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  1. I don´t think so. Alex last was 6 x 16. She has never been mentioned after that episode .
  2. Am I one of the few that don´t want Dave again in the show?LOL!
  3. Do you forget that Sheldon saw his mother nude having sex with a man he didn´t know in 7 x 18? (IMO, Amy is going to be 35 this year)
  4. But Amy´s story would be very similar to Howard´s. You are right, she never talked about lack of money . She went to Harvard, may be with a scholarship. I don´t know why, but I don´t see the relatives she talks about are her real family, and I don´t think "her mother" is the woman who gave her birth.
  5. Or Amy is an illegitimate daughter of an English count or duke, raised in USA by her mother´s nanny or aunt? I feel that her mother is not her real mother. The fallen war hero and the sceintist spy are viable too.
  6. IMO, the writers have "in chest" a big surprise about Amy´s father. IMO IMO IMO IMO L.O.L.!
  7. All the beds in TBBT always have the same cover, always!! LOL
  8. Lenny did more or less the same experiment (without sex) in season 5 since episode 14. Of course, they had much more experience behind. Our SHAMY is unique and weird and adorable!
  9. May be with Sheldon sleeping by her side in bed, Amy hasn´t night terrors anymore!!!
  10. Beautiful coitus eye! and in bed!!!!!!! Our SHAMY is adorable!
  11. Today, in my place Warner airs 10 x 2. (I´ll try to watch 10 x 4 with you, or a few mins after)
  12. Sheldon has shared bathroom with other girls before (all Leonard´s partners, girlfriends and wife now): Stephanie, Pryia, Penny. I think he has his own soap!!
  13. Talking again about Sheldon´s brother: IMO, George Jr. is a rough red neck guy, similar to the one who used to bull Leonard at school ( 5 x 11).
  14. Susan, have a wonderful time. I badly wish to visit the Highlands!!!
  15. Agree. Amy is a supporting charácter, as Bernie is, but we have seen Bernie´s father several times, her mother once (6 x 10) , we know she has siblings, nices and nephews and we know her father is a retired police officer. We know nothing about Amy´s primary family, except her strict mother (only seen via skpe in 4 x 5 for less than two minutes) May be the writers have in chest a juicy story about Amy´s father . May be....who knows??
  16. Sorry April, I don´t know what happened! By the way, I am not able to watch the clips!!! Help me, please!!
  17. Shamies, don´t forget we may have a little Amy on episode 6 because Oct 2 -3 is Jewish New Year, ending at Oct 4 evening (tape day) . Table of ep 7 is on Wed Oct 12, the last day of Yom Kipur. Last season, in ep 7, Amy was only in a flash, with Dave peck (episode 9 x7 was originally taped as 9 x 6) I am badly waiting for a New Year Eve episode! The only one we had was on Season 4, with no Amy and sad for Lenny. I
  18. Nothing to do!!!! Sorry Stephen, L.O.L.!!!!
  19. The Tardis is not in 314 anymore. It wasn´t in Opening Night.
  20. Real Nava 50 is on 14-16 Oct 2016. Imo the vexolology episode (if any) would be taped next week or on Oct 04 and aired on Oct 27, when TBBT returns to Thursdays.( I repeat IMO). If they do that, the show will be again (more or less) in real time. Rosh Hashana starts on evening Oct 2 and ends on evening Oct 4. Yom Kippur starts on evening Oct 11 and ends evening Oct 12 (25 hours)
  21. Last season episode 5 was filmed during the Jewish Holidays and Mayim was in it (Perspirarion)
  22. I´m so happy you are here again!!!! with our SHAMY!!!!!
  23. Agree. The kiss was an adorable hidden scene, but I think the cuddle would be more significant.
  24. Same happen in 9 x 11. According with people attending the tape, SHAMY cuddled after coitus and it was cut when episode was aired. (IMO, before the confirmation of new season(s) and the new contracts signed by the cast, TBBT story will be open to anything. )
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