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  1. Would anyone be able to help me get a ticket tomorrow morning? I can do one, but it would be really helpful to get the second one for my daughter. We're hoping for guaranteed tickets! THANKS!!!!!
  2. April, I'm loving your season reviews!!!!!!!! Season 6 is when I really got into TBBT and Shamy. Did it feel like they were moving our couple forward pretty rapidly in S6? Cause a lot of the episodes seemed to have pretty major Shamy stories. Then it seemed as though they really slowed down the relationship after S6. I'm now afraid that TPTB are putting the brakes on Shamy after all the big events of S9. They certainly did that in the second half of last season. Everyone is feeling like we may go past S 10. But with the bust at the Emmys, perhaps the actors, directors, producers, etc. will be wanting to move on.
  3. Not sure if this was posted from Hollywood Reporter. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/game-thrones-walking-dead-directors-902422/item/steve-levitan-emmy-director-picks-902451 Mark Cendrowski The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Ep. 11, "The Opening Night Excitation" Courtesy of CBS "The episode where Sheldon [Jim Parsons] and [Mayim Bialik] finally sleep together was great. It answered the will-they-or-won't-they question that fans have asked for a long time, but it also encapsulated what we want this show to be — funny but also sweet. And the way it came about was totally organic. Nothing about it was ever forced. We just go along with our stories, and sometimes you see a chemistry that works. So we never project too far ahead. For that episode, we all knew what was going to happen, but I wanted to do a big reveal for the audience. I'd show Sheldon in a single shot, saying, 'I enjoyed that more than I thought I would!' And then we'd see Amy there with her hair messed up and breathing heavily, saying, 'Yeah, me too!' To sell this idea to our producers, I actually had a prop guy stand in front of Mayim at the run-through to keep her completely covered until the big moment. So she was revealed to everyone on set the same way the camera would reveal it to the audience. The producers loved that, saying, 'That's just the way we pictured it.' I tried not to make too much of the scene, though. We just did one rehearsal and the run-through where we messed her hair up, but other than that, we saved it for the audience. I realized that you didn't have to pound the scene into people's heads. It's more effective to keep it simple and not make too much out of it. And it was our highest-rated episode of the season, so we all went, 'Yeah, that's what people wanted to see.' " Cendrowski also has directed episodes of CBS' The Odd Couple this season. Steve Levitan Modern Family (ABC), Ep. 19, "The Party"
  4. Here we go Season 10! Looking forward to all kinds of Shamy goodness! I marathon-watched all Season 6 thru the season 9 finale the other day when no one was home (my little secret). It's amazing to see the progression in their relationship. I think it was more obvious since I watched it all in a short amount of time (fast forwarding thru a lot of BLAH scenes). Shamy is in a good place right now, like Molaro said. Okay, so their relationship isn't perfect, but whose is??? All relationships are 2 steps forward, one step back. Sheldon and Amy have moved ahead light-years in the last season.
  5. I agree! Opening Night was sweet, tender, loving and a wonderful coming together of Sheldon and Amy. But Earworm is the first (and only) time we've seen a passionate Sheldon. Yes, his mind went out the window, and he was raw emotion and passion for Amy. I loved it! I want to see that Sheldon again writers !
  6. I'm keeping expectations very low for anything major with Shamy. I would love a kiss (at least!). But not expecting much.
  7. I had the same thoughts exactly but was too afraid to say it! The writers want twists and turns to keep the audience tuning in.
  8. Why that cart by the door? It can be used for moving stuff. Help! I don't wanna get my hopes up. Keep expectations low, low, low
  9. Well, I plan for every episode to be a major Shenny plot. And if it's not, then YAY!!!!! That way I keep my expectations low. I remember how disappointed we all were with "Intimacy Acceleration" when no one expected a Sheldon and Penny plot. So I have learned my lesson to not get my hopes up too high with any taping!
  10. Speaking of proposal........How do you guys think it will happen? He always needs a little push to move forward. I personally don't think he will suddenly get on his knee and propose. I think there will be something that happens that will make him decide to do it. But in my mind, I can't come up with any scenario that leads to the big proposal, esp by the season's end . Any specific ideas or scenarios?
  11. Isn't the taping an hour earlier tonight?
  12. ha ha. Guys we have a cabin on the lake in Big Bear! I would have been happy to let Shamy and Lenny use it for a getaway!
  13. YES to all of this, and especially what you said about "sublimation!" I had the same thoughts. The writers did the whole "sublimation" idea with Sheldon perfectly. I was surprised that none of the critics who reviewed the show mentioned this (at least the ones I read). It seems that TPTB over at Big Bang are getting better and better at adding layers to the meanings behind their more obvious titles. They really are so clever. And I continue to Hate this damn quote function.......!
  14. Our babies are sexy and swoon-worthy (but we already knew that!). Happy 2016! http://www.etonline.com/tv/178508_best_of_2015_ranking_the_16_sexiest_tv_couples/
  15. Jim is HILARIOUS! "in the back of a car" ?? He is so entertaining! http://www.cbsnews.com/news/big-bang-theory-sheldon-and-amy-consummate-their-relationship/
  16. Yes it's like no one can believe they will really go thru with it!
  17. Well I just saw the official preview for Opening Night Excitation on YouTube (CBS official Big Bang Channel). CBS has officially laid to rest the whole "is Sheldon asexual?" Discussion!!!!
  18. Just think, the cast and crew are at work today. Hopefully basking in the afterglow of that great episode last night and all the great reviews
  19. Before this episode, I was a little worried that the writers might be "forcing" (HA!) coitus a little too "prematurely" because of the Star Wars title and premier. I just couldn't picture Sheldon going there while staying in character. But the writers did a great job with the episode last night. WOW just WOW ( in the words of our new favorite guy). All of you were right - Sheldon had sex with Amy in his mind for a while. This transformation doesn't happen in an instant. I think we can all agree that after last night, Sheldon is DAMN ready to make love with Amy! I just really want to know what happened after Dave left ..............?
  20. In the promo for next week, in bed they look so nervous and so VIRGINAL. How in the heck do they actually "do it?"???????????????????????!!!! dirty mind!!!!!!!!
  21. I had the same thought!! If this is the biggest event tonight, CBS is planning to kill everyone worldwide next week!0
  22. So guys I've been driving in the L.A. Area for about an hour. The radio station I'm listening to is running a Big Bang commercial practically every 10 minutes. It goes something like this: . "Don't miss the BIGGEST event of the season!" Girl says "I'm expecting a Bazinga." Then "No Bazinga. Amy and Sheldon get back together tonight!" wow CBS is really promoting heavy and giving everything away! This is a major LA radio station
  23. Thanks for all the tidbits Monique!!!
  24. Ignore above quote. Yikes!!! MJ maybe you answered this already...but what did you think about episode 10?
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