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  1. RT @billprady: A little pre-upfronts stroll. Man, I love New York. http://t.co/HXMAXxRqfo

  2. RT @jennidue: Just started watching #nikita again from the begin, oh the memories

  3. RT @FriendsReactss: RT if you still laugh at this scene! http://t.co/hdEYen4vyU

  4. First off thanks to all of you who provided the TR, yesterday and all season long!! you have no idea how much we appreciate it!! Secondly what the hell are people thinking going and ratting out to the creators!! Do they no realize that these are spoilers!! Is it necessary to get to mad at something that is not in their control and rant about it!!!! This is just going to create problem for all those wonderful people who are gracious enough to take time off to do the reports for us!!!
  5. RT @HillaryClinton: I'm running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. –H https://t.co/w8Hoe1pb…

  6. RT @billprady: Daylight Saving Time is just plain stupid. It serves no purpose and causes harm. http://t.co/gKjWhF8V9I

  7. RT @kunalnayyar: Indiaaaaaaaaa India!

  8. Happy birthday to @missmayim and me.. Born the same day and year :)

  9. And I like how Jim shows Sheldon's face being so scared, as to "if I so much as move, she will kill me"
  10. First of all..thank you to all of you who gave us this wonderful taping report .. it is indeed Christmas in shamyland And the above is the walking proof that Sheldon is not as oblivious to things around him as people think he is!!! I hope this is not the writers ploy to take us up high on the probability curve and suddenly drop us down .. too much goodness is happening!!!
  11. I loved loved loved the line "I want to be like a camera in their eye as they see the person they first fall in love with. " so true!!!
  12. Don't bash me.. but I think Mayim should have gone a bit easy with the skirt! I love love loved the color.. it was the best color so far and the best among everyone else there. Her upper half also looked a bit bigger than her usual self! I also think she should have let her hair down. She looked pretty (she always does ), but older than what she is and looks. Still no excuse for her to not win though :/
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