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  1. Count me in for Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler :-)
  2. Yes! I totally agree. Overall, Sheldon picked the fight and knew questioning Amy's scientific integrity would irritate her and get her to stay and she fell into his trap. Plus I think she really wanted to stay anyway. But during the argument, they totally went tit for tat. Sheldon likes being a theoretical physicist and sees himself as Leonard's superior, but he also relishes a good experiment and Amy was able to use the fact that she has the experimental cred, not him, to get under his skin. It's that precise moment that's captured in the gif. I love that they're able to challenge and provoke
  3. Yay! This was my #4 too. This was the scene where I knew this season was going to be a joy for Shamy shippers. Perfect gif choice. I love Amy's self satisfied look of knowing she knows how to get under Sheldon's skin. I love Sheldon's insulted and turned on face. Perfect!
  4. Holy crap. I have 16 awesome things that I couldn't include. In no particular order ... - Talking about sharing a bed - “Because I love you, you’re dessert.” - Sharing a bed their first night living together - Sheldon flirts with Amy during the Comicon episode. “It’s long isn’t it.” - Banter about “surprises” while Sheldon is making brunch - “You’re so cute.” In bed before Sheldon tells Amy he’s going to learn how to unicycle. - Amy sings Soft Kitty in English, German, Mandarin … and Navajo? - Amy daydreams about sexy train conductor Sheldon - Hot g
  5. I really didn’t like the Amy Meemaw line but I’m gonna let that one go because I also don’t think it’s consistent with how Amy usually comes across. I’ll take the point of her saying it in a defensive moment of rage. I think she sees Sheldon as quite a catch: didn’t want him to look too sexy with his new hair cut, wanted to show him off at her aunt’s party, thought anyone could fall in love with his face, was nervous about Alex, etc. etc. I’m not sure Amy was worried only about Ramona. The ketchup line implies that she’s worried Sheldon might actually cheat, not because he’s seeking it ou
  6. I too was shocked by the finale, and I was spoiled. There’s something I find unsettling about it even a few days later. I’ve watched just the final plane ride and proposal over, but I don’t think I’ll watch the rest of the episode again. Watching Amy’s expression over Skype looking at her boyfriend chumming up with another woman in their apartment made me feel quite bad for her. It’s hard to watch jealous insecure Amy particularly when it’s coupled with jokes in the episode of Ramona being more attractive. There’s something that stings about it. Also, that ketchup line was super hilarious on i
  7. Just want to weigh in on the “I love you scene” because it’s one of my favorite Shamy moments. The writers were so specific to have Amy saying, “I don’t want you to say it just because social convention dictates …” That was super deliberate to squash any sense of Sheldon reciprocating out of social responsibility. Also there is no mistaking how he looks at her in that scene. There’s a little head tilt he does when she walks towards him that is unmistakably full of love. I know Sheldon is clueless about many things, but he knows how important this moment is and because he cares about Amy s
  8. Just read Mayim's grok nation post. Sounds like it made her a little uncomfortable too.
  9. I have mixed feelings about that episode. I want to love it and be super positive like everyone on here, but it made me a little uncomfortable to watch. I have no doubt that Shamy will be great next year, and this will be a catalyst for them to talk and work it out and eventually make a commitment to each other. It’s clear how much Sheldon loves Amy and that he is attracted to her (thank you last week’s wonderful episode). However, it was weird to watch Sheldon letting someone else touch him, smiling at someone else, and telling someone else he enjoyed spending time with them. I get that it is
  10. I haven't seen the episode yet, and I don't usually like Molaro interviews. But this one is pretty sweet ... “I’m really happy with how it turned out. I love that he walks out of his office and just gets into a cab … Then the simplicity of her opening that door was so sweet and honest.” "We took great pains to make sure that Sheldon was sincerely oblivious and innocent, and I’d like to say, it was on purpose in that another innocent character, say, SpongeBob, was something he was attracted to on a plane. I’m not going to take credit for that, but while I’m thinking about it, I’m goin
  11. I for one, have no interest in seeing Ramona in season 11. I thought the episode in season 2 was clever, but I really didn't like Ramona's character. Nothing against the actress, she did a great job with the role but the character gave me the creeps. She was aggressive and manipulative ... which of course is the point in 10.24. I don't need to see her feel bad, or apologize, or get her comeuppance from Amy. I'd rather Amy and Sheldon deal with it in Princeton, and have that be the end of it. I'm only partially looking forward to the finale because I feel like the premise is a little icky. I am
  12. Loved this episode so much! Wow, Sheldon has really gone all in on his relationship with Amy. I watched a few old episodes this week and its really nice to see the progression in their relationship. Folks have already pointed out the things I loved but here are a few favorites: Amy’s dirty talk was clinical scientific and Sheldon’s had more abandon. A nice capper for the redressing of the sexual balance in this relationship. I think any lingering doubts about Sheldon’s desire can be finally erased. How quickly Amy answers, “I am” to Sheldon’s query of interest. Sheldon car
  13. I think there are different ways of “needing” someone. I think Sheldon relies on Amy more in functional ways like translating social cues (even though I stand by the notion that she’s not a social maven), and, for the moment, though I hope this changes, he also relies on her more for emotional support (you’re not a failure if you don’t get a Nobel). But she needs him in the way you do when you love someone and your life has more meaning with them in it. (Sorry. I’m making myself cringe, but I don’t know how to put this without sounding like a cornball). And Sheldon needs her that way too, whic
  14. I agree. From the TR, it does indeed seem like Sheldon is upset about Amy leaving because he’s going to miss her, not because he’s not sure how he can fend for himself. That’s why there seems to be a mismatch. I’m not too hung up on it though, since we’ve only got 2 super short clips to go on I thought the Amy/Sheldon bed scenes were great this year. And I like that Amy can soothe Sheldon and get through/explain things to him in ways others can’t. To me, there was an underpinning of believing in him. Like when he got frustrated that he couldn’t understand emotions, she assured him that he
  15. Yep. That's what I was expecting to see from the sneak peeks, which is what threw me off.
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