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  1. I know others have mentioned this, but here is the trick that has always worked for me: I preload my info on the computer so that it will auto-load your info when you have to quickly fill out the information for the tickets. If you are trying to get 2 tickets, I have a helper (my daughter) next to me with a second computer (her iPhone) doing the same thing for that second ticket. I always use my iPad and it does seem faster than my old MAC computer. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
  2. So excited to see your post!! We have really missed your Shamy essays!!!! So happy you got to go to the taping. Even without the coitus you struck gold 😍
  3. Yes, when I’ve been at tapings, i’ve noticed the VIPs get to keep their phones!
  4. You are going to have so much fun. Enjoy!!!!!!
  5. Congrats on the tickets, Rob! With a guaranteed ticket, you don’t need to get in line quite that early (8:30 am)! But you will have a lot of fun talking to all the fans in line. For all the tapings I’ve attended, I tried to be there 12-2 pm (and always had guaranteed tickets) and always got great seats. Have a great time!
  6. I thought Shamy were adorable in the episode last night! So cute and sweet in the coffee shop. I loved hearing Sheldon tell the couple at the table “my wife.” It almost felt like a fan fic. They are still in the honeymoon phase, I guess writers getting us ready for their first big fight as a married couple. But I loved the episode.
  7. Yes, let them sleep in!!! Those tapings are fun but definitely a long day. Thank you for any tidbits you and your sister choose to share with us.
  8. Congratulations on your tickets @genecollie !!! I have been to 6 tapings, always with guaranteed tickets. I usually arrive around 3 pm to get a good seat. But I always feel that we arrived too early. There is always the fear that there will be a lot of VIPs, and then even guaranteed ticket holders can get bumped. But that has never happened when we’ve gone to a taping. Yes, the staff is usually very nice and accommodating. Since you are in a wheelchair, I would think they will very much make sure you have a good spot for the show. Actually the audience viewing area is pretty small for the taping. So all seats seem like pretty good seats. You check in with Audiences Unlimited when you arrive and they will give you a number. They have always been very helpful when we have gone. It can be quite warm in the waiting area. Bring lots of water, or plan to buy from the vending machines there. Have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!
  9. Wonderful for you - 2 episodes in a row of the last season! And it sounds like another good Shamy episode ♥️
  10. I had guaranteed tickets to the taping tonight and got tied up at work, so couldn’t make it. I was so disappointed until I saw your post. You made my day! So glad you were there and enjoyed the show!!!
  11. Happy news! Only 2 more days til the first table read of Season 12!!!!!! Maybe the cast will share some photos!
  12. That little line at the end of YS made me tear up. Besides the “children” comment, it was the very first time we’ve heard Sheldon say “my wife.”
  13. That is a perfect view of the tiara. Thanks so much Babar. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the finale after you’ve watched it 😊
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