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  1. Thank you, @heres2U!!!! We needed a REAL SHAMY fan view about the episode! (well, JP has his own and it is adorable for us)
  2. But Leonard is Sheldon´s best friend.
  3. Imo, today´s episode will be about the eclipse and Lenny 1st plot SHAMY 2nd. IMO I repeat
  4. Wedding bells for our SHAMY!!!! I AM SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!
  5. Herb Garden is one of my favorite episodes!
  6. I am so happy with Season11 SHAMY thread!
  7. Thank you April! Any SHAMY moment is ADORABLE!!!!!!
  8. Happy "Property Division Collision" to all of us!!!
  9. Gone with the Wind and the passionate kiss Rhett gave to Scarlet at the bridge? YES!!!! I want that for SHAMY!!
  10. MJC45 Thank you for all! Do you know the title? THANK YOU, Again!!!
  11. It is Pasadena, The City of the Flowers! and last season we really don´t know what time has passed between ep 5 and 9 (Thanksgiving episode) This season they have the pregnacy. It couln´t last more than the end of October!
  12. Do you remember "BROBDINGNAGIAN"? (I think in season 4, when Sheldon fights with Raj about the desk)
  13. I don´t expect the baby birth by Christmas/New Year. Bernie reveals her pregnancy on VD (FEB 14) By Christmas time it will have... ELEVEN months! I see the birth on next episode (10 x 9) Episode 11 has always been the last of the year, mostly Christmas/New Year episode and last season Amy´s birthday (Dec 17TH) IMO SHAMY coitus 2 will 9 or 10, if they don´t want to be on Amy´s birthday. Sheldon´s dance and rose petals ALMOST KILL ME!! Thank you Shamydawson and MJC45! You made us sooo happy!!
  14. Have a wonderful tape, MJC45, and thank you for all!
  15. Thank you MJC45, have a wonderful time! Enjoy every minute!
  16. If there is another season, SHAMY wedding on 11 x 19 (250) episode
  17. I see the proposal on New Year´s Eve, if there is a New Year episode (we didn´t have one since season 4) We´ll see...
  18. I can´t find Kaley´s IG video! And all you say a about Alex... is she coming again???
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