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  1. Thanks to Camelliayao for the great taping report! I like when they do the less common character interactions, the Bernie/Sheldon storyline sounds fun.
  2. Hi, does anyone know when Hulu will have the BBT panel up? I have not seen it in the episode list yet, the last two posted were Scream Queens and Scandal. Thanks for the clips and such posted this far...looks like a fun event! BTW, what the heck does Jim say after the "we didn't see it coming?" quip? I'm sure something a bit randy, as it had the added bonus of flustering Mayim! (Seems to be a favorite hobby of Jim's Thanks!
  3. I would totally go do karaoke with Raj and Leonard anytime, anywhere! Leonard's little hip-hop move before his solo, bwah!...bless you Johnny Galecki! I think Jim Parsons really enjoys playing drunk Sheldon! The "Hey, how you doin'?" during the stumble to the bathroom/kitchen, caused a near nasal expulsion of the wine I was drinking. I thought Howard's freakout was pretty realistic, glad the guys talked him down. I liked Sheldon's vote of confidence for Howard, another step in the slowly changing dynamic between them. I enjoyed the episode and had many laugh out loud moments during the bar and karaoke scenes. We'll see how this whole baby thing plays out...as this was an unplanned storyline according to Molaro. So they are clearly driving without a map here!
  4. Can't believe the guys weren't invited to this...maybe the mooning incident is still too traumatizing a memory! https://www.caltech.edu/content/one-entangled-evening-celebration-richard-feynmans-quantum-legacy Check out this video apparently made for the event...Stephen Hawking and Paul Rudd throw down! http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/01/paul-rudd-beat-stephen-hawking-at-quantum-chess-to.html
  5. Just watched this episode after I got home from a trip...can't form any major thoughts at the moment as I am doped up on cough medicine...travel germs...bleah! (I did enjoy the episode overall) But I did notice one thing...in the cold open...they were actually sitting down to a home cooked meal! Real plates, silverware... Not takeout...What!? A new trend for the gang? I guess they were back to takeout pizza by the next meal...but we will have to keep an eye on future dinner developments. p.s. Wow, that's a lot of ellipses...I blame the cough medicine!
  6. Yes, It must be hard as actors to not know exactly what is going through the thought process of the characters, but then again Jim and Mayim always step up and hit it out of the park. I laughed so hard at Jim, he is such a shipper and a smart-ass! "Keep going Norma Rae!" "Well that's not going to help, stopping my pelvis..." Mayim usually brings in some level of Debbie Downer..but always count on Jim to steer the ship and bring the funny!
  7. Hi: I just wanted to stop by to add my Big Thanks to all the reporters, I totally understand how you guys want to "step back and reevaluate your relationship" with the TRs! Hopefully no one shows up at your doors with a box of Penny's bras! Don't believe them, we would never cheat on you guys I was late to watching Big Bang Theory and found this board to catch up a bit. Honestly, while I have been totally spoiled, what I really enjoy, more than the spoilers themselves...is the taping night excitement and the in-depth and sometimes hilarious discussion that follows. (True, negative and downright cray-cray discussions often flare up, but I have been pretty good at ignoring those). But I really sympathize with our group of intrepid super-fans / reporters over the past couple of weeks, how you would feel like you want to fade into the woodwork for a while. I do think the tweets from Bill on the taping attendance were a bit misguided, the number of seats the "repeaters" take up is nothing compared to the number of people who they helped get tickets, the generosity of folks on this forum is amazing! Too bad it all had to end up in the not so good changes at AU. No dig at Bill here at all...he really seems like a nice guy based on public appearances and other info about him (Muppets!!)...he was probably just tired of hearing all the whining on social media. I think lots of people just looked at the ticket website 1-2 times saw the always sold out, and started bitching. But plenty of people who took the time to find this forum and ask for help and info, got tickets. Then the second round of twitter blasts to Bill..Jeebus! So, for the spoilers you guys have provided, I am always most appreciative of your efforts to share and answer questions. I know you guys know you are in no way responsible for others being complete A-holes, but I would react the same way, just step back and chillax for a while. Take Care!
  8. Ha, ha, ha! OK, maybe Amy can think about some other possibilities, but only if you write the script (I love your fics, laugh out loud funny!)
  9. Yeah, I actually sort of envisioned two paths for Sheldon, both of which have great comedy potential, trying to woo Amy with "traditional" romance and failing miserably, or what we are seeing now...acting out in a childish manner. I am OK with option number 2, as it seems to fit Sheldon's character, he's not going to figure it out overnight. Plus love me some angry Amy! You go girl!! Dragging the Shamy resolution out a few episodes doesn't bother me, but seriously, writers, DO NOT go down the Amy and some other guy road. Tables are in great danger of being flipped!! But where the Shenny debauchery nightmare came from (other than from the writer's collective posteriors!) baffles me. I am trying to understand the reason why Leonard would have such a dream...has there ever been any indication Leonard ever felt threatened by Shenny? I am glad to see Leonard and Penny get back on track!
  10. Came in sort of late to taping night discussion...What was the context of Leonard's Shenny nightmare? Was this to show he is scared of losing Penny? Leonard ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms before bed? The writers have ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms before writing this script? I'm just trying to understand how this was fitting into the storyline
  11. Hi again forum people, the hiatus wait is over! I have not had a chance to read in depth all the info from the taping, but got the jist. I will contemplate more later when I have a better internet connection and some time to mull But I just wanted to pop in and Thank our intrepid reporters for the first report of season 9 ("Serial Tapists 3"...bwah! TM someone up thread!). You guys are so great to share with other fans (not to mention your expertise and willingness to help fans that try to make a taping...hope I can be one of them before the end...I am California adjacent...no excuse, ha, ha!). Thanks again and look forward to reading and digesting more in the coming days.
  12. I definitely enjoyed this episode. The clash of the Moms was great, my money's always on Mary...Ha, the good Christian/good Texan joke...Laurie delivered it spot on The interplay with her and Sheldon was entertaining, she'd so proud of her little genius, and Sheldon completely giddy to hear her brag on him. (Was it just me or did they costume Laurie more on the frumpy side this time? Maybe to make even more contrast between the mothers?) Beverly is such a nightmare of a mother, but I love seeing Christine Baranski take her out to play! "Come to Mommy"...bwah! How Leonard turned out so well is a miracle Mary would believe in! ;-) One of my favorite moments was Shelnard's convo in the bedroom...that was hysterical. Of course I had to look up the background on the "super weaner" bit. For anyone interested: http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2015/01/12/science-word-of-the-day-super-weaner/ B plot was pretty good too. Best parts, Howard's "Kiss ass" to Stuart, the great Helberg physical comedy in the kitchen, and I did enjoy the musical tag quite a bit. There were of course the usual assortment of inconsistencies in -canon and characterizations, but clearly the writers were focused on letting Laurie and Christine take the Moms out for a rumble. Though seriously writers?...there are so many other things Penny could have said were cute...but no...let's go for the cheap ethnic joke. Boo. (Sadly, they are pretty consistent about doing that)
  13. Thanks for the video...Have there been any promo photos for this episode? Looking forward to the "Moms Throwdown!" I'd put my money on Mary!
  14. Wow, still not recovered from all the revelations from the finale. I love all the analysis and ideas in this thread so far. I can't get too wordy, on my phone here...but I also can envision Sheldon dragging the Rel Ag out at some point, in hopefully humorous fashion. An emergency relationship treaty summit? Amy did after all refer to it and got those "binding", hot (according to Penny ;-) make up dates! I don't mean like he forces her into something using RA, just that he would see it as a frame of reference and they can talk things out from there. Would be awesome if they amended the RA together to include future make out sessions...and more! :o
  15. SAH...I thought the same thing when I saw the date on the dice tweet. She's probably enjoying messing with us!
  16. From Mayim's twitter this morning... @missmayim A clue perhaps? We'll know soon (sorry for the tiny pix, I am still having major fail at getting full size images into my posts, I can only manage to get thumbnails to work)
  17. Raj: Emily, I didn't know you had a cat! What's her name? Emily: Pyewacket!
  18. OK, that was a fun episode, several laugh out loud moments! The Shelnard quest was perfect all around. Two favorite bits...when they first arrive at the gate and sound disappointed...then great comedic beat..."this is amazing" geek out! Then Sheldon reminding Leonard "Today you got to watch someone shoot me with a taser" and Leonard's great reaction. Oh, and the analysis of "Play That Funky Music"...very clever, writers! The Tardis-Pong plot was also great. The best part for me was Howard telling Bernadette just where the Tardis was going to be in the house, on the rotating platform with the Suck It sign...then "Game On!" OMG, Simon Helberg killed me with that line reading...so perfect, he's a gem! I loved the mix of the 5 in the group, lots of fun interplay. The only part that was off for me was the "bitch/tampon/purse" exchange...come on writers, we know you can do better. But they got so much right this episode, I can be a little forgiving. Shamy was cute in the tag scene...wonder if we will ever see the Tardis bedroom again? Eh, writers? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, say no more! I think this episode was definitely another example of how well things work with just two storylines...I know they can't do it all the time...7 main characters and only 24 short episodes...but it is nice once in a while when the writers can take a little stroll, rather than sprinting to the punchlines. I'll definitely be re-watching soon.
  19. Thanks Dana and HappyKitty for the intel...sounds like a fun episode. With regards to your observation on Jim's script...Of course these actors are all true professionals, but I am always impressed with the reports of how they absorb the re-writes on the fly during the taping. I would find that terrifying...but these guys probably love the challenge!
  20. Uh Oh...looks like Sheldon might be getting another restraining order for his collection! Thanks for posting...looks like a fun episode.
  21. Wow...What a dream team! Majim plus Gabby and Mark...I had the honor of having her as my congresswoman! She's amazing, even more so now that I know she is a BBT fan Blanket fort and date night...hmmm, the plot thickens. Sent from my XT1080 using Forum Fiend v1.3.
  22. The Tardis in Amy's room will either a) never be mentioned again or b ) be the scene of the first heavy make out session. The poopy-head TPTB prob won't let us see it...just Amy and Sheldon tumbling out of the Tardis, clothes and hair disheveled, with big goofy grins on their faces! But I'd probably be OK with that. Sent from my XT1080 using Forum Fiend v1.3.
  23. Just watched the sneak peeks for tomorrow night. I noticed in the pet shop one, all the dog clothes hanging in the corner were little Star Trek TOS uniforms! I love the set decorators on this show...Cinnamon must have her own ST outfit now!
  24. Why did the CBS promo monkeys show the turtle punchline!? They could have kept a lot of unspoiled viewers on the hook for next week...ha, ha. Not that I didn't enjoy seeing happy, smiley Shamy a week early...they are totes adorbs! Did I just write "totes adorbs"? What has the Shamy done to me ;-)
  25. Or...he knows Amy's favorite color is grey!
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