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  1. Im just gonna stick my beak in again... Im a lurker in these parts, I just read and rarely comment. But the part where he tells her shes pretty... I can just imagine the scenario before that, of him scrambling off his bed in panic when shes saying she leaving. The door flying open. He cant have her leave. He cant see her leave. All because he needs her. And he needs to tell her what he thinks. Just urgh... So many feels. Its beautiful really.
  2. Now there are one or two scenarios I can possible see and deal with that may come at the beginning of season 8... My favourite scenario: Amy is in her apartment writing up her latest science project getting on with things as normal when all of sudden she hears three familiar knocks at the door. *knock knock knock* "Amy..." *knock knock knock* "Amy..." *knock knock knock* "Amy..." She looks surprised, walks over to the door and opens it. Sheldon is stood there looking sheepish, he's looking down at this shoes and he has his bags with him, he's clearly come straight from the train station. Sheldon: Im so sorry Amy, I shouldn't of left its just everything became too much and so much was beginning to change and I just needed time to think... We get one of Sheldon's typical monologues except for this particular one he isn't condescending but he's telling Amy how he feels. Amy doesn't interrupt but stands and listens to everything he says. Sheldon finally stops to breathe and at the same time his eyes finally meets her. A full minute goes by and Amy still hasn't said anything. Sheldon: Amy please say something... Amy opens and closes her mouth a few times before she finally finds her voice. Amy: Ok I understand all that... But Sheldon... You were only gone one day. Sheldon suddenly looks embarrassed and his eyes go back to his shoes again. Sheldon: Ahem... Well like I said... I um... Shouldn't of left. OH LOOK AT THAT... I WROTE A MINI FANFIC!
  3. Get Bert in there and make Sheldon feel jealous and upset that he left her! IM CLUTCHING AT STAWS HERE GUYS! lol! I STILL don't understand the significance on Bert... Seriously, why bring him in in the first place to never pick it up again? I see an excellent opportunity... One the writers probably wont pick up on lol! I just bust out laughing at that MEME. Love a good HP reference.
  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! That is TOTALLY how I could see it going now.
  5. Woah! I miss the girl from beginning of season 7 even! The one who called Sheldon a jerk for telling her to lay off the donuts! The one who stood up for herself when he said she couldn't work at his university! THAT Amy I love because she won't take any bullshit and especially not from Sheldon. I don't know guys, push a girl so far and she's going to snap. I wouldn't lose hope yet, something tells me Amy is not gonna let it be that easy for him when he returns.
  6. Oh dear... The only positive thought I keep having is that maybe it will open up to more dramatic changes? I mean it's not the way we wanted it to go down but maybe now he's away from her he can finally realise her worth. Honestly guys, I knows it sucky! But I'm gonna step back and look at the bigger picture. Im trying my upmost to stay positive about it! Even if Sheldon Cooper is a douchebag!
  7. I CANT CONTAIN MYSELF... I'm in England and I'm telling you all right now! I ain't sleeping tonight!
  8. I've officially done a 180... I'm staying positive guys!!!
  9. Agreed! I don't think there will be ILY now, but him maybe realising how much he truly cares for her? Who knows!
  10. I was exactly the same! lol! I swear no other fictional pairing has ever had the capability to make me see red like the shamy does! haha I guess we are all just very passionate about it! I take a few hours and then I'm able to see the rational side and the positives again
  11. I really do think that Sheldon is FINALLY going to realise how much he needs Amy. How and why though I don't know. Maybe he will have an epiphany of sorts? Maybe he begins to realise the repercussions of the Lenny engagement? Goes into a total sense of denial of any Change that will occur and it will be Amy's job to pull him out of it? Therefore realising that maybe its not so bad? He has Amy and Amy is enough, as long as she's there he can get through anything. In other words he finally gives into her and the relationship, he lets himself feel by putting the logic aside for once. I don't know... This is only a theory. I honestly want Sheldon to do something for Amy though, to show how much he cares for her instead of the other way round. I guess its kind of exciting guys! Because it really is an open playing field? Any thoughts?
  12. Im gonna stick my beak in again here... Although difficult, Im just going to ignore Sheldon. THATS RIGHT. Ignore him. He's been an arsehole, no doubt about that. He's actually really thick to think he has Amy on a leash. Nuh huhhhhh. Stupid stupid stupid. So Im ignoring him. The only way Ill pay attention to this Sheldon controlling crap again is if Amy puts him in his place. Once and for all. LORD that boy needs bringing down a peg or two when it comes to his relationship with Amy. But at the risk of adding a minuscule attempt at trying to add some positivity here, I've learnt that Sheldon's words and actions are two completely different things. He's surprised himself on numerous occasions. Thats why I think he's being incredibly thick! DENIAL IS MORE THEN A RIVER IN EGYPT YOU KNOW SHELDON!
  13. I liked it too, dont worry! I thought it was really funny and I think Jim Parsons had a broad range of comedic and emotional skills going on in that episode, brilliant. As for Sheldon and Penny? I saw no issue with that episode to be honest. Although, Im in a good mood and my emotions concerning the Shenny tend to YoYo lol But at the moment, for me its all good. Penny asking why Sheldon was up so early? Her getting up before Leonard? Really? Urggghhhhh... That really irked me for some reason! lol! Cue Jim Parsons GIF...
  14. I see Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde when it comes to the Shamy relationship interviews and I say that in the nicest way possible
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