaps if you really looked at the "Flash Mob Vid" you might catch a glimpse of those legs!!
  21. Simon took the show on last nights 2nd episode for Season 7!!
  22. This was a fun little read, I am looking forward to reading some of your longer works, I envy your talent!
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