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    OK I’m a nerd, Is it just me or do you other D&D players get a little irritated that they play D&D like its 2nd ed or older and are using 4th ed books, whoever rights these scenes have either never played or hasn’t played in a long time any D&D. This show has kept up with the rest of the nerd community, but RPGs is something they just don’t and don’t want to understand.
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    I don’t know if it’s just me or are all of the character drinking more in this season? Each time we see the character eating they are drinking wine or beers or champagne, this is a change from soda and water in the earlier season where they only drank alcohol on special occasions and it was funny to have Raj not talk. We are also seeing them drink on game nights when it’s just them, something that I fill takes away from who the character where. I don’t think there is a single episode where Penny is not drinking, and this started last season. To some this might be silly that I’m bringing this up but I’m a Gamer, I love comics, I have friends who are just like these people some are married some are not I have a girlfriend and when we are together as a group we don’t drink. When me or my friends go out with our wives or girlfriends we may drink but only moderately. Most nerds I know don’t drink at all. This season had some of the best episodes of the whole series but I fill that it was the worst season because they have changed the show to Friends.
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