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    So, I am a college student who is currently embarking on anthropological undergraduate research about TV enthusiasts. I decided to focus on the people who love The Big Bang Theory because I love the show too! I own all the seasons, have that t-shirt with soft kitty on it, I get the love. Feel free to ask me questions, tell me concerns, or if you don't want anything to do with me that's cool too. Anyways I'm excited to talk all about one the best shows on TV. See you on the forums!
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    Johnny Galecki
    Kunal Nayyar
    Melissa Rauch
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    Season 3
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    The Maternal Congruence

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  1. I know what I like about Sheldon Cooper, and also what I don't like about him. I'm wondering, for all of you Sheldon fans out there, what do you like about him so much? Why do you BBT lovers feel like he is such a popular character? And if you're not a Sheldon Cooper fan feel free to explain why you don't like him; what makes him unappealing to you?
  2. If anyone is interested in taking this survey for my ethnographic research project on The Big Bang Theory I would really appreciate it. It's 100% anonymous; I wont even know who has taken the survey, I just get numbered results. Anybody who wants to do this can. Just follow the link or copy and paste it if you can't click on it. Thanks! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MICx3Zj2-ESubo8C8FekOgrNYAM5uHgdoroViU8u_78/viewform
  3. Excellent episode! Bob Newhart is awesome as Professor Proton. Does anyone else think that Raj and Howard are by far the best couple? I absolutley love them!
  4. Hello to anybody that reads this, As I wrote in my profile paragraph, I am an undergraduate anthropology student currently embarking on ethnographic research. Ethnography is basically the study of human culture. Part of my responsibility as an ethnographer is participant observation, which means while I observe culture I also take part in what is happening. I choose to look at this forum because I have a genuine love for TBBT, and I wanted to know why other people loved it as well. One of the forms of participant observation I am required to use is an interview. So if anybody would be willing to chat with me about TBBT I would be extremely grateful. It would only take 10 to 15 minutes, and it can all be done over some sort of chat mechanism; I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. All the questions will be why you love TBBT, who your favorite character is, etc., and if you don’t like a question you don’t have to answer it. These interviews will help me to better understand what makes TBBT so popular, and will ultimately add to my final paper. Everything will be confidential, and all names will be changed within my final paper; not because the questions are super personal, just to make sure everyone can keep their autonomy. If you are interested, or even just willing, I would appreciate it greatly. I looked forward, hopefully, to hearing from some of you. Cheers!
  5. Lovely episode, Horwad and Raj are by far my favorite couple! However, I too was a little bit put off by Sheldon's behavior. I know that it's just Sheldon being Sheldon, but sometimes I feel like he actually doesn't treat Amy very well, and that bothers me. I do feel like at this point in their relationship he sould be a little more aware of Amy and her feelings. Sometimes I feel like he's too much, and Amy wouldn't put up with his antics like she does. That being said, I defintiely enjoyed this episode, and I still love Sheldon; it's just one of those nights I guess.
  6. Everybody loves Sheldon Cooper, myself included, so I am wondering how many of you would watch an entire series dedicated to Sheldon Cooper and all his antics? Any thoughts on this or is it just a preposterous idea?
  7. Both episodes were sooo awesome. I really liked the first one, but defintiley the second episode was highlarious! I did feel like the Sheldon/Leonard storyline was a little lacking, but Howard and Raj were perfect. When they felt up each others man boobs I nearly died laughing and Bernadette's reaction was priceless!
  8. I definitley love Sheldon, he's really funny and sometimes the best thing in the show when an episode is lacking, but it's interesting we all love him so much. In reality most people would probably avoid somebody like Sheldon. He's rude, arrogant, insensitive, conceited, but yet we all love him. Does anybody have thoughts on this paradox?
  9. I don't think they're asking too much, as Hollywood is ridiculous anyways with what it pays for stuff, so they fit right in. However, I do wonder if the three of them getingt such a pay increase, and the other actors are making signifcantly less, will it start to cause animosty between the actors? Actors and actresses have definitley left shows because of not being paied as much as their co-stars.
  10. Whatever happens I just want Raj to find something. His character has defintiley been jerked around a bit, and I think he deserves happiness too. I don't know if it's with Lucy though... I don't really know how to feel about her character
  11. Bernadette all the way! She's adorable, smart, and sassy everything I want to be. Though I'm not sure how I would feel about being married to Howard. Lol!
  12. My first post, how very exciting! I 100% consider myself a nerd. I love everything Joss Whedon, love readin science fiction/fantasy, find biology so awesome it's kind of sad, and I am also a huge anthropology nerd! Leonard's middle name is Leakey, as in Louis Leakey, I love that so much!
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